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Costa Rica

• Somehow married @AlexSasser • Worship Leader & 1/2 of @TheSassersMusic • Host w/ @ElevateExperiences 🎉 • Dad + Enneagram 7w8 • I like 🍩s & I 💙 you!
Rincón Grande
Costa Rica

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.50%. The average number of likes per post is 465 and the average number of comments is 22.

38.89% of the followers that engaged with jordansasser regularly are from United States, followed by Costa Rica at 5.56% and France at 5.56%. In summary, the top 5 countries of jordansasser's posts engager are coming from United States, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Guatemala.

Jordansasser loves posting about Nature & Outdoors, Architecture, Photography, Travel.

Check jordansasser's audience demography. This analytics report shows jordansasser's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 38.89 %
  • Costa Rica 5.56 %
  • France 5.56 %
  • Italy 5.56 %
  • Guatemala 2.78 %


567 7

#SafePlaceSong is OUT‼️🤩 We are OVERWHELMED with GRATITUDE for every text, post, tag, message & GIFT {{what on EARTH, @kendal.patterson + @russellp12 for FRAMING in GOLD all the lyrics of Safe Place in cursive..😭📜}} @AlexSasser & I are just grateful. Grateful to God for being our all-powerful, loving, all-knowing safe place - His presence is LIFE! 🙌 Thank you to EVERBODY who has listened/shared the song with others & we PRAY you encounter Jesus in a way that is personal & peace-filled; we pray you hear truth & His heart.. whether you feel deep joy or deep pain in life right now.. we can bring it all to God! 🎶 We love you all so much!!! 😊 #TheSassers 💚 {{link in bio}}

482 19

GUYS‼️🤣 We want say THANK YOU to EVERYone for the crazy LOVE & support!!! 💚 Our song “Safe Place” is almost here!!! 🤩🎶 OCTOBER 4th. ✅ Swipe & watch these 3 videos so you know how to #PreSave 🙌 ..& give us a follow at @TheSassersMusic if you want!! 😊🎶 WE ARE JUST SO GRATEFUL & EXCITED‼️🎉 #TheSassers

1,170 58

God's #FAVOR. Can't make this up. 😭 On Sunday, Sept. 8 we led worship at a church in Roswell, GA. Alex spotted a sweet couple (who we met this summer at @LighthouseFR!) & they offered to take us to lunch.. They asked how we were, so I answered honestly - "We're GREAT, just too busy; God is good, life is good. It is definitely challenging sometimes having 1 car with 2 kids, but we are making it happen!" They looked at each other & tears filled their eyes. She tried to speak, but couldn't. Then he said, "Our daughter moved away last week. We cleaned & detailed her car yesterday & had plans to sell it this week.. we know we are supposed to give it you." 😱 We gasped.. cried.. had no words.. hugged.. praised God & cried some more. ((& I'll leave them unnamed, but you know who you are.. this gift has truly CHANGED our day-to-day lives. We LOVE you & are forever #grateful.)) 💚 Perhaps the BEST part?? 3 or 4 months ago, I told @AlexSasser - "I'd LOVE to have a blue car one day.. maybe royal blue. It's my favorite color." 😳 ((..And did I name the car #HalleBLUEjah ..? 🤷🏻‍♂️ MAYBE. 🤪🚙)) /// BLOWN AWAY BY #GODsFAVOR, KINDNESS, GENEROSITY & PROVISION. #Jesus is living & ACTIVE in our lives; we just need to keep our eyes open! He is intentionally in the details, FULLY alive ALL around us! Every bit of credit to God for orchestrating this - & we know He will bless this couple for their obedience, faith & outrageous #generosity. I hope we can do this for someone one day & I #PRAY God allows us to bless others the way we have been blessed. 🙏 #MiraclesHappenEveryDay #GodIsGood #Family #Kids #BlessingsOnBlessings #Familyof4 #FavorOfGod #FollowingJesus #LifeIsCrazy #GodCanDoANYTHING 🙌 #FreeCar 💙

715 66

GUYS!!!!! ONE month from TODAY. 🎶 Releasing our FIRST song, “Safe Place” on October 4th - written in our kitchen a few years ago - it has helped to us draw closer to God & we hope it leads you to do the same!! ➡️ Click the link in my bio to PRE-SAVE, so you’re notified as soon as the song is ready for listening!!! 📲 (takes a few seconds!) And give us a follow at @TheSassersMusic 🖤 GRATEFUL for all the love, hard work & late nights my bro @JustinWOrr put into this project to produce this special song. And thank you @Tucker.Richmond for mastering it. THANK YOU @DerekRMount for helping us carry it all to the finish line! And thankful for @Kendal.Patterson who designed the art for this song ((AND THE MUSIC VIDEO THAT WILL DROP SHORTLY AFTER THE SINGLE!!! 🎬)) We are so grateful for all of you. 😭🙏 And my deepest gratitude is to my bride @AlexSasser, who poured her heart out, both lyrically & vocally to share something truly stunning, genuine & special with the world. ✨ Debut single from #TheSassers, available on all major platforms 10/4/19. 🎧 {LINK IN BIO}

548 12

Today, @AlexSasser stopped, looked at me with tears in her eyes & said, “This all feels too good to be true - this moment, this day, this family we have.. because GOD is too good to be true, but is the TRUEST thing.” 😭🙌 We all know life is full of brokenness; but because of Jesus, I truly believe the goodness that surrounds us outweighs it all. 💚 ~ God, I pray you open my eyes to more & more “HEAVEN ON EARTH” moments - I want to see more of Your beauty, goodness & glory - our hearts overflow with deep gratitude & joy, for YOU are the Giver of every good & perfect gift!!! 🙏 And today at the #Zoo was a good gift. 🦒🦅🐘🐼🐢 #Goodisgood #heavenonearth #family #lifeisagift #GRATEFUL 🙏

369 8

We sprinted through the heaviest rain I’ve ever seen just to meet friends at a coffee shop. New favorite memory with you @AlexSasser. You bless me & bring me deep joy. 🌧☀️☕️☕️ #ilovemywife 📱: @carlyfinck

969 81

IT! IS!! HER!!! BIRTHDAY!!!! 🤩 Guys. Have you even MET @AlexSasser??? 😍 Like, spent time with her.. Heard her laugh? Talked about the deep things of life with her? Been in awe of her {{outrageous}} beauty? Seen a glimpse of her deeply genuine heart? Heard her sing like an angel? Lost your breath because she smiled? (OMG, ME TOO!) Seen Jesus alive in her? Or have you ever been reminded of God’s goodness because of something she said/did? YEA. And I get to be married to her. 😱 She is truly a gift. 🎁 (((Gift: something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show favor toward someone.))) 😭 God has shown me immense favor & Alex is a gift I don’t deserve. 💚 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SOMEONE WHO I THOUGHT COULD NEVER POSSIBLY GET *MORE* BEAUTIFUL... & THEN SHE GOT A NEW HAIRCUT TODAY. 😱😱😱🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍 #HappyBirthdayMyLove ✨😘👸🏻✨ #NewHairWhoDis 🔥


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