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Travel, Documentary and lifestyle photographer. Always seeking the thrill of adventure. Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.80%. The average number of likes per post is 678 and the average number of comments is 18.

42.02% of the followers that engaged with petersize10 regularly are from Kenya, followed by United States at 4.2% and United Arab Emirates at 3.36%. In summary, the top 5 countries of petersize10's posts engager are coming from Kenya, United States, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Italy.

Petersize10 loves posting about Architecture, Photography, Nature & Outdoors, Travel.

Check petersize10's audience demography. This analytics report shows petersize10's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Kenya 42.02 %
  • United States 4.2 %
  • United Arab Emirates 3.36 %
  • Australia 3.36 %
  • Italy 3.36 %


489 7

My first time camping at the top of a mountain was to be a very exciting experience. Being in the Northern part of Kenya where it’s almost always sunny, it would be a clear night, right? WRONG ❌ It hadn’t rained for months, yet the one time Peter hikes up there, the heavens decide to open. This was the scene that greeted us at the top of Mt Ololokwe hours after I had picked a spot for my tent near the edge of the mountain. It was the rudest welcome from one of my favourite mountains. However, I shall be back, hopefully bearing gifts to appease the rain gods.

1,085 23

That time when the rainbow ended up on my tent while camping at the top of Mt Ololokwe.

540 18

Beleaf me when I tell you I had a lot of fern taking this picture 🍃 Shot on the #EOSR6

583 9

Exploring the backyard and discovering nature with @lets_drift is always something I look forward to. Shot on the #EOSR6

522 7

Just dropping some details we found recently with @lets_drift at a waterfall where water spray from the falls collects to form this massive drop on the leaves. Shot on the #EOSR6 #reimaginecanon

828 33

A morning peek of the A2, the highway leading to Moyale from the top of Mt Ololokwe. While with the @wildertravelmag team, I pitched my tent next to the edge of the mountain to wake up to a great view of the northern landscape only for the skies to open up for the first time in about 5 months. How’s your luck? The following morning was engulfed in fog and you could barely see through it. Then while holding in my disappointment & wishing upon what could have been, the skies cleared up for a few seconds seemingly teasing me into spending another night and I was able to grab a quick picture before the fog rolled in again. It really be like that with nature.... You can read more about our night atop Mt Ololokwe on the latest issue of @wildertravelmag.

1,697 49

I woke up to a very moody sunrise sometime last year in Msambweni and couldn’t believe my eyes as the sun was doing everything in its power to shine but the cloud cover relentlessly tried to steal its shine. Eventually, the clouds did win but I was fortunate enough to see the few minutes it shone. Shot on the @canoncnafrica 5D Mark IV, EF 70-200 mm F4 at 200mm, F13, 1/60 iso 1600

492 9

Memories from a few months ago camping in the Mara triangle with @greenspoonke & company. The private campsites require you to have rangers on watch overnight. I sat with the rangers by the fire and we had some hilarious chats about their experiences and the efforts they make in conservation. In the subsequent videos, I was told of rangers who were once poachers (they’re some of the best at it because they’ve been there and seen it all), poachers who’ve been shot in the butt (one of the worst places to take a bullet 🤣) and as we were by the Mara river, 2 hippos wandered into camp as they come out at night to eat. Went to sleep late into the night having had some great laughs. One of the highlights of my trips. Swipe left to watch the hippo encounter & bear the fireside chats. First 2 images were Shot on the #EOSR6 and the videos on my iPhone.

610 18

The planet would be a lot cooler if we went green...

666 20

An Egyptian Goose swimming at sunset in Amboseli’s Lake Kioko.

960 29

The feeling of being in Amboseli and not getting to see Mt Kilimanjaro in her full glory is one that would make me feel like an unwelcome visitor. I hope to never relate.


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