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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.10%. The average number of likes per post is 39 and the average number of comments is 3.

66.67% of the followers that engaged with poeticbeewambo_official regularly are from Kenya, followed by Tanzania at 4.17% and United States at 4.17%. In summary, the top 5 countries of poeticbeewambo_official's posts engager are coming from Kenya, Tanzania, United States, India, Bulgaria.

Poeticbeewambo_official loves posting about Film, Music & Books, Celebrities.

Check poeticbeewambo_official's audience demography. This analytics report shows poeticbeewambo_official's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Kenya 66.67 %
  • Tanzania 4.17 %
  • United States 4.17 %
  • India 4.17 %
  • Bulgaria 2.08 %


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There’s a revolution. A shake that is happening and it’s not about to stop. A wakening like no other and no one not even the scientist could predict no one is prepared for it. All we can do is be glad that we are awake and we are experiencing this; a people shall go home and Africa is calling . God is calling you home. A people are more united than before. A people are rising and they are dying for a truth . Truth is painful and we must suffer but we must Endure we must fight for self growth and community. It will hurt but in the end we are and have never been prepared for a revolution NEVER. My pray is that you and I may stay awake but it’s not always the case. But even whenever we sleep may Jesus wake us up again . May we believe #Africa #motheriscalling #humanityAslave #AfricaisHome

78 4

You can’t even tell when one is smiling ; the state of normalcy is being reached and with a 21day dosage it’s inevitable. Welcome to a new world order. A change that must and is happening . Praying your keeping safe and enjoying this season no matter. #Nohashtags Maskfrom: 🎭 @vivo_woman

72 18

Let see! How is Quarantine? I have been on quarantine for 12months 😂😂 how you ask ? #motherhoodsis Now I feel grown and wise . Human children can teach you a lot about yourself - like temper issues and patience. • stayhome •staysafe •take care #covıd19 #life #loveyourself #quarantine #artistsoninstagram #poetrycommunity #motherhood #902street #humanityaslave

24 3

I have enjoyed this : 📖 Life is possible. It’s never a good time not to trust that the universe will stay in its course never compromising wether your Good or bad but you get the choice to over look this in life and to think that you were born poor or your ever getting into trouble you too have the same chance to succeed in life like anybody else. We are here on earth but we are not of here . . . . . . . . When reading this I thought of @mikel_the_energy and how he has put faith in coming back home to Africa and has found his dream : karibu Nyumbani: May our God in heaven show you the way because ways of a dream chaser are not easy. It’s better to accept that you can’t have both peace and freedom but also must be willing to trust that this dream will happen and when it does you find peace and freedom and on to another journey you begin . . . . . . . . . . Will definitely recommend this book #sundayservice #sundayfunday #musician #femalefounders #902street #art #workingmum #mum #Kikuyu #kikuyutownmoments#villagelinkup

23 6

#Day52🔗 There’s a shallowness to an emptiness that only you can feel deep. Deep within yourself even if it’s feels ridiculous. It’s the hard decision, the heart brokenness. The Truth , the laughing out loud that keeps the fake smile hidden. The idea, the never enough strength of weakness. The next best thing. The beauty of silence in a noisy night. The wondering mind . The accusers conflict of interest. The miseducation of the real and of the reality. The self talk, the addictive self loathing. The mere imagine of perfection . The pain that this words bare. The birth to a new generation. The openness of human nakedness. Humanities weakness. A drop of temptation. An affliction of theirs. Religious people, God’s children. Specifically you who do not even dare to imagine. The know it all . The shyest . The most noble, gentle soul and the most human. 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫 Wait until the night is dark cause the silence becomes audible. 🥂 to many more out of this world acclamations. To the sanity Art brings . To the self assurance and the nakedness of mind , soul and spirit. Because it’s when you give up you or the idea of you then you truly live : Dream chaser mentality : Art : meMyself&I Pic: selfMe&I . . . . . . #thistooisafrica #art #wcw #902streetartists #902street #kenya #wednesdaywisdom

24 4

Happy 2020 😍😍😍 I think we still allowed to do that right ? ☝🏿☝🏿☝🏿☝🏿 If your feeling like me this year is moving way too fast and am reminded that it’s still a new year cause well! It’s just the second or let say almost the beginning of the 3rd month. The thought of starting again when you have had the first step already is stressful because going back to the starting point means you 1; failed 2: wasted time 3; and it’s just not the same because the first reasons of moving are now justifying the second thinking and the doubting. But in all honesty sometimes you got to start a fresh and build up the energy to last the whole race. Some tea because The internets deserves good and positive things in life. How is your Friday night? #randomthoughtfromamum Oh! in the name of beingMummed HARD Teething at any stage is not fun. Babies should just grow teeth in a day and their done ✅

24 0

Am feeling a little chilled about life. This is the only year that my birthday made a lot of sense. Adult-ing is not easy. But here is to Love cause that fixes everything. To loving the process and not to let anything stop you from achieving what is truly yours.#life #zen #jesus #love #art #tuesdaymotivation #tuesdaythoughts Lovely week and share Love ❤️

26 3

Sometimes the dirt under the rug is under the seats and with a crawling 👶 time is never in play it’s either your keeping it or your here with half eaten food / shaggy hair ( wait speaking of shaggy where did he go ? Is he still singing ?) Bad hair and just a sneeze 🤧 here and there because no one warned you that 👶s can spread flu 🤒 that fast. So I thought why not pose and awaken my “ smelling of flowers metaphor “ And may be come here and chat a little about how real this life is. How is your reality ? #mumlife #babies #thursday #spotsanaa #902street #art #poetry #love #valentine

78 4

#workmates Here keeping a pose @she_isjojo I think I finally nailed this thing 😂😂😂 @denkatruck @mccall_mike 📸 @pichazakibiu

34 0

Always trying to get in character. Well you can’t be perfect all the time actually you can’t ever. But you can be good. 📸 @pichazakibiu @_kinandi_ @she_isjojo

65 2

#firstpic2020 It’s time to get out of the hole and explore the world a bit or a lot. Some of the things 2020 promises even I don’t know and am excited. A little mystery you know . 2019 has been just awesome just realized that now. Hey @she_isjojo you such a natural at this posing for photos things.

14 0

#2020 The air . The blood I can feel it move in my body. The pressure in my head. The thoughts of what’s really real crossed my mind. This tree is beautiful I say it out loud. That’s what happens when you stop and smell the flowers. Have you stoped to smell flowers lately? Or are you just moving past them. Are you dragging in the matrix ? Have you stopped to sense the Grinch? Enjoy your evening.


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