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Music Artist - Humanitarian Activist - Founder @greenkids_org & #FemaleVoicesOfTheWorld ☮️

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36.2% of dashnimoradofficial's followers are female and 63.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.40%. The average number of likes per post is 6679 and the average number of comments is 145.

Dashnimoradofficial loves posting about Fashion, Actors, Art.

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36.2 %
63.8 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 65.10 %
  • Art & Design 51.69 %
  • Business & Careers 47.61 %
  • Travel & Tourism 36.76 %
  • Entertainment 35.77 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 34.26 %
  • Music 33.00 %
  • Luxury Goods 32.96 %
  • Photography 31.97 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 31.92 %
  • Sports 31.65 %
  • Home & Garden 31.30 %


4,786 51

What do you know about Anfal? لە 32مین ساڵیادی گەورەترین شاڵاوی جینۆسایدکردنی گەلی کوردستان لەلایەن ڕژێمی بەعس بە ئامانجی سڕینەوەی ناسنامەی نەتەوەیی کورد و کوردستان - 182,000 هاوڵاتی كۆمه‌ڵكوژ و زينده‌به‌چاڵ كران، زیاتر لە 5000 شارۆچکەو دێهات وێران بوو. درود بۆ گیانی پاکی شەهیدانی ئەم تاوانە قێزەوەنە دەنێرین. #KurdishGenocide #anfalday #kurdishblackhistory On the 32nd anniversary of the #Anfal genocide campaign against the ppl of Kurdistan by Baath regime, aimed at erasing Kurdish identity-182,000 civilians were rounded up & eliminated, & up to 5000 settlements were destroyed-we remember & honor the victims of these heinous crimes.

8,277 172

I follow so many amazing people around the world from artists to activists, makers, thinkers, writers, politicians, humanitarians etc.. I notice that most of us right now are facing a stressful time and bringing up lots of emotions like fear and anxiety. . . I live alone in Erbil, my family and part of my friends are based in the Netherlands. The airport here has been closed for over two weeks, and I am so sad that I can’t be there for my parents. But at the same time proud that I chose to stay behind. God forbid if the virus really breaks out in this war torn region, we will loose many, MANY lives. . . What helps me to get through the lonely long days is by staying in touch with my family, friends and all of you instafam here. I also do my best to get as much sunlight as I can and to work out. I went for a run this afternoon in our compound, and I made sure to catch sunset while trying to get my grocery (markets closed). . . Right now I am scared and my anxiety is taking over again. I see how people are entering our compound in pickup trucks filled with food, while I can’t carry more than a bag due to my rheumatism. I see people emptying the food markets and this scares me! It’s all about me, my family and no one else! . I know that most of you have showed solidarity, acts of kindness and raising awareness on how to protect our selves against this evil virus. But now that I am so scared all I can do is try to breath and tell myself that we will win this fight, together. . . I try to focus on whats positive, at the moment I am aware of some artist friends and influencers in sweden and Denmark trying to collect money and send aid ASAP to single mothers and poor families. This helps 💕 . Yet I wanted to share with you that I feel lonely, because in times of crisis you need to be surrounded by your loved once. I have worked for years in refugee camps, during the isis invasion. What I have learned is how families stayed strong and safe by staying together. I miss my moms comfort food, my sisters hugs/chats and my silly brothers annoying me and not giving me enough attention. How are you feeling angels? Ewa chonin? Dashni xx #coronapandemic

8,805 205

GOV: New lockdown rules for 48 hours, forbidden to leave your house! Me: Starting to talk to.. 😑

7,185 155

We stay home and together we fight #covid19 سڵاو لە هەموو کوردێک لە هەر شوێنێک بن، ئەمانەوێ بەم پەیامە پێتان بلێین کە هەموومان بەیەکەوە ئەتوانن خۆمان و خۆشەویستانمان بپارێزین لە کرۆنا ڤیروس. بۆیە ئێمە ئەلێین : من، ئەو، ئەوان،ئێمە ،لەماڵەوە ئەمێنین، هەموومان، بەیەکەوە. بەس بەم شێوەیە ئەتوانین لە ئێستادا یارمەتی یەک بدەین! تۆیش لە ماڵەوەبە نەک هەر لەبەر خۆت بەلکو لەبەر هەموو کەس و خۆشەویستانت! هاوکاریمان بکەن ئەم پۆستە بڵاو بکەنەوە لەگەڵ ئازیزانتان: Dashni @dashnimoradofficial, Helen @sadikhelen Baxi @lifestylebybaxi Bezhwen @Bezhwena Sham @sshamrashid Neyan @neyanventures Chavin @chavin.b.s Rezhin @bellamiacenter Sazan @sazanamin_

2,615 37

Not everyone can stay home safe! #covid19 Art work by the revolutionary @tooshiepie #baghdad #aliceinbaghdad

2,109 34

Get it!! @unwomen 💙

18,367 572

I miss glam in my life! @nazekmakeup unfairly sharing this picture of me. #lockdown has effected us all, its important to stay calm and know that we are in this together. I am terrified for my family and friends in the Netherlands but also so proud of those on the frontline in the Netherlands. 💛 I am so worried that the longer we are in quarantine some people won’t have food to put on the table. I worry about pregnant women and people in refugee camps. My heart is with everyone at @unfpairaq , I know that people like Salwa go beyond to help protect pregnant women, I follow her efforts on the ground and I salut her. I also have been in touch today with the American consul general in erbil, they are keeping a close eye on all the refugee camps in Iraq - they are doing their best to deliver aid and more protection. I just saw a video in India where hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs and don’t have a penny, they can’t take their long train back home and are stranded on the streets with no money, a roof or food! Now back to “missing my glam” and to everyone around the world who is lucky to be in quarantine-with a roof over your head, food, healthcare and insurance. Remember missing our privileges and lifestyle at this moment is nothing compared to those who can’t feed their kids this evening. I am grateful that I can volunteer and help in a small way to in this time of crisis, but I know that we are going to face far worse. Please donate as much as you can to those in need. Then you can go back to missing going to the movies and chilling with friends, I know you do. It’s just silly me reminding you a little more with a fab makeup look. #weareallone #weareone

2,766 27


8,583 242

ئامانجی من لە دەرچوون لەگەڵ کارمەندانی دەزگای خێرخوازیی بارزانی ئەوە بوو کە ببینن کۆرۆنا کاریگەریی زۆری لەسەر خەڵکی کەمدەرامەت داناوە. زۆرێک لە خەڵکە، داهاتی رۆژانەیان بڕاوە و توانای دابینکردنی خواردنی رۆژانەیان نییە. ئەوانیش وەک هەموومان، پێویستە پابەندی رێنماییەکان بن، تا پێکەوە دۆخەکە تێپەڕینین و کار و پیشەی رۆژانەش دەستپێبکاتەوە. سوپاسی هەموو ئەو خێرخوازانە دەکەم کە هاوکارییان پێشکەشکردووە، چ لە ناوەوە و چ لە دەرەوەی کوردستان. بە هۆی ئەوانەوە، من بینیم کە خێزانێکی زۆر ئەم ئێوارەیە، ژەمێکی تێر نان دەخۆن.. هیوادارم هەمیشە دەستتان بە خێر بێت! هەروەها سوپاسی هەموو هونەرمەند و پێشکەشکار و چالاکانی سۆشیال میدیا دەکەم کە رۆژانە لاپەڕە و کەناڵەکانی خۆیان دەخەنە خزمەت بڵاوکردنەوەی هۆشیاری و رەفتاری راست و جەختکردنەوە لەسەر مانەوە لە ماڵ و پابەندبوون بە رێنمایییەکان. Supas @barzanifoundation yarab Xua hemu’man biparêzêt u xery êwa bnûsêt. I've been doing humanitarian work for over 5 years but I have never experienced working like this, keeping my social distance from people and not having a chat with families and children whilst doing it. It's been a highly emotional day, seeing families that have been effected economically by COVID-19. Me bringing a simple food package with just the essentials means to them so much, I can now see the impact this virus is having. I want to give a huge THANK YOU to the incredible team at @barzanifoundation who are risking so much by making sure everyone is eating and no one is left behind.


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