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gallery and small press, now mostly on here / if you have a project to share, email us about doing a takeover, more info in last post with graphic

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.20%. The average number of likes per post is 29 and the average number of comments is 1.

17.65% of the followers that engaged with telegramgallery regularly are from United States, followed by United Kingdom at 13.45% and France at 8.4%. In summary, the top 5 countries of telegramgallery's posts engager are coming from United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy.

Telegramgallery loves posting about Photography, Architecture, Travel, Nature & Outdoors, Art.

Check telegramgallery's audience demography. This analytics report shows telegramgallery's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 17.65 %
  • United Kingdom 13.45 %
  • France 8.4 %
  • Germany 8.4 %
  • Italy 6.72 %


18 0

another visual work & an excerpt of this i can tell you by brandi spering, as published in @recenterpress’s poetry journal issue 4 💜 this is the last post of the @perennial_press takeover! thank you for joining us on this journey 🧡 #telegramtakeover #smallpress #feministart #artisttakeover

21 0

two visual works by brandi spering 💜 as part of the @perennial_press takeover! brandi’s debut book, this i can tell you will be coming out in winter 2021 ❄️ #telegramtakeover #smallpress #feministart #artisttakeover

21 0

it’s the last day of @perennial_press’s takeover so you know we had to leave you with some poetry 💫 these poems are excerpts from our forthcoming chapbook author, Abby Bland. photos 1&4 are excerpts of her chap, “The Odds Against A Starry Cosmos” 🌌 #telegramtakeover #chapbook #smallpress #indiepoet #poetrypod #poetsarea

39 1

“Invisible” and “The Oracle” by Apu for super / natural ⛓ as part of @perennial_press’s takeover 🖼 for more works like this, super / natural ebooks are available at the link in @perennial_press’s bio! #telegramtakeover #collageart #artanthology #smallpress #micropress

22 1

“Embrace Your Magic” by Adrianna “Kaya” Clark in super / natural 🔮as part of @perennial_press’s takeover ✨ the works in super / natural are united through their themes of (you guessed it) the supernatural, as in the mystical and fantastical, and/or the SUPER natural, going back to our true roots and the heart of our existence. above all, super / natural is a critical look at our relationship with the earth and with each other. #telegramtakeover #perennialpress #smallpress #womenphotographers

29 1

“Sometimes it turns out you have to lie” and “I thought you already knew” by Caitlin Peck for super / natural 💫 as part of @perennial_press’s takeover ❤️ super /  natural is a literary call to action. finding where we're headed and what our future(s) will look like when we get there. through art, poetry, and prose, twenty-three visionaries tackle the idea that to be the future we must first see the future. #telegramgallery #telegramtakeover #smallpress #visionaryfiction #feministart

50 1

“El Cuello de sus Santos” and “¡Buen Provecho Jíbare!” by Amarise Carreras in super / natural 💜🧡 as part of @perennial_press’s takeover ✨ we’ll be sharing more works from super / natural in the next few posts!

19 1

this is madi from @perennial_press again! 💫 our first release, @supernaturalvisions came out around this time last year and featured work from 23 writers and artists. I’ll be posting a few visual and poetic excerpts from the book in the next few posts 🌟 #telegramgallery #perennialpress #artisttakeover #speculativefiction #feministart

42 1

Hey! This is Madi taking over Telegram Gallery this week! So excited to be here. I am an editor @perennial_press, a collaborative small press focused on publishing intersectional works. This collage, “Beholder” is a work from one of our forthcoming authors, Brandi Spering.  Brandi’s book This I Can Tell You will be released in Winter 2021. #smallpress #telegramtakeover #onlineartgallery #feministartmuseum #feministart #feministpress

24 0

‘Perennial Press archives truths through fiction, art and poetry. We are committed to highlighting and uplifting voices & perspectives that have traditionally been underrepresented in literature. We center narratives of womxn, people of color, and queer folks. Our published works explore trauma and resilience in our histories, and visions of more just futures.‘⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Madi Giovina from Perennial Press will be doing the takeover this week. Giovina writes poems and stories. She is the founder of Perennial Press and co-editor of Backslash Lit. Her work can be found in, Bewildering Stories, Best Vegan Science Fiction & Fantasy, super / natural: art and fiction for the future, and several zines. She has no known allergies. O P E N C A L L / / As well as showcasing artists’ work we would like to give a platform to activists, radio stations, writers, magazines, cartoonists, sound artists, gardeners, poets, food writers or anyone else with a creative project to share. Please get in touch via to discuss doing a takeover. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #takeover #telegramtakeover #opencall

37 2

His delusions of grandeur 50x50 oil and paper on canvas The archways and pillars at the far end of the first-class males pool at Victoria Baths was the subject for this painting. So what is a first-class male? So much tied up in this question relating to historical narratives, patriarchy, colonialism, the class system… so I’ll leave all that with you. This is @nancollantine with my final post for the Telegram Takeover. I’ve enjoyed looking back at this body of work and thinking about it afresh over the last week. Thanks for the opportunity Maria and Telegram. Thanks for following my takeover. If you’d like to see more then follow me on @nancollantine #painting #contemporarypainting #takeover #telegramtakeover #nancollantine #prints #manchesterartist #kunst #artgallery #swimmingpools #artpractice #paintingoftheday #nancollantine

27 0

Catch my clouds for they drift my way 50x50cm oil and paper on canvas No.7 in the series and made in response to a film of the glass roof above the Gala pool at Victoria Baths, made by Patrick O’Donnell for the Gala exhibition. Slide right to see Paddy’s film that he went on to develop. I was one of 7 artists in this show which couldn’t happen IRL, which led to us creating an interesting collection of art films and films of artists in their studios to bring the exhibition to a sort of digital life online. @dez_rez_projects @paddyodonnell4d @donmarwoo @suzannebethell @aartis_art @boardmankevin @sophienixonart


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