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Sastra Inggris UA 2016 INFP-A/INFP-T Qul'amantubillah Tsummastaqim Expressing natural self in @dilarangduduk

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 10.80%. The average number of likes per post is 183 and the average number of comments is 8.

71.7% of the followers that engaged with ahmadevanda regularly are from Indonesia, followed by United States at 13.21% and United Kingdom at 3.77%. In summary, the top 5 countries of ahmadevanda's posts engager are coming from Indonesia, United States, United Kingdom, Armenia, India.

Ahmadevanda loves posting about Celebrities, Humor, Fashion.

Check ahmadevanda's audience demography. This analytics report shows ahmadevanda's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Indonesia 71.7 %
  • United States 13.21 %
  • United Kingdom 3.77 %
  • Armenia 3.77 %
  • India 1.89 %


166 15

Alhamdulillah, di sela-sela menyelesaikan tanggung jawab akademik masih (bisa) kek "begini-begini" lagi❤️ bersama dulur-dulur ku @alvasurya @meganirsaadi // mogaaa-mogaaa bisa menjadi unexpected journey kek Bilbo Baggins. Amin.

206 18

Me Among The Stars . Literally, those who I took the picts have reputation as a star — subculture oddballs within music scene in Surabaya. They make music which resonates to your ears — being a star is not always based on attribution (although yeah you can fabricate yourself to become celebrity, haa) but what you are capable of as a means of skill that you achieved by process of learning is more precious. Moreover, when you articulate it on the medium of art, for example, you can gain reputation that can lead to similarly a celebrity which also drive you to the spotlight. For this, I regard them as achieved celebrities (according to Chris Rojek). My friends there have bands (see the tags). . My other side of life on the brink of semester as a college student is taking photos on gigs (yeah you can see that). But here I keen to depict what's on the scene more rather than just capturing my friends on stage. Relations, interactions, sense of fraternity and togetherness are what I always try to capture. Yeah I must admit that I am a bit inspired by Andy Warhol who always brought out his camera on some occasions. And here I am, learning how to operate my camera under apprentinceship of my friends. I give regard to those people who transferred their knowledge on photography for me: @cak_boker @reinocean @tombroooo @lukmanwahyu_ @alamsyahirul and @koeesss 🙏🤭🤘 Many thanks to you guys! . And thanks to my beloved old man who bought me camera! So excited to finally have one!

159 6

Knowing that @thisislany is going to release their newest album entitled "mama's boy" has made me to post this pict with my mama! . Just cant wait to see all the tracks on the album😎 .

105 3

Doing life should be like them...@randviyas @monzytft 🤭

165 9

Introducing you @tikam_official 🤘🤘 . That night they performed with guest vocal named Sanchez aka @rahmad.cg of @satulimasatu_ , one of hardcore punk band originating from Surabaya as well. . Having released their debut album entitled Jurnal Amarah (Journal of Rage) in 2017 and their latest single named Delusif (Delusive) in 2020, this Surabaya-based metal band yet brings up spiritful coarse in their music. I adore how they write lyrics (mostly written in Bahasa Indonesia) that will alter way of thinking and drop our former perspective upon the world when you perceive meaning from their songs. Formed by hard-working and humorous chaps, I respect and regard them as my own brothers. . This band has gained their worth playing harsh music. Likewise, they cant let you stop headbanging... . @colorspub_sby (20/9/2020) . #indiesurabaya #metalhead #metalindonesia #indielabel #indielokal #surabayadeathmetal #metalcore #metalcoreband #aslisuroboyo #surabaya

142 2

Introducing you @pollar33 🤘🤘 . I respect this band so much. The vocalist, @hotdadever is such an inspiring person with his charisma on stage to order his oddballs; for those who fancy with hardcore music such Counterparts or alike, this band is worth and deserves your ears even more. . These photos were taken at: @colorspub_sby (20/09/2020) . #surabaya #surabayahardcore #indiesurabaya #indielokal #indielabel #hardcorekids #infogigs #aslisuroboyo #stagephotography #bandphotography

204 7

Introducing you @oceanofficialsby 🤘🤘 . @colorspub_sby 20/09/2020 . #stagephotography #metalhead #metalindonesia #fotopanggung #gigs #localgigs #indielokal #indiesurabaya #aslisuroboyo #indonesianmetalcore

238 11

This is the life that I enjoy. That I enjoy doing, progressing, and learning. Being a journalist. Thank god, on behalf of @dilarangduduk I can express myself and push through to be better version of me. The 'self' that have become the part of me since long ago yet I express it now. There are alot of 'selves' for me to be doing, progressing and learning (ups, one more thing, to be explored). Action follows existence. Bismillah. -- Ah ya, thank you very much sam Iksan... From your thoughts and perpectives I learnt to be human. For me, personally, is such an honor to meet sam @iksanskuterofficial ; my second time intervewing an artist after Pamungkas in 2019. -- Alongside me is my camerad from @metamusika . A so-called joint interview that day. Likewise, I learnt alot from such a good chap like @irfanibnu ❤️🤘🔥 -- 📸: @cak_boker

200 4

Model jebuwol ☺️ @ahmaddafafajaranandaputra_ . 📷: @tombroooo

150 0

Foto sudah mewakili caption. . Makasi ya zheyeeenk qqq @tombroooo 😘

252 14

Banda Neira dan Orang Tua Ku — Di sepanjang perjalanan menuju Wapo, terngiang dalam diri ku lagunya Banda Neira. Yang nyanyinya gini: "Sampai kita tua, sampai jadi debu..." — Kamu lak tahu toh? Hhhe. Lantas tebersit sebuah renungan di hari jadinya kedua orang tua ku hari ini; bahwa cinta itu tidak hanya berbuah namun juga bersemi. Di luar konteks lagunya Banda Neira sih emang. — Sejak 1996, kedua orang tua ku bertemu dan lalu saling nandur cinta diantara hati mereka; dirawat menggunakan rasa dan perilaku, benih cinta itu tumbuh sampai berbuah siji, loro, telu. Hehe. Dan berseminya cinta itu ibarat pohon: semakin ia tumbuh ke atas semakin ia bercabang. Daun-daunnya rumbai meneduhkan. Maka dari itu, aku pun selalu merasa teduh dekat dengan mereka. Tanpa payung. Sebab lek pake 'payung' itu jadine nama band. Payung Teduh. Hheee. — Cinta mereka yang seperti pohon itu meneduhkan. Teduh untuk mereka sendiri dan teduh untuk anak-anaknya. Setali tiga uang dengan yang pernah saya baca, semakin tua usia pohon maka semakin kuat pula akarnya. Dan mengibaratkan cinta kedua orang tua saya ini seperti hal nya pohon yang akarnya manjing ing Gusti Allah. — Mbesok, ketika sudah waktunya, saya mau mencintai dan dicintai oleh satu orang wanita yang akar cinta kami dirajut sendiri oleh Gusti Allah — ngemanjingi ing njero dodo. Sampai kita tua, sampai jadi debu. Cuma kamu, seumur hidup, satu, untuk ku, untuk mu. Gitu. — Happy anniversary my parents, love you 😘🤘😎 @evynanda26 @hernanda51

199 6

Waktu itu, adekku yang kedua @areihannn sedang rehat "world tour". Aktivitas bermain skateboard-nya pun kebetulan libur. . . Singkatnya, dia ikut serta dalam lawatan keluarga kami ke panti asuhan. Begitu melihat anak-anak kecil, adikku yang satu ini terlihat bungah; air mukanya berubah drastis sekaligus lebih ceria dari biasanya— si item sendiri dalam trah Hernanda yang satu ini adalah sosok penyayang dan sungguh sangat telaten dalam mengajak anak kecil bermain. . . Jadi aku rasa, ketika dia punya anak nanti, anak itu sungguh lah beruntung karena punya momo seperti adikku yang satu ini. Apalagi istrinya😄


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