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Father 👨‍👩‍👧 Husband 👫AreteSyndicate 🔥 . Helping people all around the world express their love for their loved ones ... one painting at a time 🎨❤️🌎
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50.6% of raimitiravello's followers are female and 49.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.70%. The average number of likes per post is 475 and the average number of comments is 23.

Raimitiravello loves posting about Modeling.

Check raimitiravello's audience demography. This analytics report shows raimitiravello's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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50.6 %
49.4 %


  • Travel & Tourism 46.70 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 43.68 %
  • Sports 41.34 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 40.79 %
  • Photography 39.87 %
  • Business & Careers 37.30 %
  • Art & Design 36.37 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 35.43 %
  • Luxury Goods 34.48 %
  • Music 34.47 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 34.04 %


542 16

Giving without motives or expectations... is it possible? . I grew up with many gaps in my life... . Lack of family stability (I grew up without a father and with a mother who was often depressed) . Lack of money (my mother didn't work... so... it was really hard) . Lack of food sometimes (I remember that one morning we couldn't even buy a loaf of bread... at 50 XPF) . Lack of means of transport (no car... or end-of-life wrecks that we were given) . Lack of landmarks (we didn't have a house for a long time when I was a kid... so thanks to the people who welcomed us into their homes we had a bed and a roof... I think that was the hardest part) . Shortcomings... a lot of deprivations . I could have ended badly... very badly . And honestly... I often felt lost . And I saw all these people who had so much more than me . They had a family... they had a house... they had money... they went on a trip... they had nice cars with air conditioning... they had everything I didn't have . But I don't know why... a little voice inside me always pushed me to see and just appreciate what I had . I was alive... I was healthy... and I was free . Free to imagine a better life later "when I grow up" . Free to see that despite the lack... I had a wealth at every moment all around me . Are you aware right now... that the air you breathe is abundant all around you? . Are you aware that right now... the nature that surrounds you is in abundance all around you (trees, clouds, sea etc...)? . Despite all these lacks... I was free to see the abundance of the little I had . And that, folks... that's what made the difference in my life . Giving without motives is possible when you see how abundant life is at every moment . In these pictures... you can see a great man from our Polynesia named @tattoobypatu . For me, Patu is the ideal example of this principle: always give more with your heart and see abundance despite the lack of it. . I had the privilege of meeting him during the surprise in his honour 🎨🎁❤️ . And the testimonies of his relatives on his heart as big as POLYNESIA has been one of the best moments of my work recently 🙏🏼🖤🖤⭐️

187 7

I just went to the gallery in order to choose the framing for my very first Art print project 🖼 . Honestly ... I am a little bit lost because it’s the first time that I am doing prints from ... my work . It’s challenging ... because I obviously want to create something that you guys will enjoy and love 🎨❤️ . But it also teaches me soooo much things about being more « resourceful » . Fact is : in life you will never be « ready » . And if you keep telling yourself that you’ll do this or that thing when you’ll be ready ... you’ll just never do it at the end . That’s what I try to apply everyday in my life . Just trying to do my very best « today » . And at the end ... I believe that this is what matters most . What do you think about that ? 🤔

609 10

My whole life in a couple of photos 📸💞 . We recently tried to do more and more family activities all together . It’s not always easy because I have so much to do work everyday ... but totally worth it . It reminded of this quote : . “You will always have time for the things that are urgently important for you today” . And for me my family is the most important thing ever ... but ... what maters is not just to say that ... but to show them that this is true . So ... no more excuses for me ... I’ll take the time ❤️🔥👊🏼 . . Thank you so much @manutea_r for making a better person everyday ... I owe you everything 💞

549 30

This painting changed the course of my life 🎨⚡️❤️ . . I painted this in 2015 ... at this time I still had my job as a teacher . I was still working with a gallery in Tahiti but I wasn’t selling anything at all . It was hard and I felt like a failure as an artist . I knew that I wanted more out of life ... I knew that I wanted to have success with my Art . I knew that I wanted to sell a ton my creations in order to prove to all these people who didn’t believe in me that I was capable to make a great living by being a full time artist living my passion to the fullest 🎨🔥❤️ . But I wasn’t on the track to my success at this time . And it was mentally hard for me ... I used to wake up in the mornings completely demotivated because I had to go to my job . It sucked ... I sucked . I was a failure ... I wasn’t selling anything at all ... people didn’t bought my paintings in the gallery ... and it was a mess in my head . . One day, I took notice that I hadn’t painting for months ... I was losing my time partying with friends and doing nothing at all and this was the moment when I hit the wall . I had to stop this mess . I prayed the universe for help ... because I knew that I had this potential to do more and achieve my dreams . A couple of days after that a I stumbled across a book that changed my life . “Think & Grow Rich” from Napoleon Hill 🔥 . It changed my old beliefs ... I created my Facebook page ... I started to reconnect myself with this passion that I have for Art 🎨🔥 . I started sharing this passion online ... and people started to notice me, my messages and my work . And this is when @rereata contacted me in order to create this very special price of her and her beautiful daughters 🎨🙌🏼👩‍👧‍👧❤️ . The process that I went through in order to create this piece of her family changed my life and my work . I saw that creating a piece for someone based on his/her story and values gave me soooo much fulfillment... and the emotions she had when she discovered the piece I created for them was an unforgettable moment for me😍🙏🏼❤️ . 5 years later I quit my job, made 6 figures each year and I’m taking great care of my whole family ⚡️🙌🏼 . #liveyourpassion 🔑

205 23

When I was in art school, I was scared 😐 . Scared to not « find my style » . This haunted me for years ... and it was hard because I felt lost 🙄 . I felt lost because at this time I thought that I had to have my style already figured it out ... That I had to have my work displayed in the most prestigious galeries . But I didn’t . I was all the time trying to do new things ... testing new styles ... working with new galeries in order to « fit in » . But the more I was trying to find what was my style ... the more I felt lost and confused . . I remember that one day I said to myself : « ok I guess that I’ll just forget about finding my style and working with galeries and I’ll just do whatever makes me happy » . One year later ... I was helping people directly with my passion for painting in order to express their love for their loved ones . So crazy but ... this is « my style » now . My style is helping others express what they have in their hearts and souls for the very special people in their lives . So crazy but I found myself when I started to dive deep inside what I truly am . When I just looked into who I truly am ... what my values truly are ... and that was a game changer for me . I was then able to truly express my true self ... and this changed my life and my work ❤️🎨🙌🏼 . I was able to quit my job last year, make 6 figures and help so many amazing people and families with my work 🎨❤️ . . 🔑 Key here that I learned : don’t try to fit in ... search within yourself ... connect yourself and what you do with who you truly are ... with your values and your story . This will enable you to live and express your own true potential . Let’s go 👊🏼🔥🔥

290 22

👇🏼Why You Should Celebrate the Small Victories in your life 🔥 . . Most people are uncomfortable with celebrating their small victories. It may seem trivial to celebrate something as seemingly unimportant as eating healthy at lunch today for example . . However, you’re not necessarily celebrating the achievement itself...you’re celebrating your HABITS (and this is the major key 🔐 😉) . . 📐 Small victories vary from person to person, and what may seem small to you could be enormous to someone else . . So these are 5 TIPS for you in order to celebrate your little wins and make you unstoppable 👇🏼🔥 . . 1️⃣ Feel the Excitement . . 〰️ With each little win, you’re getting closer to your goal. Let that thought excite you! Don’t save your excitement for the “big” things; celebrate each step that you take. Take pleasure in your victory, and allow yourself to be happy 💓 . . 2️⃣ Treat Yourself . . 〰️ Every achievement, regardless of its size, deserves a reward. Whether it’s cooking your favorite meal, watching a fun movie, or purchasing some new clothes, you should always take the time to reward yourself. This helps you build your motivation and keep winning 🔥 . . 3️⃣ Share Your Wins . . 〰️ Be proud of your achievements, and speak about them with fulfillment and enthusiasm. When you verbalize your wins, you’re reinforcing them, and this motivates you to continue. Sharing your wins may also inspire others to reach for their goals, as well – so everybody wins 🙌🏼 . . 4️⃣ Be Present . . 〰️ Even though you’re pursuing a future goal, don’t forget to acknowledge the present moment. One technique I use for this is meditation ... it allows me to just stop everything and feel my breath for 10-15 min.These moments determine your future, so be sure to fill them with little wins and excitement 🙏🏼 . . 5️⃣ Keep Track of Your Habits . . 〰️ Use a habit tracker (you can use a simple notepad for this) to monitor your daily habits and reflect on your progress. Staying consistent with your habits puts you on the path to achieving your goals and it truly maintains your momentum going. Your habits are what help you win, so make winning a habit! 🔱 . . ✳️ let’s goooooo 😉

644 24

⚡️What would you do for your family ? ⚡️ During our current holidays in the south of France, we do hike a lot in order to discover amazing places The other day, we discovered this place with these ruins of this huge Castle 🏰 You have to hike for an hour in order to get to these ruins ... and the climb is pretty intense to tell you guys the truth (especially when you have 12kg on your back ... thanks Anaeva 😂💓) When we were at the top of the mountain visiting the ruins of this Castle one though obsessed me : ⚜️ why did they built such a big castle at the top of this steep mountain ? I just had 12kg of love on my back and I was exhauuuuuuuuusted when we arrive at the top 😅 But these crazy people built a huge castle at the top ... and they had no technology like we have it today I thought about this yesterday for a while (I love to think about how things relate to my life experiences 😜) and one thing stuck with me : These people were sooooooooo all in and motivated to build something big in order to protect their village and families that they did it at the top of this steep mountain They did it no matter how difficult it was ... their sacrifices everything in order to achieve and build their vision 🔥 They surpassed all the difficulties in order to bring all these huge stones and materials in order to build their Castle So that their village and families could sleep on their ears safely ... away from their enemies It’s crazy because ... when I thought about all this ... I had goosebumps ⚡️ Because this is what I’m trying to do in my life for my family 🙏🏼 I’m working my face off everyday of the week in order to build our castle I’m sacrificing everything in order to build something big and strong enough so that my family will be safe for generations And I know that for my family, I would do anything and climb the steepest mountains in order to protect them 🙌🏼 So ... that’s what went through my mind when I thought about all that The question for you guys is ... what would you do for your family ? What would do in order to make sure they remain safe for ever ? Let me know down there 👇🏼❤️

197 19

Important question for you bellow 👇🏼🔥 . If you had a magic wand in your hand right this second ... and you could have your dream job today 😍 . What would it be ? . Open your heart and share it with me ... I want to know you guys more ❤️

444 17

#islandlife 🌴 . Fun fact : this was the very first time someone ordered me a « scene de vie » 🎨 . He (my client) was an old guy who made a fortune with his little groceries store in Tahiti . The craziest thing was his story . I sat down with him for hours in order to listen to his story about his childhood on this amazing island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean called « #Fakarava » 🌴 . He told me about how he and his siblings grew up between the coconut trees and the lagoon . Stories about the port in the island where they gathered every afternoon in order to share a beer 🍺 . I listened religiously . And then he showed me this picture of him and his family 🖼 . Honestly ... this is the best part of my job : the life’s stories from all these people 🙌🏼💓 . That’s what fuels my work and my creativity . #dosomethingthatfuelsyourheart ❤️🔥

577 28

Achieve your vision 👊🏼🔥 . I stumbled across this picture and I the first thing that came into my mind was : “I can achieve whatever my mind can conceive” . I kid you not ... I dreamed about this picture for so long . I worked my face off in order to make all that happen . And it did . Napoleon Hills once said : what the mind can conceive and believe, it can ACHIEVE” 🔥 . This sentence is true . And this picture for me is the manifestation of this truth . Meeting @nicksantonastasso and his amazing team was life changing . It pushed me to work harder on my goals and my visions in order to make all that happen . #believeinyourself 👊🏼💯

691 37

Family is everything ❤️ . Family is the most precious thing you’ll ever have 🙌🏼 . Comment ❤️ if you agree 👇🏼🥰

1,458 62

Care ❤️🙌🏼 . Being able to create something special and meaningful for an other person is the best thing I do through my work 🎨❤️ . I’ll never forget this moment when @christianwscoach discovered the special price we created with @jade_wsl 💙💙💙💙🎨🎁💍💍 . #deliveringhappiness 💞


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