Top 1000 Lifestyle Instagram Influencers in Congo, Democratic Republic in 2020


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in Congo, Democratic Republic. We've profiled Congo, Democratic Republic's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in Congo, Democratic Republic Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from Congo, Democratic Republic. We’re currently tracking a total of 25 influencers in Congo, Democratic Republic with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
1 Moise Mbiye
Lifestyle Sports 345.3K 1.90%
Lifestyle Music Sports 252.3K 1.90%
3 Sonya Pembe
Lifestyle Fashion 230K 5.60%
4 Gaz Mawete Officiel
Lifestyle Music Sports 163.5K 2.90%
5 anita mwarabu - Ninita
Lifestyle Music Fashion 142.2K 1.40%
6 Lord Lombo
Lifestyle Sports 131.2K 2.80%
Lifestyle Sports 112.4K 0%
8 6293.
Lifestyle Music Celebrities Technology Humor 105.9K 2.30%
9 Jessica Bossekota
Moms Lifestyle 98.4K 0.40%
10 Lina Pembe Bologna
Lifestyle 88.3K 2.30%
11 Laurettelaperle
Lifestyle Music 76.7K 1.40%
12 Cynthia Denise Kifuka 💯
Lifestyle Sports Fitness 67.1K 3.10%
13 Miss Africa 2019
Lifestyle Fashion 63.7K 5.50%
14 𝓜𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖈𝖆 🛸
Lifestyle Fashion 53.7K 0%
15 #KingLesh
Lifestyle Sports 53.2K 1.60%
Lifestyle Soccer 46.9K 0.20%
17 Mam’zelle Andrea
Lifestyle Fashion Sports 44.7K 5.00%
18 👻Vanou13190 💋 Sfs
Lifestyle Sports 27K 1.90%
19 Vines de kin
Lifestyle 23.5K 7.10%
20 Vodacom Best Of The Best
Lifestyle Sports Journalists 23K 0.50%
21 Lᴇᴠɪ Tᴏɴᴅᴀ 🇨🇩㊙️
Lifestyle Photography 22.4K 4.60%
22 Zuri Luxury Hair Bar RDC 🇨🇩
Lifestyle Fashion Beauty 20.1K 1.00%
Lifestyle Sports Fashion 15.2K 17.00%
24 Writing On Cover
Events Fashion Lifestyle Travel 13.3K 0.20%
25 هو لا يعلم, كم أعاني كم أصلي
Lifestyle Sports 5.7K 1.10%