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64.2% of saveourscruff's followers are female and 35.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.30%. The average number of likes per post is 1853 and the average number of comments is 27.

Saveourscruff loves posting about Pets, Dogs.

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64.2 %
35.8 %


  • Art & Design 59.58 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 53.39 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 49.99 %
  • Entertainment 49.69 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 44.16 %
  • Pets 42.95 %
  • Travel & Tourism 41.46 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 37.49 %
  • Home & Garden 37.28 %
  • Business & Careers 35.67 %
  • Children & Family 34.06 %


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Adoptable Matilda says 👋🏻 We rarely post our adoptables on this space anymore because they find homes so fast. It’s likely Matilda will be taken off the website before you read this! Adoption tip 1: Keep an 👀 on our website! New dogs are added generally evenings or morning and may be taken off within the day! The website is your best place to see new adoptable friends and read their bios and then DUH apply! If you see a dog on our Instagram or Facebook but not on our website, it means they no longer are accepting applications! When is a dog removed from the website? When we have enough great apps in place to filter through and find the best application to move forward. It is possible for a dog to be re-added to the site if 1) their original applicant backs out or is not the right fit 2) the backup apps are not suited 3) something has significantly changed from the dogs original bio and no current app is suited! Tip 2: Please also review our adoption process at before asking any adoption related questions in our DM or on posts! Why? Cause the more time we spend answering, means the less time we can help more dogs! We purposely put this info publicly to give y’all the insights you desire! Tip 3: Please do not apply for a dog you see in a photo but do not see on our website. Please do not ask in our DMs if that specific dog is available. If it’s not on our Available Dog page it is not available. It may be in a FTA, just settling in after arrival and so forth. We post our dogs after first understanding who they are and what they need longterm! A photo can’t show us that! Tip 4: Attend any education events that SOS puts together. These can be found under our events page on our website as well as Facebook. These will help prep you to be an amazing home regardless if you have dog experience or not! Booking more soon. Stay tuned!!! 💕✊🏻😎🐶 And reminder, a dog finding a home, even if it’s not with you, is something to celebrate ✨

4,501 108

This is us, partaking in the rescue of 136 dogs. Thank you everyone for the support and collaboration for these dogs journeys here. The support for their longterm success is just beginning. We appreciate all of you and are always humbled by the action of our community. All of the SOS dogs from this intake are safely in homes. As dogs become available for adoption, they will be posted on our website 📸 @johoss_

1,045 16

10 years ago today.. “10 years ago today, I posted this photo on my Facebook with the caption “we love the pet store” sharing this photo of my sister Laura with a puppy. Laura and I now see this photo.. cringing and jokingly say to each other “I HOPE NO ONE SEES THIS”. Well, here it is. The transparent truth. When I look back in hindsight of this photo, what I’m really saying in this caption is “we love animals”. My sister and I frequented the pet store handling any animals we were allowed to. Birds, puppies, kittens, snakes. We asked for many of these animals as Christmas presents. This was our joy. “Oh, we were so naive” hmm.. maybe we were purposely ill-informed? The reality of these "pets" life was hidden, and we were not taught to ask questions. We are asked as citizens to be unconscious. I learned critical thinking in University and since, I would never recommend shopping at a pet store, as there are so many tamed but homeless animals in existence. Our love of animals is apparent with every breath we put into SOS, a space that was created due to our continuing growth for our love of animals, at the same time as the growth of our consciousness to the truth surrounding them. Rescue only came into perspective as a happy coincidence while looking for a dog on Kijiji #notrecommended and since then we have chosen to stand up for the injustices facing dogs, and for more animals as our lens has widened. We now have a beautiful community of like-minded people who are proud of our work, existing on community donations and volunteers. It's a wonderful thing to connect with other animal lovers in this space and be a part of the change. But there’s still something so unconscious about the way we love animals, even though many of us today know the many truths. My desire in this space is to be a person of the people, giving insights to this journey, showing that there is a way to live without hypocrisy as an animal lover. And show examples on this page of paths to get there. We are the change, and things get better from our impact". - @jennabye SOS Executive Director & Social Media Human

1,931 16

Friday energy 💫

1,254 31

Mexico fundraiser complete 💕 With your support, we raised the $5,400 for an upcoming intake! Similar to the above trip in July, over 100 new dogs will be coming here soon from a shelter to their homes! 🏡 Thank-you for helping us raise our target goal to support the overage costs of these dogs, which goes beyond the adoption fee. 19 of these dogs are going into amazing homes with the intention of adoption! 11 will be going to foster homes and will he posted on our pages in a few weeks only if the fosters or their friends/family do not apply first. All homes have gone through many stages of on boarding and we just finished our last training event with them tonight! All dogs will go into a 2-week quarantine and have a vetting re-check before completing their adoption process or be added to our website. We can’t wait to show you their faces soon. Thank you to everyone who has donated to our goal, and/or has helped us elsewhere! You da 💣 📷 @johoss_

2,175 27

Hi, my name’s Spay-&-Return. Yes I’m in SOS care but I’m not up for adoption. Y THO? A big part of an intake project up North involves our volunteers driving around ‘picking up’ dogs. Dogs in need, owner surrenders, street/stray animals. Some of these dogs have been predetermined. Other dogs are picked up after volunteers effort is put into conversation – ie knocking on doors -- and asking “what might you need from us to help support the dogs in the area?” Especially w winter coming, some dog owners are excited to hear that there’s immediate relief for their dogs. Others are heartbroken at the idea of having to give up their dogs indefinitely. Some of these dogs happen to be the vulnerable Moms-with-litters or Moms-to-be & most of these owners do not have an ideal set up for them (HECK – I bet v few of you reading this are set up for a Mama&litter!) So we step in with the alternative. Why? Bc we support owners in these communities who love their animals and ask for help. Enter: Spay-&-Return. This means that these pregnant mothers come back to TO with us, get warm & comfy & have a safe place to wean their pups. We eventually spay them (yep; we get to promise them that they’ll never have to have a litter again) & we transport back to Cross Lake to return to their loving owners. The puppies stay with SOS and are adopted out to, well.. maybe a few of YOU! *This ALSO means that unspayed females don’t need to spend another season being hunted by male dogs. This is SUCH an issue in spaces where there are unfixed dogs without anyone to manage their behaviour* Spaying females is a priority bc it directly slows down the overpopulation problem of unsupported dogs being born onto the streets. It also gives the overwhelmed community a breather so they take productive steps in the future. We are so happy supporting these Mama dogs – and we know this helps create a trusting relationship with their owners & therefore the community. The ‘fix’ to the street dog problem in the North is not to ‘bandaid-solution-it’ by getting dogs out, but to change the conversation the people who live there are having by educating, engaging, and building together. #communitysupport #teamwork

287 10

This Saturday, Save Our Scruff is welcoming 30 dogs from @thedoggoprojectmexico into our care. We need your support! Our goal is to raise $5,400 to help support the dogs on their journey to their forever homes. DONATE - support the rescue and care of dogs! FUNDRAISE - host a fundraiser! SHARE - download our media package and share with your networks! We are not in need of foster or adoptive homes at this time. All available dogs are posted on our website. Thank you to all of the general large dog applicants, most of these dogs have found their forever home. Our adoption team will be in touch! Visit

1,391 15

Weekend alumni adventures 🍁 Guess the SOS adopter scruffs! Who do you recognize?! Remember to tag us in your SOS Scruff photos @saveourscruff #saveourscruff We like to share photos with rescue partners, volunteers and all of you for updates! It warms our hearts to be included in our scruffs continued successes!

2,647 21

Puppy app updates 💕👇🏻 Applications for puppies are now closed. We had 158 applications come in yesterday and will be reviewing them Monday! We have about 25 puppies looking for homes currently. We will be reaching out to applicants starting Monday. Please check your junk mail and ideally add to your contact list on your email to avoid junk issues. You’re a part of our community now so we need to be able to properly get in contact with you. Some people we will be moving forward with next steps for adoption of these dogs, some we will connect with for alternative options. It’s inevitable that some of you will not be chosen to proceed even if you’re splendid. It doesn’t mean you’re not a good adopter and we will notify you with alternatives we think are best for you. That may be our Adoption Waitlist, or something else! We will be forthcoming. It’s important to be open minded when hearing back from our adoption team, just as we are when we process applicants! It’s common for us to ask follow-up questions. It may help us understand what exactly your looking for, help you understand what the dog you applied for particularly needs and help us guide the best next steps. We generally don’t ask questions to determine if you’re a good adopter or not, we do it to hear from you, learn your dog awareness + experience so we can know how to support this journey forward. Besides, each adoption involves education regardless if you’re a new dog handler or not. So, just lead with transparency, as do we, and we will sure find our way together. We’re excited to meet you and connect! ✨ And everyone reading this if you applied or not, it’s really kind to remember that the intention here is to help dogs. That doesn’t mean that a dog will be ready for each of us the moment we dream it. Our intention actually isn’t to find all of you a furry family member, the intention is to help the dog. Both of these intentions tend to make a beautiful connection from time to time but if it doesn’t, it’s still a fabulous celebration. Because all these dogs found homes. And that is everything to celebrate.

4,858 119

PUPPIES 🐶 We are accepting general puppy applications for large breed pooches! Breeds include but are not limited to: Husky, Shepherd, Rottie, Lab, etc. (and most likely a combination of all of these things!). Please put "MANITOBA PUPPY" as the dog you're applying for! These puppies are currently in our care after being rescued during our earlier trips to Manitoba in September. The puppies weren't old enough yet to be separated from their litters and/or to leave their mother, so they are currently living it up in foster care until they're old enough to go home at 8-10 weeks old! Please note - the puppies in these pictures are just examples of what the puppies could look like, but we are looking for open-minded applicants who are not looking for a specific look or breed but rather are prepared to provide lots of love, structure, boundaries & training to a large breed dog! Applicants MUST have a flexible schedule - puppies are a lot of work! We require that all applicants take their puppies to basic puppy obedience classes, have a plan for training and socializing their pup, and are ready for a 10 to 15-year commitment to dog ownership. Please provide as much information as possible on your application that you think would be needed to process your app. The more info, the better we can assess your suitability to be matched to one of these pups! Apply at Application online for 1 day only!

1,868 15

Puppies going 🏡 A few of our litters went home to their families this week and we are feeling all the things. We’re also so grateful we were able to take many of these dogs off the street before the cold week they just had up north, seeing temperatures like -2. We wanted to send an update that our partners @manitoba_animal_alliance were able to support 113 animals via their vetenary services from this joint trip, many of which being spay and neuters which is so friggin important. We recently read a fact from @peta stating that 1 spayed street dog reduces the pet overpopulation by 67,000 in 6 years. So ya, this is super exciting news for our mission!!! Lastly, we know many of you are looking to adopt puppies and we’re excited to make that a reality for some of you. We will be opening up a general puppy application TOMORROW. Please ensure you read the qualifications carefully before putting in an application! Check back in tomorrow morning as you don’t want to miss the post! 🐶💕


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