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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 8.80%. The average number of likes per post is 134 and the average number of comments is 6.

Check harinirama's audience demography. This analytics report shows harinirama's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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81 1

Hello, from the Catskills! Deep and I love getting away to these mountains at least once year. And with 2020 turning out the way it is, we've actually managed to take mini vacations and the Catskills are our go-to. With views like this, especially in the fall, how can we say no? #catskills

88 4

Forever grateful to have this guy in my life! From exchanging glances over 6 years ago at a conference, to being here today, married for 4 years...it has been a wild ride. I love you, couldn't imagine life without you, and wouldn't trade you for a different quarantine partner! Happy Anniversary, love! ❤️@deepanjande Also, thank you for discovering my first few white hairs and reminding me that I too am growing old! 😂 I always assumed you were old and I would forever be young!

39 4

To always picking up right where we left off! #longdistancefriendship

238 9

@diyasharma91 made me stay up all night and then dragged me to Brooklyn for sunrise. And boy was it worth it! Love this picture, Diya! ❤️ #shemakesmelookgood And I love this custom outfit from @holichicbymegha

222 7

When you have friends who take the best portraits! 📸: @fullerframe #shorthairdontcare

112 2

Of breezy balconies, and sneaking in pictures when you're not allowed to. #everyindian.

117 3

Paris never ceases to amaze! #jetaimeparis

116 9

@deepanjande is usually my muse but only when he doesn't know I'm taking a picture. Otherwise, he prefers to not cooperate. This is from @kakslauttanen_arctic_resort, a spot we picked inspired by the travels of @bruisedpassports to end my 6 week long sabbatical from work. Finland is a beautiful country and the Finnish Lapland region where we were is considered the best place in the world to experience the Northern Lights. Owing to mostly clear skies, they see the lights for over 200 nights a year. The resort is expensive given how remote it is, but it was totally worth it, considering that we saw the lights in full glory on 5 of the 6 nights we spent there. Although visible, we missed the lights on one night out of sheer laziness. We stayed for 4 nights in one of their ultra cozy log cabins and ended our trip with 2 nights in the infamous glass igloos. In hindsight, we would recommend starting with the igloos and ending with the log cabins. Here's why... The log cabins are super cozy, with a fairly large lounging space, a queen sized bed, a small kitchenette, a fire place, a desk, and most importantly a Finnish Sauna attached to the bathroom. Every activity you can potentially do here (skiing, husky sledding, visit Santa Claus village, etc.) is expensive. So while we were in the log cabins, given that it was last stretch of our travels, we wanted to mostly relax and spent a lot of time indoors during the day, binge watching shows, or finishing our books. There's something very warm & fuzzy about cozying up on the couch or journaling on the desk with the fire crackling...pausing every now and then to look out at the snow glistening, with the sun rays piercing through the tall pine trees. You almost feel like you're part of a painting! The igloos on the other hand, are small. They have 2 single beds (essentially massage beds that go up and down), and a tiny toilet where you do have to bend down to even get in. And the common showers are 10-15 min walk in the frigid cold, which does make the idea of having to take a shower somewhat unpleasant.... Cont'd in the comments.

197 5

Throwback Sunday? From this time a year ago, on my sabbatical. Missing Indonesia and all my travels and can't wait to go back, with Deep!

405 13

Wow! First your clients take you to the taping of @thedailyshow and then you get to meet @trevornoah 😍 He's an incredibly nice person that truly wanted to have a conversation and get to know you and your work. We introduced ourselves to each other, and he asked me for my name twice, probably to make sure he remembered and got it right. That either showed that he really cared or he conformed to every stereotype out there about Indian names being hard to pronounce! Not that Harini is hard to pronounce! Haha! Definitely had a fan moment. It's always so refreshing to hear an immigrant speak about American politics given the number of late night shows out there that are dominated by Americans. Love the Daily Show and now probably a bigger fan of @trevornoah given how genuinely nice he is! Not to mention, incredibly funny! #dailyshow #trevornoah


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