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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.80%. The average number of likes per post is 367 and the average number of comments is 49.

10.43% of the followers that engaged with atinyreader regularly are from Australia, followed by United States at 10.43% and Bangladesh at 7.83%. In summary, the top 5 countries of atinyreader's posts engager are coming from Australia, United States, Bangladesh, India, Germany.

Atinyreader loves posting about Film, Music & Books, Photography.

Check atinyreader's audience demography. This analytics report shows atinyreader's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Australia 10.43 %
  • United States 10.43 %
  • Bangladesh 7.83 %
  • India 6.96 %
  • Germany 5.22 %


235 15

✨15.4K SFS SESSION✨ _ Hello everyone! I've teamed up with some amazing bookstagrammer for a Shoutout Session! It's one of the best ways to support each other and discover new accounts, so we hope that many of you will participate 💖 _ HOW TO ENTER: • Must follow all of us {No follow-to-unfollow!} 😘. . @atinyreader @pagesofbonnie @queenofvillains @wutheringnovels @the_readers_journal _ • Post a screenshot of each of our RECENT FEEDS (not just a photo or the Bio) and leave them in your IG story for 24h. {Remember to tag us} 🥰. . _ . • Comment DONE and tag 2 or 3 friends that might be interested in our shoutout session {You have to do it only on one account} 😊. . _ . Show some love to our photos ❤️. . _ . PUBLIC BOOKSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS ONLY. Make sure to follow all the rules. This session ends on Tuesday April 21st and we'll be returning the shoutouts in batches afterwards 📚. • 98/366 • #bookstagram #shoutouts #bookstagrambd #sfs

459 43

What's a message you would send to your ten years younger self? A letter to my 14-year-old self: Dear Anan, As you grow older, you'll realise that your feelings are going to get more complicated. You'll face sudden bouts of sadness but won't understand why you do. There's not going to be a sound judgement or reasoning behind the feelings you get. Everything that seems simple to you right now will become so much more complicated as you get older. You won't understand why you feel the urge to hurt people with your words sometimes, why you get feel wounded so easily, why things that never bothered you before seem to set you off so easily. You have an ego now. The ego that never comes to act when you need it to, to protect yourself, but pops up to ruin your relationships. All of this comes with maturity apparently. I know what you're thinking. "Oh, that seems pretty hypocritical". Well, I guess it is. Remember being taught to take responsibility for your actions and staying ready to face consequences? Well, throw that out the window, because no one around you will seem to follow it. Instead, we now play the blame game. Blaming our parents, blaming our environment, blaming our society. We use shitty people around us to justify our own shitty actions. We think too highly of ourselves, claiming to have no other options. We do, though, we always do. We're just unable to comprehend our own hand in hurting others. When we do, it comes with a load of justification and self-sympathy. "I know what I did wrong, so I'm a better person now, right?" Never. Not until you've apologised. Not until they tell you it's okay. Not until you can truly look back at it, and feel that you've learned your lesson. That you'd never do that to another person because your own shoulders can't handle that guilt. Little girl, you're at such a great age now, even though you have no idea that you are. I wish I could keep you locked in that time of your life forever. • 97/366 • [16.04.20] • #journal #letter #musing #bookstagrambd #instagramblog #bibliophilelife #tea #coffee

374 58

What did you do today? I actually had a great one today, super productive though not in terms of my actual job. 😂 Excited for tomorrow for multiple reasons but let's just say Pohela Boishakh this year isn't going to be as bad as I thought it would. Who would've thought self isolation would actually let me spend more time with my friends? • 84/266 • [13.04.20] • #goodday #thenightingale #pohelaboishakh #instagramblogging #vintage #lightroompreset #work #productivity #quarantinechronicles

335 69

Do you plan your posts and pictures ahead or just go with the flow? I usually go with the flow but there will be some posts that I plan ahead, especially reviews. I haven't taken photos in over a month. I just feel too lazy to do it. I had wanted to but some things to use as props but the lockdown happened so fast, I never got the chance. I also have the urge to buy books even though my reading has been pretty slow. It's only because I've actually got some money saved up this month! With deadlines of projects and assignments pushed back, I've finally been able to relax a little too. So, that's definitely a plus. • 93/366 • [12.04.20] • #photography #setup #instagramblogging #goodomens #quarantinereads #retailtherapy #onlineshopping #props

344 32

What are your 5-star reads in 2020 so far? I've read around 19 books this year, and honestly, I've really enjoyed most of them. I guess it's been a lucky year in terms of reading. I finally finished Circe last night and started the Song of Achilles. I've been needing to do a lot of googling to keep up with the characters and their stories, but I don't mind really. The tough part is making sure I don't come across too many spoilers. I hope to get myself original copies of these books after this shit storm passes because I really need them in my collection! • 92/366 • [11.04.20] • #bookstagram #bibliophile #fandoms #bookstagramBD #bangladesh #lightroompreset #hygge #sydneysheldon #circe

344 44

What song have you been vibing to lately? I was going through YouTube last night, trying to some tracks for my videos and I came across some amazing ones. Thought I'd share if anyone's interested in checking them out! - june | a little messed up - willow smith | wait a minute - hearts & colors | lion - real hypha | losing my mind - the unlikely candidates | novocaine - in love with a ghost | let's walk across this forest, i can feel that everything is real again - half•alive | still feel. Honestly, I haven't come across so many new songs that I liked in a single day in long time. I barely listen to new music, just tend to stick to my old songs or listen to ones that come up on autoplay. Has that happened to you? • 91/366 • [10.04.20] • #songs #books #wewereliars #newtracks #vibe #bookstagrambd #youtube

403 56

What's your daily routine in quarantine? I woke up at 7 am today, and while this is great for my sleep cycle, it meant I didn't really get anything done during the night. I woke up feeling afraid about the load of work ahead even though there's no deadline. Drank a cup of tea and sat down to work. Blank. For 15 whole minutes, I just stared at the screen blank. I didn't know how to start the article even though I had done my research. It wasn't a big deal, I knew it wasn't a big deal but I was so scared of losing my streak of productivity. Because I'm not like this usually, I'm one to slack off, procrastinate, take my time with things. If I have the choice to work or do literally anything else, I'd always choose the latter. But my determination had been at it's peak recently, and because the results have been satisfying, it's only been building up. I'm now scared to slack off because I don't want to be rid of this high. The scare that I got for half an hour of hitting a writer's block (which it obviously wasn't) almost made me tear up. I couldn't go back to feeling hopeless again, I needed to feel like I'm doing something, or else my hard work this whole week would all go down the drain. So I took a break, walked around and sat back down. I started with the basics and got my flow back. I took my time with the article today, the ideas coming in slowly but surely. I finally finished it half an hour ago. I met my personal deadline and I couldn't feel happier. The reason I'm sharing this is not to motivate. It's because I want to show that it's okay to feel unproductive. It's your mind and body telling you that you need to relax. That too much of anything isn't good. I hope you're all doing well, physically and mentally. Stay safe! • 90/366 • [09.04.20] • #productivity #workfromhome #wfh #green #mentalhealth #bookstagramBD #writersblock #contentwriter

439 67

What's an annoying question that you get a lot about your instagram/yourself? I HATE it when people ask me to SHOW them how I edit my photos. Gurl, if I wanted to do that, I'd have made a fucking series. I can't stress this enough when I say DON'T ASK PEOPLE FOR SHIT TO GET YOURSELF A SHORTCUT. It's downright disrespectful. I've declined requests SO many times at this point. If you're REALLY good at what you do, you wouldn't have asked for the preset or "filter". You would ask WHAT I edit with, where you can get started. I'm always here to guide, leave tips, anything. But when you ask me to spoon-feed you stuff that took me years, literally years to learn, you've got to get a reality check. It's not about the preset. It's about the entitlement people as these favours with. Strangers, people I've never talked to. Just don't, alright? Learn to do things yourself. It's more satisfying by a thousandfold. • 87/366 • [08.04.20] • #edit #lightroom #preset #petpeeves #instagramfilters #coffee #november9 #coho

375 57

What's the last good movie you watched? (Not a show, please I knee half would be Money Heist 4. 😂) I'm too exhausted to think of a caption today, but I'll just answer my own question and go back to sleep. 😂 Recently watched the Platform, and I was blown away. It just popped up in my suggestions and I saw that it was a psychological thriller. That's all it took. I love going into movie and books without knowing what they're going to be about, simply being confident that it's good. The experience is something nothing can replace! • 86/366 • [07.04.20] • #bookworm #bibliophile #bookstagramBD #bangladesh #lightroompreset #hygge #movies #netflix #theplatform

366 48

How are you settling into working, studying, and being stuck from home? The last half of March was a nightmare. Amongst the panic ensuing all around us, my mental health had taken a toll. I've been trying to avoid almost all news about the pandemic, mainly because it's been getting worse in our country simply due to people's negligence and downright ignorance. In the meantime, working from home had sent me into a spiral as I tried to balance the hours dedicated to two different jobs. If it had been mundane, thoughtless tasks, I would've been more than happy with the distraction. however, given that my position at both these places entails me to stay creative as a content writer, I just couldn't keep up with working 10 to 12 hours a day. Now that almost everyone is being forced to work from home, I'm sure you all understand how underappreciated it is. Often, people assumed that the flexibility allowed us to work whenever we felt like. They seemed to forget that this flexibility is the reason we're burdened with excessive pressure as well. It had been easier when only one of them was a remote job. As the situation forced my other workplace to adopt a WFH policy as well, every minute at home spent not working felt like precious moments wasted. It got to a point where I had completely broken down by the end of the month and asked them to let me go earlier than we had agreed upon. I'm lucky, extremely lucky, to have bosses like the ones I do. They understood my situation, and while my resignation date is still intact (end of April), the pressure has lessened by a thousandfold. I'm still writing blog posts for them, at a much slower rate than my colleagues, but I'm not struggling with the quality as I had been doing before. I've been able to work for my new job more efficiently as well, meeting the target number of words and hours as well as the deadlines. My heart feels so much lighter, knowing that I'm able to work, study, and spent some time relaxing, with no burden of unfinished and overdue work haunting my dreams. Hope you all are staying safe and at home! • 85/366 • [06.04.20] • • • • • • • #workfromhome #quarantine #tea #bookworm #bookstagrambd #blog

447 44

What are you all currently reading? Yes, the most generic question up here, but I do want to know cause I haven't kept up in a while! I managed to finish up a tonne of work between yesterday and today. I feel exhausted, burned-out, and sleep. But I also feel happy and proud of myself. The burden of carrying the unsettling feeling of unfinished work gets too difficult to handle sometimes, though I'm a procrastinator by nature. But it's done and even though I have to check up on some feedback for the work from my other job, I know I can finish that in an hour or two. For now, I'm going back to bed. The worrying had me lose a week's worth of sleep. To answer my own question, I'm still reading Circe. I'm making super slow progress but I'm enjoying it so much! Plan to read the Song of Achilles next along with an ARC I had received from @netgalley. Stay indoors and stay safe! • 84/366 • [05.04.20] • #bookstagram #bookworm #bibliophile #bookstagramBD #lightroom #lightroompreset #hygge #currentread #lifeupdate


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