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cold-pressed juices + nut mylks smoothies, salads, soups + snacks MONDAY - SATURDAY 9:00-3:00

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.00%. The average number of likes per post is 125 and the average number of comments is 6.

48.53% of the followers that engaged with thehabitproject regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 33.82% and New Zealand at 2.94%. In summary, the top 5 countries of thehabitproject's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Italy.

Check thehabitproject's audience demography. This analytics report shows thehabitproject's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 48.53 %
  • Canada 33.82 %
  • New Zealand 2.94 %
  • United Kingdom 2.94 %
  • Italy 1.47 %


96 5

Today we want to remind you that you have many FREE health and wellness tools available to you at any given time. Do what you can, when you can and we’re here to help out with the rest.💛 Here are some of the things you can do every day to boost immunity, brighten your mood and give you energy: . 1. Get moving 2. Eat more plants (particularly greens🌱). 3. Step outside. 4. Get some sleep. 5. Drink water. 6. Be still, mediate. 7. Journal. 8. Gratitude. 9. Go for a walk. 10. Cold shower. . There is so much that feels out of our control right now. So do what you can. What are some of your favourite free health and wellness tools. Share below so we can all get ideas and benefit together. 🙏🏼

103 3

HABIT minis. We put together some special meal kits so that you can now grab a salad + mini juice + energy balls. Check them out in store (we’ll add try them to our website soon). More details to come.✨ #coldpressedjuice #mealkits

76 1

The health + wellness world can be confusing at times. At HABIT we like to keep things simple. We love this quote by Michael Pollen, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” @michael.pollan 🍎🍋🥒🍍🥬🍓🍌 . We’re open today 9:00-3:00. Closed tomorrow and Monday for the long weekend. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.💛

97 2

Soup season is here!!! We have lots of soup and our nourishing gut broth available in frozen 1L containers. Another great option is our freezer pack - 4 x soups + 25 pack of energy balls. . Tip: Add some extra greens to any of our soups before serving, pour over some rice or quinoa and voila! Soup for the whole family. #fallsoup #movenourishgrow

163 12

HABIT minis in the wild. Where’s your favourite place to take our new mini bottles? On a hike? To work? School? Hope you love them as much as we do.👏🏽✨

112 3

Saturdays are the perfect day for a smoothie or smoothie bowl and a stroll around beautiful @downtownabbotsford. ☀️ This is a little throwback to our collab with @bcstrawberries ... today we are featuring our most popular fall special item, our PUMPKIN PIE SMOOTHIE.💥🍂 The pumpkin pie smoothie is dairy free, gluten free and topped with our house made coconut whip + caramel drizzle. Cant wait for you to try it.🍂🎃😋 #pumpkinpiesmoothie

250 24

FALL is here!!!!! We’re so excited to share our biggest fall launch yet!!! 🍂 Today and for the next few weeks we will have so many new items on our specialty menu. . 1. Nourishing Gut Broth. We have been dreaming of this broth for so long... it’s a beautiful blend of vegetables and warm spices. Served warm or in a 1 L frozen container. 2. PUMPKIN PIE SMOOTHIE - served with coconut whip and a caramel drizzle. 3. TWO new energy ball flavours to compliment our already popular cookie dough energy balls. Introducing pumpkin pie spice and apple pie crumble energy balls!!!! Can’t wait for you to try these. 4. Apple cider - served warm in store.🍎 5. WARM soup - served in store. We will continue to sell our 1 L frozen soups as well. 6. NEW kits, combos and packages that include soup + mini juice + snack, salad + mini juice + snack, etc. More details in store. #healthyhabits

501 43

Get ready.... launching Thursday, October 1 alongside our new fall menu. 🎃💥 #pumpkinpiesmoothie

50 0

Happy Monday - new week, new intentions, new routines... let’s do this!☀️ Come by for a fresh cold pressed juice, salad, smoothie bowl or some snacks! We got you covered for all of your healthy meals on the go! #habitproject #healthyhabits

133 3

Get ready for our biggest launch yet!!! We’ve been working away on some new things for all of you. On Thursday, October 1st we will have a new specialty smoothie, two new energy balls flavours and MORE. Can’t wait for all things spiced, fall, and cozy! Happy weekend, everyone.🍂 #habitproject

83 1

In our stories today you can follow along as @mariahvermeer takes you through her juice cleanse.💛 Mariah is a certified Holistic nutritionist. She will guide you though a cleanse and what is working for her. Please do your own research and do what’s best for you. The main thing we want you to know about cleansing and even healthy eating in general is that THERE ARE NO RULES. ❌ There is no right or wrong way to cleanse. You can have water, herbal tea and our juices. You can add in soups, salads, nuts or can start or stop at anytime... you are in charge of your cleanse, you are in charge of your body. Of course there are people who like to follow our suggestions and we’re happy to make them for you but please know that you know best!!! We believe that whether you do a juice cleanse, our whole package or even add in a smoothie or green juice from time to time it ALL ADDS UP!🙌🏽 Just do the best you can in the season you’re in. It’s all about the tiny steps, small decisions, micro actions, daily habits... it all adds up! We’re here to help. Please reach out, email or DM us with any questions! Lots of love to you all.

127 1

It’s raining but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an Acai bowl. ✨ Our fav!!!! Love it topped with @thepollyfox gluten free maple walnut granola and a big dollop of almond butter. Did you know you can also ask for the chocolate granola?! (So good!!) . We are loving these cozy days and starting to dream up some new fall features. Let us know what you’d like to see us create and/or bring in for fall.👇🏽


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