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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.50%. The average number of likes per post is 172 and the average number of comments is 15.

39.44% of the followers that engaged with janetkwan regularly are from Canada, followed by United States at 15.49% and Germany at 3.52%. In summary, the top 5 countries of janetkwan's posts engager are coming from Canada, United States, Germany, Japan, France.

Check janetkwan's audience demography. This analytics report shows janetkwan's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Canada 39.44 %
  • United States 15.49 %
  • Germany 3.52 %
  • Japan 3.52 %
  • France 3.52 %


252 15

I did a quick Q&A over on @thekwendyhome’s stories today, answering some of your questions about photography 📷 Thanks for sending in your questions! It was fun (and only a little bit nerve-racking)😊There’s a lot I didn’t cover so feel free to leave your questions here! 🙂

183 14

Ok, who’s ready for another 🍍update? So I kept the crown and put it water to propagate just for fun. You know where to find the video (Hint: Stories) ⠀ I don’t know if I’ll actually plant it in soil later though. Apparently, it takes about 2 years for it to grow another fruit so we’ll see 😮 ⠀ I very much appreciate farmers who grow the produce we eat, the people who harvest them and bring them to us 🙏🏻 ⠀ That is all for the pineapple adventures. For now 😂 ⠀ Anyway, I thought of the west coast, islands and palm trees when I was writing about pineapples so enjoy😊 ⠀ Design: @jennifermcleaninteriors Artwork: @michellequance Photography: @janetkwan

104 17

🍍Update: The mini pineapple has been eaten. I repeat, the mini pineapple has been eaten. And the most asked question: How does it taste? It’s all up in today’s Stories 😁 ⠀ And speaking of mini things. This little secondary kitchen sink is so cute 😍 ⠀ Design: @jennifermcleaninteriors Photography: @janetkwan

164 15

It started as an unripe pineapple back in August with a small crown on top. Today, it was time for it to move onto its next journey. I shared the harvesting in my Stories this morning and will add it to my plant adventures in the highlights🍍 ⠀ While I can’t take full credit for actually growing this pineapple, I did manage to keep it alive until it was ready to be picked so that counts for something 😂 ⠀ Next up, I’ll try it and report back to you. I’ve been warned that because it’s a novelty plant, it’s not going to taste sweet. Oh well, it still smells like a fresh pineapple😁

147 18

Makeover Monday: @sansa.interiors transformed this condo bathroom by adding patterned wallpaper to this wall, changing the mirror and light fixture. ⠀ Swipe to see some after/before photos! 👉🏻 ⠀ Design: @sansa.interiors Photography: @janetkwan

68 1

Remember back in June, I shared an amazing opportunity with you from @adobe? No? That’s ok 😂 I really hoped that all of you creatives would apply and get chosen. So it makes me INCREDIBLY happy to hear that at least one of you have been selected to work on a commission project by the Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund! 😊 ⠀ And so once again, I’m encouraging you (designers of all types, photographers, videographers, illustrators) to apply. Today’s the due date for the October cohort, BUT that means that tomorrow is the start of the new batch 😁 ⠀ The best part about applying earlier is that if you don’t get chosen this time, your application is automatically rolled into the next month which gives you more opportunities to be selected 😉 ⠀ P.S. They didn’t pay me to say this. My job is already done, but I would love for you to receive funding for your passion project or to be commissioned to do one for Adobe 😊 ⠀ If you have any questions about the whole process or what this is, feel free to leave your questions below or DM me!

116 9

As promised, I just shared another quick tip in my Stories on how to transfer your iPhone photos + videos without iTunes *Cue heavenly sound effect* ⠀ I first found out about this trick when I got my first iPhone and wanted to back up my photos to external drives (as a photographer would 😅). I wanted to manually move the files to wherever I wanted and upload them to the cloud too. I hope you’ll find it helpful because those photos and videos are too precious to lose! ⠀ Of course, another way to save your photos is to print them. Like the large print of the homeowner’s cat here🙊 ⠀ Design: @kedesigncollective Photography: @janetkwan

384 18

Autumnal hues at @thekwendyhome 🍂🍁 The other day, I found acorns all over the ground under a tree and for some reason, I’ve never noticed acorns actually hanging from a tree. ⠀ So, of course, I put out a Stories poll and most of you who voted also haven’t seen acorns in trees before. Do they grow so fast and fall or do squirrels just get to them first? 😂 ⠀ Anyway, I’m working on another quick tips video for you iPhone users which should drop tomorrow 🙊🤞🏻It’s about backing up your iPhone photos to wherever you want. WITHOUT ITUNES. Stayed tuned! 😁 ⠀ Design: @thekwendyhome Photography: @janetkwan

339 16

When I saw the dining area from this angle, I had a vision of the final image. It felt like the cover of a magazine to me. Even if no one else felt that way, I could still picture it in my head because why not me? 😊 ⠀ Designer: @jennifermcleaninteriors Photography: @janetkwan

131 14

What’s the chocolate chip cookie version of a “cherry on top”? ⠀ Maldon sea salt😋 Swipe to see it up close 🍪 ⠀ Cookies by the talented @miss_lizee.

145 43

Colour-changing cocktail recipe! I made this fun cocktail for an #ad with @empress1908gin to recreate the Empress 75, @LCBO’s cocktail of the month. ⠀ Recipe: + 1 1/2 oz Empress 1908 gin + 3/4 oz Fresh lemon juice + 1/2 oz Simple syrup + Top with Bottega Prosecco + Garnish with lemon twist and enjoy! ⠀ Fun fact: The deep indigo colour isn’t the bottle. The gin is actually that colour and it comes from the butterfly pea blossom, one of the rare blue hues are found in nature and is often used in the food industry as natural colouring. ⠀ Another cool fact about the butterfly pea blossom is that when it’s mixed with certain ingredients, it changes from deep blue to a soft pink. It’s a science experiment you can actually drink🥂 ⠀ For a limited time, you’ll save $3 on a 750 mL of @empress1908gin AND receive a free 200 mL bottle of Bottegg Presecco to make this cocktail at home (at participating locations). ⠀ Check out my Stories to see how I made it! 😊 ⠀ #EmpressGin #SipResponsibly

137 12

Honey citrus water, perfect for hot or cold weather 🍯🍋 ⠀ With COVID cases going up, I’m going to roll myself back to Stage 2. Actually, I never left (Anyone else?) 😬Hope you have a good weekend with lots of mask-wearing, physical distancing and hand-washing! 😷 ⠀ Styling: @thekwendyhome Photography: @janetkwan


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