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Mountain-loving, mountain-living Mom with a hunger for wilderness exploration, preservation and endurance sports.🌿 Eastern Sierra, CA

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.70%. The average number of likes per post is 623 and the average number of comments is 42.

41.41% of the followers that engaged with rambleonwild regularly are from United States, followed by France at 7.07% and Canada at 7.07%. In summary, the top 5 countries of rambleonwild's posts engager are coming from United States, France, Canada, Germany, Mexico.

Rambleonwild loves posting about Nature & Outdoors, Travel, Photography.

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  • United States 41.41 %
  • France 7.07 %
  • Canada 7.07 %
  • Germany 6.06 %
  • Mexico 5.05 %


762 21

It’s officially spring break now for these mountain kids. We had purchased $300 round trip tickets to the UK and planned on traveling across a couple countries in a rental van, sleeping in the car and living off canned beans and bread. It would have been a wild trip low on funds, but rich in experiences. Instead, we are staying home in isolation... and that’s ok too. I’ve been having a helluva time with these kids lately who have been eager to put in the miles, scope future lines, and enjoy the greatest backyard a person could ask for.

531 16

Right before the weirdness ensued We were out Cooking up trout With our friends ✨ . I so greatly look forward to these times again! . 📷: @masonstrehl

276 9

By the time @vevoda, Amber and I made it here to the iconic Muir Hut, we were halfway through our day’s backcountry 100k. It would be the furthest any of us had traveled on foot in a day. We were so happy to be here, but we still had ~a marathon distance left before we would make it back to our cars. . Nightfall was coming and the grueling climb over Bishop Pass on sore and tired legs was still ahead. We were in it. . By the time we made it back to our cars that night we were exhausted. There were little words left to be said after a day on the trails. Despite all the pain I felt in my body that night, the memories I have of that day are rather pleasant. I so eagerly await the time when we can all get back to all the Type 2 fun with our friends!

784 46

I’ve had plenty of job titles, but this one takes the cake. Humbled and honored to be “Mom”. 💖 During the transition into parenthood, most would agree, whether you’re ready for it or not this is when you really start envisioning what you’d like the rest of your life to look like. What kind of parent you’d like to be. What kind of little people you’d like to raise. You imagine all the things you’ll do together, you make goals and do your best to try and plan for the future. From the beginning, my dream or “vision” has been the same. To live a simple life. A life outdoors with my children. Not many parts of this journey have been easy by any means, but they sure as heck have been fulfilling. I am happy to look back on the last 7, almost 8 wild years, and know that I have undoubtedly stayed true to that dream. . This is it for me. Our simple life. A life of messy hair and dusty clothes. Hard earned lessons and plenty of accomplishments, too. A life mostly outside with Bodhi and Skye, who both appreciate this wild life and share similar dreams. It’s all perfectly imperfect and I love it all so much.

465 6

Simple, fulfilling times with friends. Something we all can’t wait to get back to. ✨ 📷: @masonstrehl

846 93

✨Skye has big dreams!✨ . After recently realizing she loves running, Skye set herself a lofty goal to start working towards. Yesterday, Skye ran her very first mile then declared she wants to run 5 straight miles, because she’s 5! 😆 . I chuckled knowing what that would take. I told her, “If you really want it you’re going to have to train for it. It won’t be easy, but let me tell you Skye, if you can run 5 miles you can do anything!” She was sold. . This morning Skye was ready to train! She was eager to run. There was fresh snow covering the dirt road and Skye said, “It’s ok, I’ve got this.” She put on two puffy coats and proceeded to blow my mind as she ran 2 straight miles through sub-freezing temps and fresh snow. She doubled yesterday’s PR with ease. . In Skye’s mind, she CAN do anything, and that makes me happy! I’m so proud of her and it’s just a matter of time before she completes her goal. 🤯🙌💖

638 60

It’s National Puppy Day and I’m so happy to acknowledge this handsome boy who we recently adopted. Everyone meet Niko!

461 38

‘Tis the season. Time to pull the bike out, pull the hair back, enjoy all those open roads and all that fresh air and freedom! ❤️🏔🏍💨

303 2

Way out there on the Edge of the Earth. . It was actually near the summit of Iztaccihuatl, just above 17,000’. We summited in blue bird skies, then seemingly out of nowhere, like a dream, massive, puffy clouds came rolling in. I had always wondered what that’d be like, to be up in the clouds. ☁️ Almost instantly, they gave me what felt like an ice cream headache or brain freeze so I quickly put on all my layers. . I was happy to see there would be breaks in the clouds from time to time, because the mere thickness of them and the lack of visibility was disorienting. We were navigating the ice and glaciated sections in our running shoes and there was a section ahead that I was nervous about- a looming slope we needed to ascend that held a massive sheet of black ice beneath a half inch of kitty litter. . I stood out there in the clouds in awe feeling so small in this giant, miraculous world. And even from where I stood, it truly looked like I was out there, in a dream-like place, on the edge of the earth.

676 27

He’s that radiant reminder that, no matter what you’ve been through, no matter what you’re going through, Life. Is. Good! ✨

756 97

On paper the plan was simple. Complete 7 of Mexico’s highest summits in 6 days. It became a wild and remarkable journey into thin air, one that somehow allowed me to become the first known female to complete this, back-to-back. . It had been a long awaited dream that started back in December 2018 when my good friend Sean O’Rourke and I came up with a plan to tackle Mexico’s highest peaks, back-to-back. We purchased tickets, reserved a rental car, and would soon be heading to Mexico.. or so I thought. . Just a couple of days before we left for our trip, my son got very sick. In an instant our worlds changed and we ended up living full-time in UCLA Children’s Hospital for several months. Needless to say, my trip was canceled. Sean went on with the plan, and in true mutant style, was able to snag a FKT or two in the process. Despite eventually finding peace in my newfound sedentary world, the dream never went away. . A year went by in a flash and in December 2019 dirt cheap tickets to Mexico City presented themselves again. I would be “off-the-couch”, but it didn’t matter, I was psyched! Tickets were purchased, once again for the same week in February, and this time @where_keas_dare would come along. The goal was simple. Climb the 7 highest summits of Mexico (all around Mexico City) in 6 days. We flew over, rented a minivan that would house us along on journey, and we were on our way. . In this order, this is how it went: Day 1. Nevado de Toluca, 15,354’ - entire rim traverse Day 2. Cofre de Perote, 13,790’ & Sierra Negra, 15,026’ Day 3. (My Birthday) Orizaba, 18,406’ via the South Face Day 4. La Malinche, 14,501’ Day 5. Monte Tlaloc, 13,517’ Day 6. Iztaccihuatl, 17,126’ via La Arista de Sol Despite all of these volcanoes generally being around Mexico City, they are often hours apart. You must navigate tricky highway situations, an ample number of toll roads, dirt roads, figure out how to get food, all while doing this sometimes in the dark. We were very grateful for Google Maps, gas station junk food, and all the street tacos! It was an epic journey to say the least and I’m just so stoked to have finally completed it! 🙏

1,288 181

It has been 1 year!! . One year since we heard those painful words no parent or child should ever have to hear. “Bodhi has cancer”. . One year ago, this little dude began the fight of his life. The fight FOR his life. However, thanks to @mammoth_hospital, @uclamch, the many teams of incredible doctors and nurses, and of course, Bodhi’s HUGE amount of heart and resilience, within a few months (the end of April 2019) Bodhi’s cancer was gone! The last year has been trying, that is for sure. But what stands out above all else is just how far this boy has come! Bodhi has let go of so much fear and is continuously developing an incredible drive to GO BIG! From beating cancer to climbing new mountains with mom, to skiing black diamonds and leading his first rock climb at the ripe young age of 7, I am sure Bodhi will continue to push the limits of what is possible in the many years to come. . There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think about it all. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t count our blessings and give thanks for such a miracle! To all the nurses and doctors out there that quickly became our family, and to all the people who supported and stood by us through it all, THANK YOU!!! ❤️


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