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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.60%. The average number of likes per post is 21 and the average number of comments is 4.

Skincare_jen19 loves posting about Cooking, Animals & Pets, DIY & Crafts, Hair & Beauty, Food & Drink, Kids & Parenting, Fashion.

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I was super excited to be picked for this campaign!! it's was extremely fun to get a gift around Christmas time. my box included a cute little notebook/calendar organizer, some sticker nails, 5 mini eyeshadows, and a cute mascara that came in a cute box. The box was wrapped in a cute bow as well when opening the package. overall I'm extremely happy with the complimentary gift from @Kmall24 and @0.8l_usa #Kmall24 #Kmall24_official #Kmall24_Beautybox #zureo #kbeauty #giftbox #holidaygift #christmasgift #08liter #08L

13 6

Super excited to receive my surprise from @adinas.jewels today! It's absolutely beautiful and wonderful quality as well. It hang a bit longer than I usually wear so it's going some taking getting used to but I love it. It also came in a really nice reusable jewelry box and a nice soft pouch inside of it. If you're interested in checking them out visit their instagram @adinas.jewels and follow the link in their bio to check out their website. Use code AMDJEN20 for 15% off your order. #adinasjewels #adinas #jewelry #beautiful #gold #brandambassador #necklace

23 1

I love the concept of this product and it's easy to use and apply and doesn't smell bad at all matter of fact it smelt really good. The reason I didn't rate 5 stars was because I honestly don't think I saw much of a difference in my hair besides it was SUPER soft and smelled really good but as for shine I didn't see it. I'm doomed lol with dull hair. I even left it in a tad bit longer then the directions called for. I almost gave it a 3 stars because I don't think I'll be purchasing in the future unfortunately. I hope others had a better experience than I did. Thank you influenster for the free product and opportunity. Thank you to Glossify as well. Have you tried this product before? If so what did you think? #TryGlossify #contest #complimentary #freeproduct #producttester #influenstervoxbox #influenster #influencer #haircareproducts #hairstyles #hair #haircare #voxbox @schwarzkopf @Influenster

26 4

Another wonderful skincare brand @facetheory they sent me this wonderful gift and I'm in love with it. It's the porebright N10 serum. It leaves my face feeling amazing. I have been using it for a couple weeks now and I've noticed a lot of change in my skin. It definitely helps me with my large pores. I would definitely recommend this brand and product. I was also gifted a toner from the same line and it's amazing as well definitely give it a shot guess. Over at use my code BBJEN20 for 20% off your order. I hope you enjoy your products as much as I do. #skincare #facetheory #serum #faceserum #porebright #poresnomore #lovethisproduct #brandambassador #influencer #loveyourskin #skin

34 15

Received another product from the wonderful app @0.8l_usa this time I received from @velyvely_global water glow balm. I'm not sure what I think of this product it most certainly makes your face dewy to almost oily and I'm naturally oily so that doesn't mix well with my skin. I hope it doesn't make me break out. From my prior experience with this brand most of their products are the same in the sense that they all have made my skin feel "dewy" or in my opinion greasy. So my overall rating for this particular product will have to be a 3 out of a 5. The packaging is nice and durable which is wonderful. The shipping time was quick and I'm sure the brand has something in their line that doesn't make my skin feel so greasy. Have you tried this brand? If so what do you think? #velyvely #0.8lusa #skincareisthebest #skincare #takecareofyourskin #freeproduct #complimentary #3stars #skin #care #glowbalm #moisturizer #dewyglow #dewyskin #dewy

34 8

I really like this one out of all 3 of the Seviz bluetooth speakers I've gotten I think this one is my favorite. It's super cute and reminds me of the old n' days. The sound is awesome and sounds nice and clear. It is also easy to connect to your phone or whatever device you want to pair it to. I was extremely impressed with this speaker. 5/5 stars for me. #love #SEVIZ #speakers #sound #audio #lifestyle #instagood #instamusic #music#bluetooth #0.8L #instabluetooth

23 4

#repost I was super happy to be picked for this campaign because essences are one of my favorite steps to skincare. though this one wasn't one of my all time favorites it wasn't my most hated either. The essence was a little bit more oily then I usually use. There wasn't a smell which was nice but I'm weird and like really good smelling skincare which some brands offer. I would rate this essence at 7/10 though it wasn't my favorite essence it wasn't the worst either. I did really like the packaging though it came in a really pretty box as well as a nice glass bottle. which I've heard is better for you then the normal plastic jars. So that's a plus. I plan on doing more research on the brand and I would love to try more of their products that they offer. Thanks again for the opportunity to try I'm from fig boosting essence. @imfrom_global @imfrom_official @0.8l_usa #imfrom #figessence #0.8L #freeproduct #skincare #iloveskincare #skincarequeen #figboostingessence #essence #skincareisthebest #figboostingessence #wishtrend #wishtrendstory #imfrom #figskincare #clearskinfigured #imfromfig #08liter #08L

21 5

#repost I received this product from @0.8l_usa and @seviz for free in exchange for my personal opinion on the seviz wooden wireless speaker. I didn't realize it would have been so small which I actually really like That way it doesn't take much room and it looks cute sitting on just about anything. As for the sound I'm not sure of because I haven't plugged it in quite yet. I have just admired the old school look and feel it's got going on which I'm totally digging. You can purchase this item off if Amazon and they make other styles as well. they're worth checking out for decent price. I would give them a 5 out of 5 starts. thanks for the product #bluetooth #speaker #oldschool #retro #producttester #radio #freeproduct #music #loveit #love #SEVIZ #speakers #sound #audio #lifestyle #instagood #instamusic #music #instadaily

20 2

These wireless headphones are the best and as you can see my boyfriend loves them and has taken over lol. The quality of the headphones to us are really good and they're realistically priced for people to afford. If you want a nice pair of headphones these are my recommendation. #love #SEVIZ #Headphones #sound #music #instamusic #instagood #instadaily #lifestyle #0.8L #goodmusic #beats #soundcanceling

14 2

#repost My overall review on this spray serum is that I love the concept of the spray serum. it makes things extremely easy and when on the go it's great. I unfortunately don't think I like this particular brand (though I'd love love to try some of their other products) or formula. it unfortunately leaves my skin extremely oily and greasy feeling and looking. I have naturally oily skin so I'm sure for myself it's way way to much oil for my skin. The packaging is simple and cute and I love the gold accents. I appreciate the opportunity to try out this product. @0.8l_usa @allurefrombasic #ad #skincare #d'alba #sprayserum #iloveskincare #0.8l #0.8Liter #serum #influencer #beauty #beautiful #review #honestopinionpoetry

16 1

I received the velyvely glacial water sun cushion from #0.8L for my personal review on the product. I was really surprised how nice this product is, it is a very light weight sun protector that reminds me of a light weight serum foundation. it's extremely easy to apply and feels like you're wiping your face with a pad with water on it. It is slightly tented but definitely not a lot. I even applied it to my boyfriend who also thought the product was pretty neat. I wouldn't call this a cover-up makeup but I'd say it's more of a light sunscreen. my overall opinion is positive, though I don't think I would personally purchase the product again. I would definitely recommend it to others. Delivery was quick as well. Thank you @velyvely & @0.8L for the opportunity to test this product. #beauty #sunprotection #sunblocker #summertime #0.8L #skincare #iloveskincare #velyvely #freeproduct #producttester #ilovefreestuff #freestuff #influencer #followme #ifollowback

18 2

Thank you again to 0.8L for allowing me to try this speaker 100% free and also thank you to @__seviz for sending me this Seviz wireless speaker mini 10 w. I was pretty impressed with the sound this little guy puts out. Its loud and clear. This is the 3rd speaker I've gotten from them and I'd say their products are made really well and seem durable as well. Would totally recommend them if you're looking for a less expensive but yet good quality speaker. #speaker #wirelessspeaker #seviz #0.8L #influencer #wireless #bluetooth #highquailty #highendspeakers


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