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✊🏾 National Community Organizer 🎥 Cast member Of @bet Copwatch America 👏🏾 Activist 👩🏽‍🦱 Oglala Lakota & Black 👸🏽 Mother 📚 published author

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.90%. The average number of likes per post is 194 and the average number of comments is 21.

58.33% of the followers that engaged with queenyonasda regularly are from United States, followed by India at 5.56% and Canada at 2.78%. In summary, the top 5 countries of queenyonasda's posts engager are coming from United States, India, Canada, Italy, Kenya.

Queenyonasda loves posting about Film, Music & Books.

Check queenyonasda's audience demography. This analytics report shows queenyonasda's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 58.33 %
  • India 5.56 %
  • Canada 2.78 %
  • Italy 2.78 %
  • Kenya 2.78 %


102 10

Ok get ready to zoom in and see history. This was in the 80’s when the Hopi/ Navajo people were camping out in protest because the government was trying to build an uranium mine on their land in Big Mountain, Arizona. So The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan and my mother Wauneta Lonewolf put a call out for people to come and stand with the Navajo/ Hopi people. We camped out for weeks. I remember as a child we did a lot of survival trainings as well as a lot of prayer ceremonies. The elder grandmothers use to watch us children and tell us stories and teach us how to bead and make blankets. I’m happy I experienced this as a child so when I was in Standing Rock doing the similar work my mother did I had memories of how Native people build camps in protest. In this picture you’ll see me with the army fatigues, Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan, Mother Khadijah Farrakhan, Mother Tynetta Muhammad, My mother Wauneta Lonewolf, Chief Ernie Longwalker, Bro. Guy Muhammad (who sent me this photo) Joshua, Mustafa Farrakhan, Marie Farrakhan Muhammad, and many others. #tbt #childofrevolutionaries #bornwithmyfistup

367 7

It’s ok to go walking. I absolutely love finding new woods to conquer even before the quarantine. Since I was a child me and my cousins use to try to get ourselves lost in the woods and see if we can find our way back. Even when I lived in Arizona me and my cousins and brother used to climb mountains and try to find ways to get back home. Never be scared to walk off the path to discover more about yourself. #motivatemonday

13 0

Y’all need a good workout while in the house @effectfitness is the place to be !!!! Can’t wait for the quarantine to be lifted so I can go back in the building but the IG Lives feel just like the class!!! Set your alarms and tap in! #quarantineworkout

413 27

I am deeply saddened as Stu. Min Abdul Hafeez Muhammad @ahafeezm has returned to Allah (God). He fought COVID19 for several weeks and unfortunately he has transitioned. May Allah give strength to his wife and children also to the believers of Mosque #7 in NYC. In the position I’m in I’m honored and privileged to work alongside sooo many of the Ministers throughout the NOI. We organize many community activities and events to unite people from all walks of life. I’m able to learn how they are loved from the people they serve. Several years ago Stu. Min. Abdul Hafeez asked me to coordinate for people from Harlem to go to the Shinnecock Nation and to experience a sweat lodge ceremony. I did. Thank you to my Aunt Tonya who helped coordinate it and we had a great time. Throughout the years he always was willing to assist with many things I was doing in NYC. He even secured my mother in law Linda Hill during a March. He told her “any family of Sis. YoNasDa is a family of mine.” As she made her transition a week ago as well 😢. I just saw him in Feb at Saviours Day and he was just telling me “when we going back to the Shinnecock sis?” I told him soon , as he also was like an uncle to my siSTAR @nickyeagleeye . I was telling him we would be standing with them for their land very soon. In the midst of everything happening I know that we may plan but God plans. And God is the best of planners. During this time, I Trust God! He’s returning back his angel warriors. As we are fighting an unseen (with the physical eye) enemy. Min. Abdul Hafeez absolutely loved our people! He worked day n night for anyone that needed a helping hand. He truly was a servant for the people. I shared a good laugh today with @hakimgreen as he said “Min. Abdul Hafeez or those that remember his former name Min. Kev was our Hip Hop Minister!” And he was absolutely right. He truly was! May Allah be pleased with him. Everyone please please take care of yourselves. And love one another.

312 14

This is a time where we MUST look out for each other. This is a time where we must go back to our indigenous ways of medicine and customs. Historically this government has NEVER looked out for Black, Brown & Native people. So as I’m getting mass calls, emails angry that our communities don’t have testing kits don’t surprise me. They want population control for us. They want our lands! They want our resources! These presidents have always said that they had an “Indian problem” that they have a “Negro Problem”. In 2020 this hasn’t changed! Flint STILL doesn’t have clean water. Many Native communities don’t have running water or an infrastructure to properly live on. They still taking our lands for mining and oil pipelines and breaking our treaties. They still killing Black and Brown people without any consequence. They still are removing us from our neighborhoods for gentrification. We are living in food drought communities and little or no healthcare. So just because we are in a pandemic we shouldn’t be shocked or think that THIS virus would give us everything we have BEEN needing! This should push us to do for self and look out for each other. Also they are saying that many folks are dying from COVID19 and it’s not the case. We must look at their bigger picture which is to push the vaccines. Get back to our indigenous medicines and don’t take their vaccine!! Follow @indigenouspeoplesmovement #covid19 #corona

107 20

My son @superstarshamar_ won 😫😫😂😂😂😂

300 76

It’s MY BIRTHDAY 🎁 🎉🎊🎈🍬🎂 and I’m not gonna allow this quarantine to bring me down. Soo tonight live on @zoom_video_communications join me and the legendary @djevildee as he’s spinning non stop as we party from our living rooms for a virtual dance party. Now in order for this to work, you MUST BE DANCIN’ with us once you log into the meeting ID 856-502-610 (link in my IG bio) tonight at 5:30pm (eastern). Grab the members in your home. Grab yo’ dance shoes! Wear comfortable clothing! And let’s celebrate mo’ life!!! If you would like to gift me a monetary gift 🎁 my cash app is $yonasdalonewolf PayPal: YoNasDa@me.com Venmo: Queenyonasda #coronacreatives #coronaparty #dance #danceparty #quarantinebirthday #april7 #aries #ariesseason #virtualevents #virtualparties


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