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🌻Mama of two 🧶Crochet lover 🧵Designer/ Creator at Pangea Made👇🏿👇🏾👇 (under construction)

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60.0% of pangeamade's followers are female and 40.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.60%. The average number of likes per post is 135 and the average number of comments is 6.

34.15% of the followers that engaged with pangeamade regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 8.54% and Australia at 4.88%. In summary, the top 5 countries of pangeamade's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, China.

Pangeamade loves posting about Jewelry, Soul, Animals & Pets.

Check pangeamade's audience demography. This analytics report shows pangeamade's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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60.0 %
40.0 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 75.06 %
  • Music 69.11 %
  • Art & Design 65.70 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 56.38 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 56.38 %
  • Pets 55.51 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 50.59 %
  • Travel & Tourism 48.97 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 42.20 %
  • Books and Literature 42.07 %
  • Home & Garden 41.20 %
  • Business & Careers 41.20 %
  • Entertainment 36.20 %


  • United States 34.15 %
  • Canada 8.54 %
  • Australia 4.88 %
  • Germany 3.66 %
  • China 3.66 %


116 10

C h e e r s, happy Monday! This week marks a new chapter for me, I’m starting the Lactation Consultant program at PSU and finishing my BA in Public Health (only 12 more classes to go). Eeeeep! But I’ll still be working my hand at creating timeless clothing just like these flowing peasant skirts. I’m truly following two paths right now and I’m A-OK with it! My creative outlet and empowering others in the health field is what I’m here for 💛📸 @thesleepyjaneshow ——- Modeling by my side: @thirdeyegasm ——- #peasantskirts designed & created by ME ✨

171 8

Then as the sun slipped low the clothes did too ———————- Crochet by me, photos by @thesleepyjaneshow, modeling with me @thirdeyegasm 🔥 These bomb ladies!

216 5

& that’s a wrap. photoshoot with some badass womxn ✔️ Lexie on the camera 📸 @thesleepyjaneshow ———————————— Myself and Katie werking it 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️ @thirdeyegasm ———————————— Peasant skirts patterned and sewn by me ———————————— L top patterned and crocheted by me R top patterned by @doeanddeercrochet and crocheted by me ———————————— Photo unedited. So thankful to have been able to put this all together with you two! Flowing gratitude

97 6

The peasant skirt made it to the coast this weekend and she l o v e d it. Wind swept seams never felt so good. Once it got chilly and the stars glowed up I slipped on a pair of leggings and I was so warm and so snug. Such a great piece to layer through the seasons with 🥰 📷 @thatguylake #windswept #seams #seamstress #peasantskirt #clothingdesigner #slowfashion #isthebestfashion #capekiwanda #oregoncoast #wherethewhalesare #oceanmusic

136 2

Chanti chanti chanterelles with my gal pal @someotherworldly and a bunch of other fungi forest buds that we met along the way ✨🌳🍄🌲✨ Today was a treat! #chanterelles #pnwforaging #mushroomforaging #frolickintheforest #decomposers #djchanterelley

208 6

Dark clouds and rain may be brewing here in Portland but I still got summer on my mind 🌞That warm blanket of sun sure does have a hold on me #rainbowbikini #summervibesallyear #crochet #crochetbikini

93 3

I choose me I am the wind that curls the edges of my lips I am the breath that gives life to my blood I am the light that brings thought to my mind I am the roots that ground me and the limbs that set me free I am the love that consumes me I choose existence freely I choose me .... Words that I wrote to myself about four years ago. A time when I woke up to choosing love and realizing that the world exists within me and I exist within the world. This intertwined divine connection runs deeper than the illusion 💛 ..... Thank you @christipier for collaborating on this love gem ✨ Your talents speaks through your heart. This piece is truly a self expansion, heart elevation, wing spreader, love listener that I will cherish for all the time to come! #reflections #love #selflove #youaretheuniverse #theuniverseisyou #owyheejasper #desertwings #silversmith

51 0

[EDIT: post office is closed today, I literally always forget public holidays exist 🙃 let’s just pretend it’s Tuesday] Shipping day has arrived ✨ Mailing a couple customs to their new mamas and sending out a rebirth of a crochet necklace I made a few years ago. Check out my story for images ✨This peasant skirt is a size Medium made from 100% silk and is for sale in my Etsy shop (which I’m still working on revamping) 😆 I’m a Virgo babe, sun + moon, and I’m really starting to feel a higher intensity of my go getter ambition fly 🦋 Sometimes it feels like a weakness but right now it’s feeling strong and powerful 💪🏼 Registering for fall term at Portland State (at the last minute but somehow it’s happening) and still pursuing my creative passion here (working on getting yarn and fabric in wholesale ((any leads So appreciated)) So here we go September let’s do the damn thing together 🥰 #crochetbra #crochet #virgo #traditionalstylecrochetbra #ooak #silk #peasantskirt #peasantdress #etsyshop #etsy

106 3

Traditional Bra in Crochet style 🍇🧶🥝 This juicy bra was a custom I did for someone as an inspiration for making cozy traditionally reflected bras. I used 100% mercerized cotton for extra strength. I recently learned that mercerized is a technique (soda wash) done to cotton yarn that straightens out the fibers making the yarn stronger and more durable. This is essential for the boobies ✨ I feel like I may be back from my impromptu insta- vacay. So necessary for ones well-being! I hope you all make time for yourself and split like a banana from this joint from time to time. You are worthy of self-love 💛 #crochetbra #traditionalbra #crochetreflections #selflove #crochet #ooak #custom #croptop #peasantskirt #mercerizedcotton

129 7

But baby your light shines brighter than the curves that contain you 🌞 I’m waking up with those sweet interstellar whispers after a rough few days of darkness. Sharing this light with all that it touches because Ⴘ ӧ Ʊ are love and Ⴘ ӧ Ʊ deserve to be loved. Does anyone else experience morning wake up calls from the universe? #interstellarcommunication #whenthestarswhisper #bethelove #sweetwhispers #bodypositive #youaremorethanyourbody

208 6

From my hands to your body, wrapping threads around your curves those golden hour sun beams electrify, amp amp amplify baby 🌚🌝 Thank you my dearest @olive.theodore and @jayaamlaaharn + you two sparkle. #fieldsofelectricity #eclecticelectric #goldenhoursunbeams #brightenup #peasantskirt #fiberart #silk #ooak #handmade #ooak #pangeamade

85 6

Crochet Catalog ✨🧶✨a compilation of all my @thenewmoondesigns tops that I’ve created using her lovely patterns that I’ve been obsessed with! Probably has something to do with how appealing the patterns are to read. It’s like reading a book with pictures 🌳 🌚 As a kid I used to love looking through all of my mom’s department store catalogs that she would receive in the mail. I always wanted us to have the matching mom/daughter Winnie the Pooh overalls from JCpennys and all the matching summer dresses. So Classic for this 90’s babe. We did have one matching summer dress outfit, long basic straight shape with a little flow at the end and of course the matching scrunchies. I remember blue vibrant swirls and sitting in her closet, starring at it while she would get ready for the day. Curlers in her hair, the smell of burnt hair 🌝 This catalog of mine takes me back to that place #transcend #timeandspace #crochet #crochetcatalog #jcpenny #croptop


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