Digestive enzymes - blog posts, experience sharing cooperation

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Digestive enzymes - blog posts, experience sharing cooperation

Deadline:12 Feb, 2021
15 Jan, 2021
It´s important for us at Enzymedica Estonia to help people have better lives. Our way of doing it is by importing and selling high-quality digestive enzymes on the Estonian market. We believe that digestion is the key to overall wellness in the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Digestive enzymes are important because in many cases, considering the types of foods we eat daily (processed, difficult to digest), our body is unable to produce enough enzymes to support digestion causing us to feel full, heavy, bloated, tired, etc.
By supplemental enzymes, you gift your body an easier life.

Our enzymes make sure you get the most out of your food:
- you will get more vitamins and minerals from your food
- you will fill fuller for a longer period of time
- you will feel easier after eating - less bloating and feeling of heaviness
- the need to nibble and constantly eat something will reduce
- reduce pressure on your pancreas

Our products are tested at the Tartu University lab, they also are vegan-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free, and clean label.

We are looking for influencers that are interested in the benefits listed above, who really want to understand how enzymes work, who are interested to try out our products, and who want to bring our message and products to their followers.

Find out more about digestive enzymes: https://www.enzymedica.ee/et/p/uudised-artiklid
Contact us with any questions.
We are open to committed cooperation:
- we expect you to test the products
- we expect you to understand the products

We are looking for bloggers that want to share their product experience with their followers and help us bring our message to as many people as possible.