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Plant-based ice cream, premium coffee, vegan & dairy-free snacks. We’re moving! Stay tuned for our next location.

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.54%. The average number of likes per post is 120 and the average number of comments is 4.

Asigaguam loves posting about Food.

Check asigaguam's audience demography. This analytics report shows asigaguam's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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We’re having so much fun in our cooking classes for kids and families! We made PurpleAde with local errythang - butterfly pea from @farmtotable, honey from @hafaadaihoney, and lemons and Mansi from our farm. Si Yu’us Ma’åse’ to UOG @uogtritonfarm and farmers Tia and Alicia for the local produce and eggs! Thanks for cooking with us and supporting our local farms! #guam #guamlocal #guamorganic #guamplantbased

163 6

Hi everyone! We're so thankful for all the messages of love and support we've received from all of you while we transition to our new location. In the meantime, we're so excited to announce our FREE cooking workshops for kids and families! Asiga has always been focused on helping our community change the way we think about food. Now, we have an opportunity to teach our kids to cook and eat local foods while promoting healthy habits, supporting local farmers, and reducing our reliance on imported foods. Health kids --> healthy community! The workshops will run from August 12-13, August 19-20, and August 26-27. For more info, please email us at [email protected], DM us, or tap the link in our bio. These workshops are offered free with support from the Governor's Prugråman i Pinion i Famagu'on Guåhan. SYM! #guam #guamfoo d #guamkids #thingstodoguam #guamcooking #guamlife

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We love you, too.

354 11

Håfa Adai Sweets & Salties! Asiga is relocating and moving on to bigger and brighter things! Our last day in Oka will be this Friday, June 23. Stay tuned for deets on the new space. 😎 Like so many other families and businesses, our shop and team are still recovering from Typhoon Mawar. Without a working back-up generator in our building and fluctuating city power, we’ve had to adjust operations to ensure that we don’t risk the health of our community. Ultimately, our situation here was untenable and incompatible with our values. It’s been a hell of a ride here at Oka since we opened in 2019, and we could not have survived a global pandemic in our first year without the love and generosity you have shown us. Guam is our home and that of our ancestors. But, as we all know, living here can be a struggle. Our family started Asiga to capture the magic of our island and transform that into artisanal delights. Our ice cream is crafted not only with the fruits planted by our own hands, but also from the memories grown in our land and from lessons taught to us by our Ninas. Un dångkulu na saina ma’åse’, for letting us share our love for this place and all she has to offer. 💗 Your support has shown us that it is possible, and even imperative, to do business with integrity and authenticity. We won't let you down. Asta ki manali’e’ hit ta’lo!

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We have medium and dark roast coffee beans on sale, 20% off while supplies last! #guamicecream #icecreamguam #plantbasedicecreamguam #veganicecreamguam #guamveganicecream #guamvegans #guamfoodies #guamfoodfinds #guamcoffee #guamcoffeeshop #guamfood #guamtodo #visitguam #guamsoftserve #guamvegansoftserve

182 4

It’s hot. This should help. Vegan soft serve and sparkling soda. Only at Asiga. #guamicecream #icecreamguam #plantbasedicecreamguam #veganicecreamguam #guamveganicecream #guamvegans #guamfoodies #guamfoodfinds #guamcoffee #guamcoffeeshop #guamfood #guamtodo #visitguam #guamsoftserve #guamvegansoftserve

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Espresso & vegan chia pudding with granola. Artwork by @veroni.sablan and Åna. #guamicecream #icecreamguam #plantbasedicecreamguam #veganicecreamguam #guamveganicecream #guamvegans #guamfoodies #guamfoodfinds #guamcoffee #guamcoffeeshop #guamfood #guamtodo #visitguam #guamsoftserve #guamvegansoftserve

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NEW! Honey tea cake and sweet cream parfait. Dairy-free, contains eggs and honey. #guamicecream #icecreamguam #plantbasedicecreamguam #veganicecreamguam #guamveganicecream #guamvegans #guamfoodies #guamfoodfinds #guamcoffee #guamcoffeeshop #guamfood #guamtodo #visitguam #guamsoftserve #guamvegansoftserve

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Plant-based snacks, coffee, and ice cream. No powders or artificial flavors. Artwork by @veroni.sablan #guamicecream #icecreamguam #plantbasedicecreamguam #veganicecreamguam #guamveganicecream #guamvegans #guamfoodies #guamfoodfinds #guamcoffee #guamcoffeeshop #guamfood #guamtodo #visitguam #guamsoftserve #guamvegansoftserve

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Grateful to have made it through this super typhoon. We are praying for those who are suffering right now.

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10% off pints of vegan ice cream for Nåna’s Day! BIBA! #guamicecream #icecreamguam #plantbasedicecreamguam #veganicecreamguam #guamveganicecream #guamvegans #guamfoodies #guamfoodfinds #guamcoffee #guamcoffeeshop #guamfood #guamtodo #visitguam #guamsoftserve #guamvegansoftserve

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