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Photographer of weddings, love, family, life!⚡️I mess things up a little on purpose so I don’t have to worry about keeping it perfect. 🤪 ¡Bienvenidos!
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.90%. The average number of likes per post is 125 and the average number of comments is 5.

40.4% of the followers that engaged with amindavilla regularly are from United States, followed by Mexico at 6.06% and Australia at 5.05%. In summary, the top 5 countries of amindavilla's posts engager are coming from United States, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Turkey.

Amindavilla loves posting about Photography, Architecture, Nature & Outdoors.

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  • United States 40.4 %
  • Mexico 6.06 %
  • Australia 5.05 %
  • Canada 4.04 %
  • Turkey 4.04 %


406 10

a lil somethin sexxxayyy to start today off right. 🔥 fun fact about this boudoir shoot, marissa’s cats were photo bombin left and right - we couldn’t stop laughing! 😂 cats always be up in my frame!! I LOVR IT! you’ll see them in some shots when i post this whole shoot up on my blog! #amindavillaBOUDOIR #inhomeboudoirphotography #whatsfordinner

82 4

Does it ever just hit you all at once? Like — “BAMMMM life was so mf different a couple months ago!!!” — and then you’re kinda.. just.. a little in shock?

A couple months ago I was waking up next to the man I love, snuggled up in bed with him and Colombia’s heat. After swapping hazy smiles, I’d get up, put on my sandals, and walk a few blocks down the road, pleasantly roasting in the 7:00 AM sun, saying ‘buenas’ to everyone along the way, weaving through traffic to order a piping hot black coffee and a toasted croissant. I’d eat it slowly, milking every second of the carb-induced bliss while I read for an hour before starting work for the day.

I almost felt a little anxious having that much peace in the slow mornings — like, aren’t I supposed to be… doing something? Rushing somewhere? What am I achieving with this much rest? Needless to say that anxiety wasn’t necessary, so I’ve learned.

These days I still wake up slow — but now it’s bleak, cold, and the weather is different too. 
Change seems to be beautiful and heartbreaking all at once, but I suppose sometimes it’s necessary for growth, perspective, and probably some other shit that I haven’t quite realized yet.

PHEW. And that’s my sappy post about my lack of sap! Hasta mañana.

127 9

Here I am shooting some wedding day portraits with the Türs on top of @hewinghotel last year! It was cold but bareable — my lil pleather jacket (which I wear to weddings 99% of the time) was just enough. This was right after the First Look — even if the allowed portrait time isn’t until later/golden hour — I always try to sneak a few Bride & Groom portraits in right after the first look! We’re already alone, plus it’s an exciting and emotional moment — it’s nice to just take 5-10 minutes before jumping back into the groove of the day!

Bonus: you get “extra” photos. 🤓

PS. A little birdie told me that this wedding is on my blog…🐦 linked up in my bio if you want to check it out for winter wedding Inspo! We also shot portraits AT NIGHT! PSS. These guys JUST had a baby! Sending them the warmest CONGRATULATIONS! 🍾 PSSS. Thank you @travelonphotography for the great BTS shots!

95 3

Bringing the weekend vibes into Monday because everything pretty much blurs together right now anyway. 😉🥂 This wedding is on my blog! I popped the link in my bio... you'll notice that the bride & groom wedding portraits aren't on there -- this couple decided to do their portraits a couple days after the wedding so that they could do more of what you see here in these photos on the actual wedding day. There’s no right or wrong way — it doesn’t matter if you take your photos on the wedding day or a few days later — it just depends on your preference. Each one has it’s “trade offs” ⚡️#amindavillaWEDDING #weddingpartybus #weddingreceptiononwheels

84 2

I asked someone how they were doing, they replied with the common “pretty good, grateful to be healthy...” and then, and this is where I got all 🥺, they said “my boyfriend and I are quarantining together... it’s so nice to have another heartbeat around during all of this...” and I about lost it. Enjoy your fellow heartbeats!! Listen to them extra close. 🖤 PS. This shoot is now on my blog — link in bio.⚡️#amindavillaFAMILY #urbanfamilyportraits #brickandrust

106 4

I’m a scribbler. ✏️ Swipe to see the behind-the-scenes of my crazed wine glass doodle process. 😂🍷 PS. vegan* cheez its.

298 10

Little story time.

Last year, I visited Nicaragua for 6 weeks. I mainly stayed in hostels, but I met a really cool dude (originally from Canada, now lives in Nica full time: @westaylost ) who knew a guy with an Airbnb, which needed some fresh photos for his listing. So, in exchange for a weekend at the Airbnb, I took the photos they needed. I should also add that this Airbnb had an air conditioner, wifi, and twinkly lights outside, and this happened about 3 weeks into the trip when my weak ass was desperate to stop sweating for a night. I’m laughing about this now because I’m back in Minnesota, FREEZING, and I’d give anything to be hot right now! 🤣

This place was in the middle of no where, besides a couple of hostels and small board rental shacks. So, Avalon and I walked up the mountain to get some take out from a little (gorgeous) hostel. When we arrived, we realized we weren’t digging most of their menu.. but because we came in, had a conversation with the staff, we felt like we should order something before we left. And after peeking around the corner, the view was just.. absolutely incredible. So, we had a small portion of hummus + veggies as an appetizer, and watched the sunset with a handful of strangers from around the world.

The next hotel had lentils and homemade pizza, ding ding ding, we were sold. As we waited for our take out, we sat outside and watched giant grillos (nasty, juicy bugs that are basically giant grasshoppers that can fly, often times right into your face) whiz around and land in the beautiful pool that juts off the mountain side toward the ocean.

We trekked back down the mountain, and this time it was pitch black out. Luckily, I’ve been trained for this — three months living on a Peninsula in Costa Rica taught me to always, always bring your head lamp. Finally back home, staring out at the sparkling lights, happily shivering in the AC, we ate good food, streamed Spotify and just enjoyed the hell out it.

82 0

Isolation with Hannah, before it was required. ⚡️Link to this in-home (tiny downtown studio) boudoir session in my bio. (shot in june 2019) #amindavillaBOUDOIR #cozyboudoir

83 2

Remember crowds? ⚡️From Chris + Marissa's wedding in Arizona last year. 🖤🥂

99 0

receptions rule. ‘nuff said. 🍾⚡️ #amindavillaWEDDING

144 2

been digging through my archives because i’ve been really craving the feeling of making stuff with my hands — i used to do so much of this stuff! i miss it! some of y’all are new to my profile (welcome!! 🤗) but some of y’all have been here for a while — and you might remember my stitched instax prints! i have about 10 rolls of instax prints just waiting for me back in the states, and i’m excited to fuck ‘em up. ✂️🧵⚡️ i going to bring my instax with me on my client shoots again too, so i can try to snag some shots to manipulate for them! ps. so weird to see myself with the dark hair and a plate of meat and cheese.😂🤭 this shot is from 2016.

125 4

A sweet little newborn shoot. Lil guy’s Grandparents came over for the shoot too — I’ve never done that before — it was really cool!

I noticed that when I was taking pictures of the Grandma and Grandpa holding the baby, that the mother was watching — smiling so big, so genuine. 😭

What a cool way to document this fleeting stage. 👶🏻


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