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53.9% of sowairina's followers are female and 46.1% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.40%. The average number of likes per post is 2449 and the average number of comments is 32.

61.11% of the followers that engaged with sowairina regularly are from Kenya, followed by United States at 8.33% and United Kingdom at 8.33%. In summary, the top 5 countries of sowairina's posts engager are coming from Kenya, United States, United Kingdom, Tanzania, China.

Sowairina loves posting about Fashion, Modeling, Nature & Outdoors, Architecture, Film, Music & Books, Travel.

Check sowairina's audience demography. This analytics report shows sowairina's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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53.9 %
46.1 %


  • Entertainment 62.44 %
  • Children & Family 60.97 %
  • Music 60.26 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 53.50 %
  • Business & Careers 51.58 %
  • Art & Design 45.60 %
  • Movies and TV 36.85 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 34.10 %
  • Photography 33.30 %


  • Kenya 61.11 %
  • United States 8.33 %
  • United Kingdom 8.33 %
  • Tanzania 2.78 %
  • China 2.78 %


2,707 26

I wear the cross to remind me of the Ultimate Sacrifice ever made! But what a joy it is to know that Christ defeated the grave🙌🏾 The Tomb is empty! & He dwells in you if you let Him... May this season remind you to always make room for the one who loves you like no other ever will. He is Risen🙌🏾 #EasterSunday

3,536 66

Someone just sent me this #tbt on twitter from 12years ago🙆🏾‍♀️man! Will you look at that. Talk about consistency... @vivo_woman wasn’t open yet but what I’m wearing sure does look Vivo😁 First question & I’m talking about my love for Christ! Hallelujah🙌🏾it’s been an up & down journey as is our Faith walk but looking back surely does show you how it is God who sustains you through the years🙌🏾 And 12years later still doing what I love & so grateful to be able to🙏🏾So don’t forget to catch @unscriptedwithgrace tonight on @ntvkenya as we take you through some of our top shows starting off with Tom Mboya’s interview. One of my favs🤗 PS: I clearly hadn’t lost my teen chubby weight😁that started to happen from around 23 just before I became a mommy! Will you look at that🙆🏾‍♀️ This reminder has clearly taken me very far & filled my heart with gratitude🙏🏾🧡 Always remember that God is a sustainer. #CountYourBlessings #Grateful #TBT

11,127 131

Singing this in my heart this season Goodness of God- Bethel Music Verse 1 I love You Lord Oh Your mercy never fails me All my days I’ve been held in Your hands From the moment that I wake up Until I lay my head I will sing of the goodness of God Chorus All my life You have been faithful All my life You have been so, so good With every breath that I am able I will sing of the goodness of God Verse 2 I love Your voice You have led me through the fire In darkest nights You are close like no other I’ve known You as a father I’ve known You as a friend I have lived in the goodness of God Bridge Your goodness is running after, it’s running after me Your goodness is running after, it’s running after me With my life laid down, I’m surrendered now, I give You everything Your goodness is running after, it’s running after me... #GoodnessOfGod #GoodFriday #GiverOfHope#CountingMyBlessings #Grateful #Almost9yrs #ZaRaBdayLoading #DoubleDouble

1,427 11

He paid it ALL! in Full No greater Love than this🙏🏾 I don’t know about you but even though I know Sunday is coming each time my heartbreaks a little imaging the pain endured at the cross, the sweating of blood endured at the Garden of Gethsemane where He pleaded with His Father to take this cup away but eventually said “Not mine, but your will be done” Christ our King came down as Man & endured what you & I endure & went ahead & gave the Ultimate Sacrifice! Love won over fear, over pain, over everything... Love won! I hope this season reminds you to live as if it was all finished at the cross & you are forgiven & free! Happy Easter➕♥️ #GoodFriday #NoGreaterLove #Forgiven #Loved

6,357 53

Crowning Glory😍 #Zawadi #QuarantineDiaries #BdayPrep

5,224 87

Quarantine diaries... In our most authentic selves. And because of this season of stillness we’re also forced to really look at ourselves internally & analyze what we truly stand on! For me it’s been an intense journey of daily very intentionally choosing Faith over Fear in every respect & that comes through what we’re constantly feeding ourselves. Scripture says Faith comes by hearing & by hearing the word of God- so in this season of stillness try to switch off that which will lead to fear & disharmony within you. Instead activate your faith & truly through your actions Live it out! For it is such a time as this that Romans 8:19 must come to life- “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.” Are you truly standing on His word when it clearly says that ALL! things work out for the good? Even in the darkest hour do you still believe that He is still good & the end is good? This Passover week I feel a shift in my Spirit, a weight lifted & an easier burden to bear because our Faith pleases God & I believe causes Him to act even if that action is Him bringing peace, calm & reassurance that He has not & will never forsake you. It all ends well... We walk in Faith & see His face or we go home & see His face too! The end is we get Him & ultimately He is all we desire. Activate your Faith🙌🏾 #TruthfulTuesday #TestimonyTuesday #FaithIt

686 6

In today’s daily’s! Bottom left... @kiprop_326 Quest for Redemption continues! Get your copy or read it online for more on what we discussed on @unscriptedwithgrace 🙏🏾 GoodMorning😊 Remember you can catch the episode online! Direct link in bio. #Grateful #TopOfTheMorning #UnscriptedWithGrace #QuestForRedemption

2,594 19

What a Show! Thank you so much for honoring our request & being so authentic with your journey @kiprop_326 🙏🏾 Let me share the words of a Champion... “I will come back & run! even though I run for a shorter season. I will come back stronger & leave a better legacy. Because truth & transparency is better then the shame of conspiracy” We wish you all the best & truly hope you can clear your name. Thank you so much for the amazing feedback as always🙌🏾 We appreciate each comment & tweet! Thanks for the trend🙏🏾❤️ If you missed it here is the link- direct link in bio! #UnscriptedWithGrace

1,005 6

There is always a reason to smile💖


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