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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.50%. The average number of likes per post is 72 and the average number of comments is 8.

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35 7

The THANKS that keeps on giving! 🦃 🥕 🍠 🥧 . . . Last weekend, we surprised a lovely lady on her 30th birthday with a 3-course, chef-prepared meal at a friends home. As you can see, it was unreal!!! . . . First course was grilled shrimp, corn, and tomatoes on a sunflower seed bread. Second course was a grilled peach salad with radish and candied pecans. Third course was a sous-vide pork loin with puréed butternut squash, green beans, and a root vegetable hash. . . . All I can say is 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤!!! Thanks to @chefpigot for an amazing meal and for being such a good sport with all of us ladies! . . . If you could have any chef cook for you, who would it be?! . . . #thanksgiving #pork #butternutsquash #shrimp #sunflowerseeds #privatechef #spoiled #birthdaydinner #yuminmytum #todiefor #foodie #yycfoodie #foodiesofinstagram #foodieyyc #foodporn #foodtography #moreplease

81 3

Just a little pesto magic ✨ . . . I made this pesto from scratch using herbs from my flower boxes! I need to use up my herbs as the weather starts to cool off and this is such an easy recipe! And did I mention it’s DELICIOUS?! . . . This super simple pesto includes: 1C fresh basil 1/2C fresh parsley 3/4C pine nuts (pro tip, freeze your nuts so they don’t go rancid) 2 tbsp olive oil 1/4C grated Parmesan Salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste (I was out of fresh garlic or I would have tossed a clove in) Pop in a food processor or blender and blend away until everything is finely minced and incorporated. . . . Pine nuts can be expensive so walnuts are another great option. No basil or parsley? No problem! Use any herb of your choosing or spice things up by using arugula or spinach. Creativity is my favourite part of cooking! . . . Are you a pesto fan? What would you put in your own pesto? Let me know so I can try your ideas! . . . #pesto #pestopasta #pestosauce #homemade #homemadepesto #herbs #freshherbs #fresh #freshfood #seasonal #seasonalfood #freshfooddiet #seasonalfooddiet #stayhealthy #foodismedicine #shrimp #pescatarian #eatdrinkandbelaura #somethingbeautifulineveryday

63 8

MEAT VS. VEG! Which camp do you belong to? . . . Little half sammies like these are my fave lunch, especially during the summer because I can grab herbs from my little flower box and all of the veggies are so fresh and yummy!!! . . . I’d say I hang out in the veggie camp more often than the meat camp but some times, your girl just can’t decide!!! I’m always in the mood for cheese though... aaaaalways! . . . Which one would you pick? What’s your preference when making a sandwich? Would you just mash these two together? . . . #vegetarian #meatatarian #meatandcheese #tomatoandbasil #caprese #summertime #sammies #lunchtime #omnivore #fresh #delicious #freshherbs #freshvegetables #swiss #getinmybelly #eatdrinkandbelaura #somethingbeautifulineveryday

56 7

SASKATOON BERRY 🥧 . . . Hot summer days have me in the mood for several things: 1)Beach Days 2)Lake Swims 3)Cold Drinks 4)Late Nights 5)PIE! . . . Don’t get me wrong, I want pie most days but there is something sentimental about Saskatoon Pie made by a loved one from berries you’ve helped pick. It just screams summer to me. And yum. It screams yum too. Accompanied by a little vanilla ice cream... 🤤💋👌 . . . What’s your favorite summer dessert?! Tell me below! . . . #pie #saskatoon #saskatoonpie #saskatoonberry #saskatoonberries #saskatoonberrypie #summer #summerdesserts #nostalgia #nostalgic #homemade #homecooking #tradition #laboroflove #secretrecipe #familysecret #sandybay #summereats #fruit #fruitpie #myfavorite #eatdrinkandbelaura #somethingbeautifulineveryday

91 4

Glowing from the inside out ✨ . . . This is me. Truly happy. The happiest I have been in a really long time. I actually forgot what this felt like. . . . I spent the last 10 days at my family cottage in Sandy Bay, Manitoba. I limited my social media time, I read books, I took in plenty of sun and lake swims and I ate and drank to my hearts content with those I love. . . . It broke my heart to leave yesterday. I woke up this morning a little blue but I realized just how lucky I am to have somewhere like that to escape to. I’m so happy I could take the time to visit and that I was, in fact, able to visit during this pandemic. It was a visit for the books! Until next time, Sandy Bay! . . . #summer #summervibes #glow #glowing #happy #trulyhappy #sandybay #victoriabeach #cottage #cottageliving #cottagelifestyle #lake #lakelife #lakeliving #bestself #bestlife #sunshine #beach #beachlife #beachvibes

72 3

You’ve reached Laura. I’m currently out of the office... . . . Living my best life at my favourite place for the next week and a bit. If you need me, you can find me sipping Corona on the back deck, exploring the beaches and island with my cousins, or floating in the lake. . . . It feels so good to be back here again. COVID-19 is making things a little different this time around but we are all taking it in stride. I hope you all have a chance to eat, drink, and be merry (or laura 😉) this summer and recharge your batteries. . . . #corona #coronabeer #lifesabeach #thesimplethings #lakelife #beachdays #lazydays #sundayfunday #sandybay #victoriabeach #lakewinnipeg #elkisland #eatdrinkandbemerry #eatdrinkandbelaura #recharge #summer #summervibes #summerrefresh

46 1

UPDATE!!! I’m so grateful to everyone who took me up on this offer. With your GENEROUS donations, I was able to donate to 4 different organizations that are focused on the Black Lives Matter movement and the rights of Indigenous Peoples. . . . I am beyond thrilled and so moved at the response I received. To know that my network is full of such loving and generous souls leaves me speechless. I genuinely can’t say thank you enough but I will try. Thank you, thank you, thank you❤️

81 17

PLEASE READ TO THE END: The above may look like a simple photo of some tie dye clothes. It’s true, this is something that I have taken up as a hobby during isolation and I really enjoy making them. Recently, I made a few outfits for my friends and other people showed interest in these items so I made more. One of my friends joked that I should start a business since items like these are going for $100+ a pop and I was only charging for the cost of materials. I thought about this and then decided something... Over the past couple of weeks I have been listening and learning to all I can about the Black Lives Matter movement. I want to show up and do my part in any way I can. So here it goes... If you are interested in this recent fad around tie dye and would like me to make you something, I would love to. What I will do is charge you an extra $5 for my time on top of the cost for materials. If you provide me with an item to work with then it will be a flat $5 fee for my time. If you want to give more than $5, that’s great! I will take 100% of the profits I make and donate them to charities that support the Black Lives Matter movement that I have researched and feel need the most help (open to suggestions here too)... If you are interested, please DM me and we can make a plan. It’s not much but it’s something. This is coming from a place of love and respect and I hope it comes across as such. Feel free to share this with anyone that you think may be interested as well. Thank you for your support. - L

56 0


83 11

These tacos from @nativetonguesyyc are positively Mexcellent!!! . . . During isolation, I’ve been trying to support local restaurants as much as I can! Special treat meals like this have me looking forward to a quiet night in when I can’t visit the restaurant itself. . . . I will say that I am beyond excited to have made my first in-person dining reservation in what feels like 500 years for next week!!! I cannot wait to be back in a restaurant with loved ones again!!! . . . What has been your go-to meal to order in while restaurants have been closed? Where are you excited to go now that venues are starting to reopen?? Drop a comment below ❤️ . . . #tacos #carnitas #pollo #carneasada #to rtilla #mexican #mexicanfood #mexicandonuts #drool #yesplease #caliente #yuminmytum #supportlocal #eatdrinkandbelaura #somethingbeautifulineveryday

138 22

And what a wonderful day it was... this birthday was definitely not what I expected as I couldn’t spend it with friends or family but did I ever feel the love! The cards, the texts and calls, the FaceTimes, the zoom calls and the surprise home deliveries (special shout out to my parents, @jaidaanne, @jenleanneb and @steen_bean). I’m so freaking lucky to have friends and family like these. I definitely did not feel alone or isolated yesterday. My heart (and my tummy!) are so full 😊. Oh! And scroll through to see the car my dad got me 😱 #birthday #quarantinebirthday #allthelove #eatdrinkandbelaura #somethingbeautifulineveryday

81 9

Zoom call expectations vs. reality. This is my new normal. I miss being with these ladies in person more than I can say. I hope everyone is being safe and also practicing social distancing. #socialdistancing #stayhome #mybeeches #virtualhappyhour @molsoncanadian @zoom_video_communications @marketcalgary


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