Korea Source Shocking Discount Event in November

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Korea Source Shocking Discount Event in November

Deadline:26 Nov, 2020
Price Range:
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Cooking 21 Nov, 2020
Hello, I'm a student at Korea University.

We are working on a project to export products from a domestic source brand called 'Korea Source' to Singapore.

I contacted you to inquire about the promotion of products sold for a short period of time (about 3~4 days).
Instead of promoting the product itself, just promote our Instagram promotional posts and showpiece shop links so that many people can come to our showpiece shop.

If you are curious about the products sold in Korean sauce, please refer to the link below.

As for the project we are selling, we have 10 products including meat sauce and seafood sauce.

As we suggest a short-term product promotion, we will make sure that you make a lot of profit.

To celebrate our first entry into Singapore, please emphasize that we are offering 80% discount on all products and discount coupons as well.

If you are willing to promote our product, please reply as soon as possible.

* This is the link to the Korean Sauce Shop we are selling.