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Singing. Writing. Performing. @umpg @haus_2000 💽 Interview Hallo Augsburg ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.30%. The average number of likes per post is 88 and the average number of comments is 6.

20.72% of the followers that engaged with stacia_music regularly are from Germany, followed by United States at 15.32% and France at 5.41%. In summary, the top 5 countries of stacia_music's posts engager are coming from Germany, United States, France, Australia, United Kingdom.

Stacia_music loves posting about Photography.

Check stacia_music's audience demography. This analytics report shows stacia_music's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Germany 20.72 %
  • United States 15.32 %
  • France 5.41 %
  • Australia 5.41 %
  • United Kingdom 5.41 %


77 3

Poet or Muse ? Pick one and comment below! 🌾 @miri.n took this picture of me back in summer 2019 📷🎞 • • • #singer #songwriter #photography #nature #emotionpop #styled #outdoor #aprilvibes #green #allgreeneverything #modeling #poet #muse #poetry #bohochic #redlips #whiteshirt

97 2

Throwback to that shooting at @musicland.aux with @powpowskiier last year before quarantine was a thing.. Ugh how I miss those things.. Or singing on stage.. or studio sessions.. But I think it’s important to see this time as an opportunity to focus on ourselves, to get to know who we are, when we are on our own, so we can become the best versions of ourselves for us and for others ❤️ • • • • #photography #quarantine #throwback #stayathome #healthiseverything #love #peace #styled #recordstore #ootd #styled #newmusicsoon

66 4

In the next few weeks I want to take the time to finally do some things which I did not really have the time for. Small things like staring out the window and watch the rain pouring down on the empty, peaceful streets. Not rushing in the morning, but instead waking up to the sounds of nature and the sunlight falling down on my cheek. And also some more active things, like watching that guitar tutorial of the picking style which I’ve always wanted to learn or composing a new piece again, without the pressure of finishing it today.. Just going with the flow and focusing on the bright sides of this situation that we are in right now.. Also really thankful for all the people who still go out to work everyday, sell us food, so we don’t have to be hungry.. All those doctors and nurses making sure the sick get healthy. You are the heroes right now. ❤️ How do you spend your days right now ? 📸: @taleblazer_photography • • • • #music #recordstore #records #photography #styled #anime #ootd #blonde #superhero #emotionpop #newmusic #instagood

94 6

Friday night is sushi time ! What’s your favorite kind of roll? I like tempura a lot, love that mixture of crunchy and smooth textures.. PS: So sad I will not be able to play my gig at @halloaugsburg tomorrow because of the corona virus situation.. But health is the most important thing we got and we will find a new date once the situation has improved and the corona risk is low again.. 🍣 Photo: @beauty.schoen • • • #asianblast #sushi #restaurant #foodblogger #green #sushilove #styled #ootd #blonde #silverhair @nissincupnoodles_de

108 4

Happy International Women’s Day to all queens who are following me ! This is your life and you can do whatever the f*** you wanna do ! Don’t let anyone ever tell you anything different ! Be strong, be smart, be sexy ! It’s your body, and it is only up to you, what you want to wear and how you want to look like. It is your choice, what you want to do in your life, whether it is building a carreer, having kids, travel the world, building a company - I do not see a single reason, why you should not go for it, if it is what you want! Let’s celebrate ourselves today, because we totally deserve this ! 💚 Photo: @taleblazer_photography • • • #dangergirl #internationalwomensday #femaleempowerment #feminineisgood #proudtobeawomen #styled #ootd #vinyl #vintage

101 5

Dieses Wochenende bin ich wieder unterwegs und spiele ein paar Gigs! Los geht’s morgen in Murnau bei der Wiedereröffnung des Modehauses @handelskontorstaffelsee ! Am Weltfrauentag (8. März) werde ich im Friedberger Rathaus beim Frauenempfang als Music Act dabei sein! Was sind eure Pläne fürs Wochenende? 💙 Photo: @oliver_kol • • • #sängerin #songwriter #photoshooting #concerts #bluelights #werbung #styled #ootd #emotionpop #guitar #piano #composing #blonde

142 17

Believe me, I was very impatient to eat that sushi while @philiograno_art was taking these photos.. #werbung #sushi #asiancuisine #augsburg #advertisement #ad #foodblogger #silverhaircolor #sushilovers #photo #styled #newdress #asianfood #augsburgrestaurant #instafood #foodporn #fashionblogger #asianblast @nissincupnoodles_de

88 11

Hey Leute, Ich bin beim Newcomer-Voting von @bigfm im Rennen und habe die Chance, dass meine Single „Happy“ in die Rotation kommt. Dafür brauch ich aber euren Vote! Klickt den Link in meiner Bio und hört mich bald ganz viel im Radio ! 🤍 Photo: @marcell_davids PS: Diesen Samstag stehe ich bei @die_audiomanufaktur in Ludwigsburg auf der Bühne - also kommt vorbei wenn ihr aus der Nähe kommt und bringt eure FreundInnen mit ! (sponsored by @vpby_ ) 🤍 • • • #werbung #singer #songwriter #bigfm #voting #newmusicsoon #styled #passionformusic #stagelove #berlin #augsburg #ludwigsburg #ad

72 2

*** Concert Announcement*** A couple of month ago I met the incredible guys from the @die_audiomanufaktur at @haus_2000 and had the pleasure to test their amazing in-ears! Next week on Saturday I’m going to play a show on their stage in Ludwigsburg. If you are from Ludwigsburg, lemme know ! 🎹🎧 Also thanks to By-On for supporting this gig ! PS: Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day and don’t forget: the longest romance you will ever have, is the one with yourself, so don’t forget to love yourself first ! 💗 Photo: @marcell_davids • • • • #studio #advertisement #werbung #singer #songwriter #student #feminist #musiclove #stagelove #concert #passionformusic #styled #ootd #photography #analog

83 4

For a long time I‘ve been thinking that you need the perfect team and people around you to achieve your goals and dreams. While I have not changed my mind about this at all, I think it is crucial to realize that a perfect team starts with yourself. Your clear vision of what you want. Your work ethic. Believing in yourself. Knowing that the distance between who you are today and who you want to become will be overcome despite any boundaries. Don’t give up. You are almost there. ✨ My goal at the moment is to write my bachelor thesis and to release many, many songs, because I definitely don’t want to be writing just for myself - it is just such an amazing feeling to share my music and thoughts with you! What are your goals ? Let me know in the comments below ! 💎 Photo: @marcell_davids • • • #singer #songwriter #newmusic #styled #studio #studiotime #berlinkreuzberg #hewdphones #micgrophone #headphones #styled

92 0

Not every question needs an answer - not every answer needs an explanation. Photo: @marcell_davids At my favourite place @haus_2000 😌 • • • • • • #singer #songwriter #studio #berlin #artist #berlin #berlinlreuzberg #emotionpop #popmusic #ootd #styled #people #instaphoto #redlipstick #inspired


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