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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.60%. The average number of likes per post is 1177 and the average number of comments is 35.

32.67% of the followers that engaged with tomservaisjr regularly are from United States, followed by Australia at 7.92% and Japan at 5.94%. In summary, the top 5 countries of tomservaisjr's posts engager are coming from United States, Australia, Japan, Fiji, Nicaragua.

Tomservaisjr loves posting about Nature & Outdoors, Travel, Photography, Architecture.

Check tomservaisjr's audience demography. This analytics report shows tomservaisjr's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 32.67 %
  • Australia 7.92 %
  • Japan 5.94 %
  • Fiji 4.95 %
  • Nicaragua 3.96 %


618 24

Brock Little and the Hill House Gang, Pizza Bob's, Haleiwa, Dec 1990. Classic Brock, what else can you say? Such a fun, interesting guy, and amazing athlete. Natural strength. A North Shore triathlete/surfer once challenged Brock to a run-off at Waimea Bay, back and forth, 10 laps. Brock just started sprinting and crushed the guy, actually surprised all the lifeguards/friends who were watching, no one really expected him to win, as he hadn't even been training! Pizza and beer was all he needed.

880 26

Taylor Pai, July '19, KS Surf Ranch. Every spot on it's best day, always has that 'wave of the day', even at the KS Surf Ranch, which arguably has it's best day every day. But it takes a few things to happen to get a wave like this one. No wind and time enough for the pool to go mirror like are the basic ingredients. 4 minutes between waves, wind and constant jet ski action makes waves like this pretty rare. Not that anyone complains about it's 'average' waves!!

259 4

Squid, West Sumatra, April 2019. Today, June 5th is World Environment Day. Only a couple of inches long, another example of the natural beauty of this planet we live on. Individually, it doesn't take much to reduce our impact on the world's environment. As surfers, it is especially important to help. Recycle, reuse, don't litter, and pick up trash when you see it. As they say, it's the little things in life that sometimes matter most. #worldenvironmentday #doyourpart #keepouroceanclean

1,763 55

Sunny Garcia, Pipe Masters, Dec '92. Sunny has never given up, but he still needs all of our prayers. His daughter, @kailakgarcia, posted yesterday that Sunny had a minor surgery to help his breathing and food intake. During the '92 Pipe Masters, Sunny hit the reef and was taken to the hospital, only to hitch hike back to surf and advance thru the semi with a cast on his arm. In the final he hit the reef again and was knocked unconscious, resulting in a concussion and another trip to the hospital. Tough as nails? Lot's of prayers for Sunny, his family and friends.

2,305 83

Sunny Garcia, World Champion surfer from Hawaii, soft spoken and tough as nails, but desperately needs our prayers and thoughts. Sunny is in a coma and fighting for his life. It's no secret that he suffers from depression, so he surely wishes that this will push others who have friends with this disease will reach out and help. Many with this disease will turn to drugs, but Sunny turned to working out and staying physically fit. Get well soon, Sunny, love and aloha!

809 30

As @kellyslater says, the best thing about the Wave Pool is watching it transform adults into giggling little kids! And adults watching their kids. In this case, Bob Healey watching his daughter Janey. She's riding a Wegener Bluegill and caught 2 waves, finished them both with plenty of style left over. Didn't hurt to have Teahupo'o Legend Raimana coaching her from the jet ski. Big thanks to the whole crew for making it an unforgettable day! #kswaveco

944 14

Happy Earth Day! West Sumatra, 2019. Being surfers who constantly use the ocean, it only makes sense to do more. That doesn't necessarily mean collecting trash. By simply carrying your own refillable water bottle and bringing your bags to the store, you can help have an impact collectively. Facts- 1) Globally, 1 million plastics bottles are bought every 'MINUTE'! 2) Worldwide, we use and dispose of 5 'TRILLION' plastic bags every year. These are two of the top 5 types of trash found in our oceans. #earthday #earthyear #notjustapieceofplastic #doyourpart

882 16

Secret Spot, April 2019, West Sumatra. As beautiful as Indonesia is, there's a serious problem with pollution, as there is everywhere. Even in places far from populations. Our every day actions play a big part, so as individuals we can have a big impact collectively. As surfers, we should do more. What better day to start than tomorrow, Earth Day. Why not Earth Week? Top 6 types of trash found in oceans; 1)Cigarette butts, 2)Food wrappers, 3)Plastic beverage bottles, 4)Plastic bottle caps, 5)Plastic grocery bags, 6)Plastic straws/stirrers. More posts to follow about pollution statistics and ways to help as individuals. #earthday #notjustapieceofplastic #doyourpart

876 8

Nathan Fletcher, Dec '88, Flippy's Backyard, Backyards, Oahu. What a history Nate has, being brought up in such a heavy surf family with deep roots. From before this photo to now and catching the biggest waves in the world. About the time of this photo, he went to Kauai to surf 10-12 foot Hawaiian style Hanalei Bay with his dad Herbie and Johnny Boy Gomes. 2nd photo is from Pipeline in 2011, KiddieLand for Nate. #CustomPrints available.

2,675 63

Ramon Navarro, Cloudbreak, May 2018. Looking back at 2018, Ramon must still be reeling at this 'Wave of a Lifetime'. Towed in by his good friend Kohl Christensen(@deepwatersurf), on what is most likely the biggest wave ever towed into at Cloudbreak. Brings back memories of the wave Mark Healey (@healeywaterops) dove under during the epic Volcom Swell in 2012. #customsurfprints available.

1,877 141

Chris Brown. Legendary surfer from Santa Barbara, very well liked, and a great competitor who won the Sunset Beach Pro in '94. He passed away last night and will be missed by many. Rest in Peace, Chris.

815 28

1991, Wyland Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa. Tom Curren won his first and only Hawaiian contest. Stacked final with Johnny Boy Gomes, Tommy Carroll and Martin Potter. He won it on his infamous 7'3" logoless, yellow railed, reverse-V Maurice Cole surfboard. That's Wyland in the middle of the 4 finalists. Notice prize money, 10k for the winner!


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