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🌱 Vegan Bikini Athlete 🏅3 x top 3 @2brospro_events 🥇& 🥉@musclecontestinternational 🇩🇪in London

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.50%. The average number of likes per post is 75 and the average number of comments is 7.

31.09% of the followers that engaged with veganworkoutqueen regularly are from United Kingdom, followed by United States at 15.13% and Germany at 5.88%. In summary, the top 5 countries of veganworkoutqueen's posts engager are coming from United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Australia, Canada.

Veganworkoutqueen loves posting about Health & Fitness, Cooking, Food & Drink, Education.

Check veganworkoutqueen's audience demography. This analytics report shows veganworkoutqueen's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United Kingdom 31.09 %
  • United States 15.13 %
  • Germany 5.88 %
  • Australia 4.2 %
  • Canada 3.36 %


119 13

Have you ever been followed around in a shop by security? Have you ever been stopped by the police for no reason? Has anyone ever pointed out how well articulated you are considering your race? Has anyone ever refused to provide you with service based on the colour of your skin? Do people ever touch your hair without asking? Have you ever been included in something only so people can claim diversity? Has anyone ever broken up with you because their parents didn’t agree with the colour of your skin? Do you research if a destination is safe for you every time you book a holiday? Do people ever clutch their purse when you pass them? Do people ever cross the street when they see you? These are just some examples of what @geoffwardropper has experienced and still experiences. If you haven’t experienced any of the examples above you a privileged. Many people seem to think the UK or Germany aren’t that racist compared to America. The thing is racism is a lot more than violence or being called the n word. It’s feeling out of place a lot of the time and experiencing all these forms of micro aggression. I will never understand 100% what it feels like to be black, but I can tell you this much: Geoff is tired. He is tired because this has been happening all his life since he was a little boy. So you won’t see him posting anything about this. And the thing is, he doesn’t have to. This isn’t his battle to fight. Racism is founded in white supremacy, so it’s time for US to acknowledge that we are privileged simply because we are white. WE have to stop being so damn defensive and start educating ourselves and really LISTEN. WE have to really think about our actions towards other people and challenge the people around us to do better too. WE have to speak up when someone makes a racist remark. The fact that so many people have spoken up on social media and attended protests gives me hope. But please remember that this is not some cool social media trend to join that can be forgotten about in a few weeks time. This is something that black people will keep experiencing unless we keep pushing for change until everyone is treated equally. #blacklivesmatter #blm ❤️

136 26

I understand that I will never be able to understand completely. But I stand with you and I will not let you do this alone. You were never meant to ❤️ With everything that is going on and has been going on in the world I’m truly disgusted by how many white people post ignorant comments like “all lives matter” or “I’m not privileged”. Even people who have been friends with @geoffwardropper for years felt the need to make ignorant remarks. So I want to make two things very clear: 1. All lives cannot matter until black lives matter. You don’t see people post “all forests matter” when someone posts about the rain forest or “all cancers matter” when someone posts about breast cancer awareness month. Black lives are in danger and they need our help NOW 2. If you are white you are privileged. Again, if you are white you are privileged. Being privileged doesn’t mean that your life has been easy. It simply means that your life hasn’t been made harder because of your skin colour. There are so many things that are normal for Geoff that have never even crossed my mind, such as not picking up and touching things in the supermarket too much because they might think he’s trying to steal or having to do research if it is safe to travel to a country before booking a holiday. It breaks my heart that this wonderful, kind man has been experiencing the world in a much different way than me since he was a little kid solely because of his skin colour. We really have to do better! #blacklivesmatter #blm

65 3


106 9

Happy birthday to the love of my life @geoffwardropper ❤️😘

64 3

Utterly in love with Scotland 😍

45 4

“I am a believer, I am believer that we shape and create the life that we choose, and I believe that the tool that we have to do that, is our mind.” - @kaigreene

65 8

Watching Cheer on Netflix has me missing my cheerleading days 😢

45 6

After 4 days in Luxemburg for work I took a day off yesterday to catch up on gym and recovery 😌 ✅ back and bis session in the morning ✅ spa afternoon ✅ afternoon nap ✅ lower body push session

67 5

Happy Hump Day 🍑Exactly 3 months left until @geoffwardropper and I will be back on the beach - this time in South Africa for Easter and our 2 year anniversary ❤️#cantwait

53 4

Hotel gym upper body session done 💪🏻

96 8

The true spirit of Christmas is a reminder that our most precious gifts are not found wrapped in ribbon beneath a tree draped in lights, but in the hearts and laughter of those who come to gather beside it ❤️ @beautaplin

61 2

Getting some gym sessions in whilst traveling Germany with @geoffwardropper 💪🏻


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