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🎓 #Neuroscience PhD student 🧠 Obesity, eating behavior, anxiety 🌍 🇩🇪 in 🇸🇪 @universityofgothenburg #wisskomm #sciencefluencer

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59.2% of stina.biologista's followers are female and 40.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.90%. The average number of likes per post is 435 and the average number of comments is 31.

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59.2 %
40.8 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 77.08 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 58.31 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 56.45 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 49.35 %
  • Travel & Tourism 47.04 %
  • Business & Careers 45.36 %
  • Sports 42.65 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 39.29 %
  • Children & Family 38.30 %
  • Art & Design 36.21 %


564 33

How it started vs how it’s going 🤓🧪 . You were not able to get me out of a museum if it included experiments!@universum_bremen and @phaeno_wolfsburg were my favorite places to be as a kid. In the left picture you see my sister and I experimenting at the Phaeno! . After all those years I did not leave the labcoat behind and now I do science for a living ♥️. But to be honest: back then I did not think I would be able to become a scientist! . What‘s your experience? Did you know where you want to end up or did you go with the flow? . #Sciencerely, Stina . #howitstartedvshowitsgoing #scicomm #wisskomm #forskom #wissenschaft #science #psychology #neuroscience #phdstudent #biologylovers #womeninstem #scientistswhoselfie #phdlife #scienceblogger #biologiestudent #scienceisforeveryone #girlsinstem #wissenschaftskommunikation #medicalscience #forskare #vetenskap #sciencefacts #universityofgothenburg #studybiology

265 9

Ohhh boyy, online courses are tough 🥵 . This week I took part in a PhD course in proteomics/mass spec. Due to the current pandemic it was moved online 💻and ohhh my, it was really exhausting to listen to online lectures everyday! I can only imagine how hard it must be to take ENTIRE semesters at university online. Chapeau to everyone that didn’t go crazy yet! . The course itself was quite cool. I am completely new to proteomics and still at the beginning with my knowledge. Buuut I was quite sad that we couldn’t be in the lab to learn and actually apply the techniques. There will be another course in spring - hopefully with lab - which I’m thinking to apply to 🤔. . We finished this course with a presentation about a project idea and an online exam. And I thought the exams in my master’s were the last ones in my life 🤪. . Here in Sweden (or at least at my university) we have to do at least 15 credit points worth of courses (+ 15cp of mandatory courses). We can even choose courses from other universities or countries, so I think it’s a cool opportunity to learn new methods! . Is anyone of you doing a PhD? Does yours also include courses? Which ones did you take? . #Sciencerely, Stina . #phdstudentsofinstagram #wissenschaft #science #neuroscience #phdstudent #biologylovers #womeninstem #womeninscience #fraueninmint #scientistswhoselfie #phdlife #scienceblogger #biologiestudent #scienceisforeveryone #girlsinstem #wissenschaftskommunikation #medicalscience #forskare #vetenskap #sciencefacts #zoomclasses #universityofgothenburg #studybiology

321 21

A - as in... Astrocytes! ✨ . Welcome to the first post of the a-z of neuroscience series! I got inspired by @scied_alice . I hope you like this post, please let me know that you think in the comments! ♥️ . Did you know that our brain is not only made up by neurons? To work correctly, neurons actually need a lot of support, e.g. in form of energy 🍔and cleaning up their waste 🧹. This is where glial cells come in handy! . Astrocytes 🌟 are the most abundant glial cell type in the brain and CNS. Find out more about them in a swipe 👉🏻 . #Sciencerely, Stina #neuroscienceatoz #scicomm #wisskomm #forskom #wissenschaft #science #neuroscience #phdstudent #biologylovers #womeninstem #womeninscience #fraueninmint #scientistswhoselfie #phdlife #scienceblogger #biologiestudent #scienceisforeveryone #girlsinstem #wissenschaftskomminikation #medicalscience #forskare #vetenskap #sciencefacts

537 49

✨IT‘S OK IF YOU COULDN’T GET RESEARCH EXPERIENCE DURING UNDERGRAD ‘CAUSE YOU HAD TO WORK ✨ . Inspired by a tweet from @_ellie_cat and @futuredrdukes . This is me ⬆️ I’m one of many #firstgen students that moved away from their family in order to study. Having a supportive family and growing up in Germany, I do realize that I am still very privileged. . However, I was working 20h+ per week to afford my living and my studies 🤑. That was fine BUT this also meant that I didn’t have time to be a ‘summer student’ or research assistant in a lab. I didn’t have summers off. I was happy when I finally had a weekend off. . This also meant that the only research experience that I COULD get was either ✨1. part of the curriculum or ✨2. paid (lol) . At least where I was living, paid internships or research positions for students were basically non-existent. Having only my bachelor’s thesis work as research experience, I was worried that I wouldn’t be accepted for the master’s program I wanted to be part of. Many of my coapplicants had volunteered in different labs before. Some of them were even part of publications. It really made me insecure. . People always ask me how they should prepare if they want to study neuroscience🧠. I always say, that they should do an internship (if they can) to figure out if that’s what they like. In reality, I didn’t even do that myself. . Don’t get me wrong, internships are amazing and everyone that can do them totally should! The problem is not the people that are volunteering in labs. The problem is the fact, that the majority of volunteering is NOT PAID and therefore excludes a lot of less-privileged people. . If people are excluded based on their privilege, having volunteered in a lab 👏🏻should👏🏻not👏🏻be👏🏻 an entry requirement for e.g. a study program. If I had the money to pay my food and rent, of course I would have preferred to volunteer in a lab 🔬 over packing Mercedes parts🚗. . Long story short - I hope that I can give you some hope if you are in a similar situation. If you are genuinely interested and motivated, I truly believe that you can get there! ♥️ But I also hope that there will be change. #Sciencerely, Stina

547 40

Behind the scenes of today’s talk! ✌🏻🗣 . It was my first live-streamed public talk and one could probably notice that I was a bit nervous. I generally prefer in-person talks, however this was not possible in these weird times. But I think overall that I was able to give interesting insights into gut-brain-communication and inspire some people. I think the @intomint_4.0 challenge was an amazing project and I’m so happy that I could be part of it as a speaker in the finale. Congratulations to all winners! ♥️ #sciencerely, Stina P.s. I figured out I need to buy a new microphone. #gutbrainaxis #science #livestream #neuroscience #phdstudent #biologylovers #womeninstem #thisiswhatascientistlookslike #fraueninmint #scientistswhoselfie #phdlife #scienceblogger #biologiestudent #scienceisforeveryone #girlsinstem #wissenschaftskommunikation #forskare #vetenskap #scicomm #wisskomm #forskom #homeoffice #coronaoffice

168 3

🎥Live on YouTube - the final of the intoMINT (@intomint_4.0) challenge featuring my talk about gut-brain-communication tomorrow 5pm (in German!). More than 680 girls and 40 schools in Germany participated in the challenge consisting of experiments launched in the intoMINT app. [MINT = German abbreviation for STEM] More infos about the challenge tomorrow in my story. #Sciencerely, Stina #gutbraincommunication #wissenschaft #science #neuroscience #phdstudent #biologylovers #womeninstem #thisiswhatascientistlookslike #fraueninmint #scientistswhoselfie #phdlife #scienceblogger #biologiestudent #scienceisforeveryone #girlsinstem #wissenschaftskommunikation #forskare #vetenskap #mallorca #scicomm #wisskomm #forskom

526 29

Back from vacation, with fresh energy and new ideas! 🥰 🗣All German-speaking people among you should save this upcoming Saturday afternoon in their calendars: I will be giving a talk on gut-brain crosstalk as part of an event and it will be live-streamed!🎥 I will put the link to it in my bio on Saturday. More details later! 😋 Spoiler: it will be easy to digest! Hope you have a great start into the week! What’s on your to do list?♥️ #Sciencerely, Stina #gutbraincommunication #wissenschaft #science #neuroscience #phdstudent #biologylovers #womeninstem #thisiswhatascientistlookslike #fraueninmint #scientistswhoselfie #phdlife #scienceblogger #biologiestudent #scienceisforeveryone #girlsinstem #wissenschaftskommunikation #forskare #vetenskap #mallorca #scicomm #wisskomm #forskom

569 33

Hello from my vacations 👋🏻 . The last weeks at work have been tough and my batteries were running low. Because I really need some time to disconnect, I will probably not be responding to any messages unless it is urgent. Occasionally you will find some pictures in my stories, but you can skip these for the next days if you don’t want to see vacation pictures. I’m insanely grateful for all new people around here that joined lately. More science is coming soon, I promise! 🧠🧬🧪 I will be fully back from the 21st of September. Until then, stay curious! ♥️ #Sciencerely, Stina P.s. I’m visiting family, otherwise I currently wouldn’t have decided to travel outside of Sweden. #scicomm #wisskomm #forskom #wissenschaft #science #neuroscience #phdstudent #biologylovers #womeninstem #womeninscience #fraueninmint #scientistswhoselfie #phdlife #scienceblogger #biologiestudent #scienceisforeveryone #girlsinstem #wissenschaftskomminikation #forskare #vetenskap #mallorca

685 50

10 things I do different in Sweden than I did before in Germany 🇸🇪🇩🇪 . 1. I pay by card everywhere any time. Sometimes it’s not even possible to pay with cash in Sweden. In Germany it’s quite the opposite, cash is king and in a lot of places you cannot pay by card. . 2. I precook my lunch for the next day and heat it up at work🍝. Yes, I cooked a lot in germany, too. But as the food at the university cafeteria was very cheap (2-3,50€ for a good meal, sometimes including a soup and/or dessert) I often ended up eating lunch there during the week. Here in Sweden lunch on our campus is around 7-8€ (70-85kr). It is very good, but I don’t want to spend that much money on lunch on a daily basis. It is quite common to bring to your own lunch and heat it up in the microwave which you can find almost anywhere on the campus. . 3. I’m definitely having more coffee breaks (though less now because of corona) aka as “fika” in Swedish. They often end up with fruitful discussions so I wouldn’t say they are a waste of time, especially not when you are waiting because of an incubation step 😜 . 4. Drinking less alcohol. I was never a regular drinker and I’m on a journey to no alcohol anyways (I had bad experiences with alcoholics and don’t enjoy it as much, don’t judge other people tho), but the high prices and the need to go to a separate store with specific opening hours (Systembolaget) definitely had an impact on my consumption. . 5. I’m going less to the doctor because I feel like they don’t want to help me anyways 😅 The System here is different compared to Germany, you don’t go to the same family/house doctor every time. Instead, you go to a healthcare center and most probably talk to a nurse first. They will decide if you need to see a doctor. I found it hard to get an appointment and the help I thought I needed. I will get used to this over time! . 6. Calling professors/PIs by their first name. This took me so long to get used to 🤯 In Germany we even use a special form of address when you don’t know someone or that person is older/higher up in the hierarchy than you. There, you often address to professors with their full academic title (at least in the first email).

165 21

When do you think someone could have survived brain surgery?🤯 . You will find the correct answer as always on the next day in my stories! . #Sciencerely, Stina . #neuroscience #neurology #neurosciencestudent #phdstudent #phdlife #biologylovers #biologiestudent #medizinstudent #scicomm #wisskomm #neuroanatomy #brainanatomy #womeninstem #studygram #biologist #scientist #studybiology #science #sciencefluencer #neurowissenschaften #phdstudentsofinstagram #neurosurgery #sciencefacts

659 53

Talk scienc-y to me 😏🧪 . How many scientists and science communicators do we need to talk about science? I say: 👏🏻EVERY👏🏻SINGLE👏🏻ONE👏🏻OF👏🏻THEM👏🏻 . Over the past years using platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok as a means for science communication gained more and more popularity among science communicators, but also scientists. For a good reason: more than 3.8 billion people are using these platforms. If you want to reach the public, you need to be where they are💁🏼‍♀️. But isn’t it enough then to have one @billnye, one @science.sam, one @thespacegal, and one @maithink (among others) who do a great job in engaging large audiences? Aren‘t a few big #sciencefluencers and #sciencecommunicators enough? No. Science consists of many different fields, it has plenty of different facettes to show, and millions of brilliant minds. Everyone comes with their own story and views. Science is divers. If we would only let a few selected minds speak about science we would miss out on SO MANY THINGS. Even the reach of the biggest #sciencefluencers is limited, we need science communication suitable for ALL DIFFERENT audiences (age, country, etc.) and media 📱📰. And btw, how cool is it to get to know about someone’s research IN THEIR OWN WORDS?! 🤩 . Science is everyone’s business and should be accessible and understandable for everyone. We need more people to talk about science in a clear way, which is why I will always amplify the voices of scientists and science communicators on social media and in real life. Please drop your favorite science accounts OR YOURSELF in the comments, I‘m always happy to find someone new! ⬇️♥️ #Sciencerely, Stina #scicomm #wisskomm #forskom #wissenschaft #science #neuroscience #phdstudent #biologylovers #womeninstem #womeninscience #fraueninmint #scientistswhoselfie #phdlife #scienceblogger #biologiestudent #scienceisforeveryone #girlsinstem #wissenschaftskomminikation #medicalscience #forskare #vetenskap


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