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29.4% of prosportskw's followers are female and 70.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.20%. The average number of likes per post is 104 and the average number of comments is 2.

Prosportskw loves posting about Tennis, Coaching, Training.

Check prosportskw's audience demography. This analytics report shows prosportskw's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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29.4 %
70.6 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 48.96 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 48.27 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 44.90 %
  • Travel & Tourism 39.42 %
  • Photography 38.71 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 38.51 %
  • Business & Careers 38.38 %
  • Art & Design 38.37 %
  • Children & Family 37.39 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 35.74 %
  • Entertainment 33.71 %


142 8

The Vibram Fivefingers CVT Hemp for Men and Women offers the wearer a more natural daily solution to barefoot feel footwear. The name is derived from the natural hemp used in the upper and the ConVerTible functionality as the back of the shoe is designed to be able to drop down for an even easier slip-on experience. The CVT Hemp's casual and minimalist design provides a breathable, sutainable slip-on shoe with a true barefoot feel. We love the CVT-Hemp for it's lightweight casual approach to barefoot footwear and really comes into its own for ▪️Casual lifestyle wear ▪️Travel and holiday use ▪️Great looking leisure alternative to complement the Vibram fivefingers range 👉🏼 Follow @prosportskw for BAREFOOT shoes like Vibrams and Skinners. #prosportskw #barefoot #barefootKuwait #barefootshoes #vibrams #kuwaitfit

149 5

The Womens V-Soul is great for... ▪️Yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ ▪️Gym Work 🏋️‍♀️ ▪️Fitness Training 🏃🏻‍♀️ ▪️Urban Everyday ▪️Outdoor Sport sport🚴‍♂️ ◼️Travel ✈️ 👉🏼 Follow @prosportskw for BAREFOOT shoes like Vibrams and Skinners. #prosportskw #barefoot #barefootKuwait #barefootshoes #vibrams #kuwaitfit

129 2

The Vibram Fivefingers KSO (Keep Stuff Out) Classic was one of the first ever barefoot shoes developed. Recognised for its versatility in the gym or outdoors on a range of terrains whether you are scrambling across rocks or running along riverbanks in the great outdoors the you want to keep as much debris, grit and gravel out of your Fivefingers. That is why the KSO's sock like fit upper came to be with its snug fit and breathable ventilated polyester stretch mesh fabric wraps your entire forefoot. This material is also quick drying making the shoe great for in and out of water activities. Each shoe has a one strap Velcro closure for an added on foot secure fit. The insole is 2mm EVA with a polyester and soft Microfibre sock liner. 👉🏼 Follow @prosportskw for BAREFOOT shoes like Vibrams and Skinners. #prosportskw #barefoot #barefootKuwait #barefootshoes #vibrams #kuwaitfit

144 1

GRIZZLY FITNESS RESISTANCES CABLE SET Resistance Cables from Grizzly Fitness are made from high quality surgical grade resistance tubing with strong, versatile handles on each end for comfort and a sure grip allowing full range of motion during exercise. Grizzly Elastic Cables come in four different cable tensions for various workout intensities. Medium resistance tubes are great for rehabilitation and toning targeted muscle groups. Heavy, super heavy, and intense resistance level fitness tubing is intended for strengthening and building muscle. Lightweight and portable Grizzly Resistance Cables are also perfect for personal use at home or while traveling. 👉🏼 Follow @prosportskw for fitness recovery equipments like resistance bands, foam rollers, mini bands, massage sticks, bars, etc Fitness trainer - @alefiyafitness #prosportskw #resistancebands #grizzlyfitness #fitnessrecovery #kuwaitfitness

153 1

Get the results you want from your workouts with the RUBBER HEX DUMBBELLS. Tone up your muscles, improve your strength and perform a wide range of effective drills and exercises with these excellent workout tools that are suitable for all users. The dumbbells are robust and durable, easy and comfortable to grip thanks to their ergonomically contoured and knurled handles, and made to last and withstand your exercise sessions. Their quality hexagonal design prevents them from rolling away when not in use and the pinned cast iron rubber encased heads help to reduce noise and damage when placed on the floor for more pleasant workouts both at home and during light commercial use. 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️ Follow @prosportskw for fitness and cardio equipment like Dumbbells, weight-lifting training equipment, treadmills, bikes and rowers. Fitness trainer - @alefiyafitness #prosportskw #dumbbellskuwait #dumbbells #kuwaitgym #gymkuwait #kuwaitfitness

115 2

KETTLBELLS are an extremely effective training tool for improving your overall fitness and toning and sculpting your body. Kettlebells are effective in the way that they work every part of your body and every single muscle, including your cardiovascular system. ▪️Use for squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snatches, rotational swings and more. 👉🏼Follow @prosportskw for fitness equipment Kettlebells, dumbbells, weight plates Fitness trainer - @alefiyafitness #prosportskw #dumbbells #kuwaitgym #gymkuwait #fitkuwait

66 2

Grizzly Power Lifting Knee Wrap "For that extra support" These wraps provide support on all variants of squats and olympic moves. These also add protection while handling heavy weight on strongman implements. 💪🏻Closures Premium Construction 💪🏻3" wide extra thick heavy duty elastic design 💪🏻Provides extra support while power lifting 💪🏻One size fits all, sold as pair 💪🏻Velcro closure 💪🏻Extra thick heavy duty elastic cotton 💪🏻4' long for maximum support 💪🏻One size fits all 💪🏻Hook and loop closure ▪️Follow @prosportskw for fitness exercises like gloves, belts and straps ▪️Follow @prosportskw for Gym equipment Trainer - @matva_alex Gym - #prosportskw #gymkuwait #kuwaitgym #gymgloves #fitkuwait #kneewrap

58 0

Grizzly Hanging Ab Straps Hanging Ab Straps are great for strengthening your abdominal muscles. Made out of nylon with foam padded arm slings that are 8 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick for greater comfort and support. For use in conjunction with a standard chin up bar for greater ab and oblique isolation when performing leg lifts. You can also throw these hanging ab straps in your gym bag for a great ab workout at the gym. They also make a great home gym accessory. Features: ▪️For strengthening and toning abdominal and oblique muscles ▪️Made out of heavy duty nylon webbing ▪️Easily snaps onto any chin up bar Trainer - @matva_alex Gym - #prosportskw #grizzlyfitness #abworkout #abstraps #fitkuwait #kuwaitfit #gymkuwait #kuwaitgym

67 0

Grizzly Nytro Wrist Wrap Gloves - Men Combining two training essentials into one design, the Grizzly Men's Nytro Wrist Wrap Training Gloves improve your grip while providing wrist support. The Velcro cuffs function as wrist wraps while the padded fingers and palms let you maintain a firm grasp on the bar. ▪️Double Stitched, Double Leather Palm for Extra Durability ▪️Fully Adjustable Wrist Wrap for Maximum Support & Flexibility Trainer - @matva_alex Gym - #prosportskw #grizzlyfitness #gymgloves #gymkuwait #fitkuwait #kuwaitfit #grizzlygloves

95 0

Strength, Stability and Core The three pillars of Fitness foundation. ▪️SKLZ Slidez let you use the weight of your body to create the resistance and movement you need to activate your core, add shoulder and upper body strength, and increase your levels of fitness. They’re perfect for workout rooms, yoga studios, pilates centers, barre studios and even your home hardwood floor. ▪️ SKLZ Resistance Cable with Door Anchor - Get your total body training wherever you want with the Resistance Cable Set. The Flex Handles with Slide-Lock technology let you switch Cables in a snap. And the anchor attaches to nearly any door jam – home or away. 👉🏼Follow @prosportskw for core and stability equipment 👉🏼 Follow @prosportskw for calisthenics and crossfit equipment #prosportskw #sklz #coreworkout #coresliders #crossfitkuwait #calisthenicskuwait

67 0

Want a perfect CORE WORKOUT? Check out these tools from SKLZ. 🔴 SKLZ Med Ball is an innovative new spin on a classic training tool. The maximum grip pattern gives you exceptional control while the seamless design creates a consistent, reactive bounce. Train upper body, rotational power and core strength to improve hitting, swinging, or throwing. ⭕️ With SKLZ CORE WHEELS dynamic core strength trainer, take your planks, pushups and pillar exercises to a new level. The rolling wheels on each side destabilize your movements, causing your shoulders, torso and hips to work harder than ever before. Features ergonomic foam handles, lightweight design, and a training guide to get you started. 👉🏼 Follow @prosportskw for functional and crossfit fitness equipment in Kuwait 👉🏼 Follow @prosportskw for cardio and strength gym equipment in Kuwait #gymkuwait #kuwaitgym #fitkuwait #prosportskw #sklz #coreworkout


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