Top 1000 Songwriting Instagram Influencers in Canada in 2020


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in Canada. We've profiled Canada's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in Canada Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from Canada. We’re currently tracking a total of 152 influencers in Canada with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
1 Myles Erlick
Singer Music Songwriting 346.2K 7.20%
2 George Stroumboulopoulos
Music Songwriting Singer 125.7K 2.40%
3 Billy Talent
Music Singer Songwriting 120.1K 2.30%
4 Shayla Souliere
Music Singer Songwriting Celebrities Film, Music & Books Hair & Beauty Health & Fitness Fashion 117.1K 0.40%
5 B R E T T K I S S E L
Music Songwriting 116.8K 1.20%
Music Songwriting Singer 110.7K 4.50%
7 S O R A N
Singer Music Songwriting Celebrities Film, Music & Books Animals & Pets 104.4K 5.10%
8 Shambhala Music Festival
Music Songwriting Singer 99.4K 1.50%
9 Charlotte Winslow👼🏼
Singer Music Songwriting Celebrities Film, Music & Books Hair & Beauty Health & Fitness Food & Drink Travel Fashion 90.3K 3.30%
10 Rachel Woznow
Music Singer Songwriting 78.3K 0.40%
11 T R A V I S C Ø R M I E R
Singer Music Songwriting 71K 3.10%
12 𝒥𝒾𝓁𝓁𝑒𝒶
Music Singer Songwriting 69K 6.30%
Music Songwriting Singer 68.6K 0.20%
14 Ryland James
Events Singer Songwriting Music 67.7K 4.90%
15 Dean Brody
Music Songwriting Singer 61.9K 2.80%
16 Scott Helman
Music Singer Songwriting 59.4K 4.80%
17 The Soulkillers
Music Singer Songwriting 55K 1.50%
Music Singer Songwriting 49.6K 0.60%
19 Madeline Merlo ❁
Singer Music Songwriting 48.3K 4.30%
20 Classified
Music Songwriting Singer 47.8K 3.50%
21 Gagan Sharma
Music Songwriting Singer Celebrities Technology 47.6K 0.20%
22 KYA
Music Singer Songwriting 46.4K 15.70%
23 veronica
Singer Music Songwriting Film, Music & Books Celebrities 45.7K 0.50%
24 Jonathan Roy
Music Songwriting Singer 41.6K 3.80%
25 Eric Ethridge
Events Songwriting Singer Music 40.9K 1.50%
26 New City Gas
Events Music Songwriting Singer 40K 0.70%
27 Jessica Wilson
Singer Music Songwriting 39.8K 0.40%
28 Tim Hicks
Songwriting Music Singer 39.2K 1.40%
Music Singer Songwriting 37.5K 2.10%
30 Sony Music Canada
Music Singer Songwriting 37K 0.60%
31 Franco Junior
Music Singer Songwriting 36.6K 3.70%
32 Chloe Rose
Music Singer Songwriting 35.4K 0.80%
33 Ariane D'Amour
Music Singer Songwriting 35.1K 1.30%
34 Peter Jackson
Music Singer Songwriting 34.8K 2.10%
35 The Reklaws
Events Music Singer Songwriting 34.6K 5.30%
36 Chrissy Spratt
Singer Music Songwriting 34.3K 2.00%
37 Jonathan Emile
Music Singer Songwriting 33.9K 0.30%
38 James Barker Band
Music Songwriting Band 33.7K 2.30%
39 The Robb Nash Project
Music Songwriting Musicians 33.5K 3.10%
40 Tyler Shaw 葉銘恆
Singer Music Songwriting 33.4K 5.10%
41 Aaron Pritchett
Music Songwriting Singer 32.6K 2.10%
42 Ryan Langdon
Actors Songwriting Singer Music 32.5K 0.30%
Actors Music Songwriting Singer 31.8K 3.50%
44 City Alley Band
Events Music Singer Songwriting 31.8K 0.10%
45 FlyAwayMusicAndMediaStudio
Music Singer Songwriting Film, Music & Books 30.3K 0.20%
46 Dine Alone Records
Music Rock Songwriting 30.2K 0.30%
47 Omar LinX
Music Songwriting Singer 28.7K 6.30%
48 Mini Pop Kids 🎤⭐️
Music Singer Songwriting 27.6K 1.20%
49 Monster Truck
Music Songwriting Rock 27K 1.40%
50 Robby Johnson
Singer Music Songwriting 25.9K 0.40%
Singer Music Songwriting 25.9K 0.90%
52 Kim Kelly
Music Singer Songwriting Celebrities Film, Music & Books 25.2K 2.10%
53 Gord Bamford
Music Band Songwriting 25.1K 1.80%
54 C A N D I C E S A N D
Singer Music Songwriting 24.9K 0.60%
55 Unpeeled Show
Music Songwriting Singer 24.5K 3.40%
56 Life Of Kai
Music Singer Songwriting 24.1K 0.40%
57 Delaney Holley
Singer Music Songwriting 24.1K 0.70%
58 Shawnee
Music Singer Songwriting 23.9K 0.01%
Songwriting Singer Music 23.8K 0.70%
60 rai
Music Singer Songwriting Film, Music & Books Celebrities Technology 23.5K 2.40%
61 Bell MTS Place
Music Songwriting Rock 23.1K 0.90%
62 Ori Dagan
Music Singer Songwriting 22.1K 1.40%
63 S C O T T Y J A M E S
Singer Songwriting Music 22K 0.60%
64 M A R O K A D R I
Music Singer Songwriting 21.2K 2.20%
Music Songwriting Singer 20.6K 1.20%
66 Andy Adeline.
Music Songwriting Producers 19.8K 0%
67 Johnny Reid
Music Songwriting Rock 19.2K 5.30%
68 Levi Randall
Singer Music Songwriting 19.1K 9.50%
69 Courage My Love
Music Singer Songwriting 19.1K 1.70%
70 Chris Buck Band
Singer Songwriting Music 18K 3.70%
71 Jeff Piattelli
Music Musicians Songwriting 17.3K 0.20%
72 Aaron Goodvin
Music Songwriting Singer 17.2K 1.20%
73 illy || Another One
Music Songwriting Singer 16.7K 0.20%
74 F.O.E 👽 DOUBLE.D 👽F.O.E
Music Singer Songwriting 16.5K 0.01%
75 thewashboardunion
Music Songwriting Singer 15.7K 1.10%
Music Band Songwriting 15.5K 7.30%
77 Alee
Singer Music Songwriting 15.3K 2.60%
78 Andrew Cassara
Music Singer Songwriting Technology Celebrities Film, Music & Books 14.2K 0.40%
79 Ray Reaves
Music Singer Songwriting 13.5K 2.00%
80 USS
Music Producers Songwriting 13.4K 3.40%
81 JORDYN GREER - Music 🖤
Music Singer Songwriting 13.3K 2.90%
82 Hoodie
Music Singer Songwriting 13K 2.30%
83 David James
Soccer Music Singer Songwriting 12.4K 2.30%
84 I ❤ Hamilton / Kristin Archer
Music Songwriting Singer 12.3K 1.00%
85 Current Swell
Music Songwriting Singer 12.1K 3.40%
86 ☆Ellice Blackout☆
Music Songwriting Singer 12.1K 0.60%
87 Tails
Music Singer Songwriting 12.1K 4.50%
88 DIΛ
Music Songwriting Singer 11.6K 2.10%
89 ethan young
Singer Music Songwriting 11.5K 5.30%
90 SiriusXM Canada
Music Singer Songwriting 11.4K 0.20%
91 Nicole Rayy
Singer Songwriting Music 11.3K 1.70%
92 Ben Caplan
Music Singer Songwriting 11.3K 4.00%
93 Scarlett Grace
Singer Music Songwriting 11.3K 1.30%
94 Cold Creek County
Music Songwriting Singer 11.1K 1.70%
95 💎 Kayla Diamond
Music Songwriting Rock 11.1K 1.50%
96 Jason McCoy
Music Songwriting Singer 11K 1.70%
97 The Launch
Singer Music Songwriting 11K 3.30%
98 The Palace Theatre
Music Songwriting Singer 10.6K 0.30%
99 Warren Dean Flandez
Music Singer Songwriting 10.5K 1.20%
100 Aathy & Aara
Singer Music Songwriting 10.1K 8.30%