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lots of smiles & gay stuff 🌈 vegan since 1/1/19 🌱 toronto based, US born 🇨🇦🇺🇸 mgmt ⇾ ☟ #blm resources + action items! ☟

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15.4% of mr.benfield's followers are female and 84.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.50%. The average number of likes per post is 2458 and the average number of comments is 61.

Mr.benfield loves posting about Fashion, Lifestyle, Fitness, Food & Drink, Travel, Photography, Architecture.

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15.4 %
84.6 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 90.19 %
  • Travel & Tourism 68.10 %
  • Photography 48.45 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 45.13 %
  • Movies and TV 44.36 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 42.19 %
  • Art & Design 42.04 %
  • Business & Careers 35.31 %
  • Technology & Science 34.73 %
  • Sports 33.73 %
  • Entertainment 32.06 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 31.70 %
  • Books and Literature 31.44 %


3,833 78

we won’t stop marching. we won’t stop fighting. we won’t stop shouting at the top of our lungs that Black lives f*cking MATTER. things may seem like they’re going back to “normal” this week, but that couldn’t be FURTHER from the truth. the revolution is here to stay and i’m going to use my privilege and my platforms in whatever way possible to keep the conversation going 🖤✊🏻 - HELL its only been a week & just look at how many incredible steps forward we’ve taken in the US, thanks to all you protesting, petitioning, donating, sharing, and being LOUD *swipe over to see some of the good news* - this is ONLY going to continue if each and every one of us keeps the fight going every single day. for my white bbs, remember that it’s a PRIVILEGE to be able to go back to your “normal” life after a week of reflection & learning. BIPoC folx don’t have that privilege. this is a daily struggle against a system that’s built against them. as allies with that privilege, it’s our DUTY to lift their voices & continue fighting in whatever way we can. - keep donating. keep petitioning. keep protesting. keep spreading the word. keep educating yourself. keep having those hard conversations. we’re in this for the long haul and our world’s going to be better in the end ✊🏻 - #blm #blacklivesmatter #blacktranslivesmatter

1,235 26

another roundup of Black queer creators who you should be following! 🖤🤎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 pleaseeeee add some more of your fav Black creators in the comments for us to follow + for me to feature in the coming days!!! - *from left to right, top to bottom* @iamjarijones @rkrelentless @team2moms @vincint @hippypotter @arianaraw @jamillaandque @peathefeary @ihartericka - as with before, please be respectful if DM’ing or commenting on these creator’s posts. go google your questions or search on instagram first, there are so many resources out there already 💛 - #blm #blacklivesmatter #blackqueerlivesmatter #blacktranslivesmatter #pride #pride2020

2,920 58

being surrounded by so many beautiful humans to march for change today was beyond incredible 🖤✊🏻 i don’t really have the words to describe how i’m feeling right now, but @omartakespix took some photos that really speak to the energy in toronto today 👆🏻 - 🇨🇦 CANADA, don’t be fooled. this is not a strictly american problem. there are TOO many instances of police brutality & injustice against black & indigenous peoples that go way under the radar. of course, i’m a white man. but what i can say is that i hear you, i see you, i stand with you, & i will continue to use my platform to fight for you. this isn’t NEARLY over y’all. - 📸: @omartakespix *omar got permission to photograph anyone who’s faces are included in these pictures. REMEMBER to always receive consent before posting anything with a protestor’s face in it* - #blm #blacklivesmatter #torontocanada #nojusticenopeace #justiceforbreonnataylor #justiceforgeorgefloyd #justiceforahmaud

2,230 42

🎨 artwork by @hippypotter 🎨 i’ll be the first to say that the people i follow on social media, for the most part, look like me. they’re white, gay, cisgendered men who *yes* are wonderful & amazing, but right now, we NEED to be diversifying our feeds, where we get a lot of our inspiration & ideas & information. - following black creators, specifically black & queer creators, is KEY to listening to new voices & hearing new stories that we’ve never heard before. in the gallery above 👆🏻 i’ve included 9 of the beautiful, amazing, & inspirational black queer creators i’ve found and been pointed to in the past couple of days. i won’t speak for them, but swipe through for all their handles or click below to follow them!!! - @blairimani @steroidbeyonce @dom_and_nick @styleisstyle @dapper_stemme @terrell.and.jarius @jesslayica @plantkween - P.S. please be respectful if DM’ing or commenting on these creator’s posts. go google your questions or search on instagram first, there are so many resources out there already 💛 - #blm #blacklivesmatter #pride #pride2020

994 19

donate 👏🏻 to 👏🏻 these 👏🏻 organizations 👏🏻 *and SHARE!* - this pride month is all about supporting the black queer community who’ve been instrumental in securing our rights that we hold so dear. we would be NOWHERE without the queer & trans black activists who have fought for the lgbtq2s+ community throughout the decades 🌈✊🏻 if you have the funds available, please consider donating to one or more of these organizations today & throughout the month!! - #pride #pride2020 #blm #blacklivesmatter (found via @pfpicardi)

1,995 51

this is too important not to share! if you don’t have the funds right now to donate directly to organizations (i know a lot of you don’t and have struggled with this), this is a insanely easy way to donate for anyone in the world without spending ANY money. just follow the instructions above & starting streaming the video via the link in my bio!!! - #blacklivesmatter #blm (found this post from @donte.colley!)

1,250 32

AMPLIFY black voices. stand in SOLIDARITY. SHARE resources. whatever you do, DON’T be silent. this is the time when we need to be the LOUDEST. - READ: swipe over to see a book list from @meghanyuriyoung because reading is what? FUNDAMENTAL. go order all of these today & let’s educate ourselves. - DONATE: The George Floyd Memorial Fund @blklivesmatter @reclaimtheblock @nationalbailout @bailproject @blackvisionscollective @campaignzero @runwithmaud @aclu_nationwide @naacp - SIGN: Justice for George Floyd ( Colors for Change #JusticeforFloyd Justice for Breonna Taylor ( Justice for Ahmaud Arbery ( - LISTEN: @mvmnt4blklives @theconsciouskid @ckyourprivilege @rachel.cargle please tag more in the comments!!! - VOTE: swipe all the way to the end for all the elections happening in june! - #blackouttuesday (found this post via @tylerandtodd)

5,600 125

happy freakin’ birthday to my favorite human on the multiverse 💛 i know it’s a crazy weird time to be celebrating a birthday, but omar is the best thing that’s ever happened to me & i couldn’t imagine life without him adventuring beside me. this virgo would be nothing without my crazy gemini with me 🤪 plus, 28’s never looked better 😉🥰 - if you’re planning on wishing him a happy birthday in the comments, please please PLEASE think about donating to any of the orgs listed below (what a great birthday present that’d be 🥳): - @blklivesmatter @blackvisionscollective @campaignzero @reclaimtheblock @unicorn.riot @bailproject - 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

2,790 94

when you can't make it to the flower fields, make your own 🌻✨ wearing @uniqlocanada's linen collection (my FAV!) - #Ad #UNIQLOCanada #LifeWear

12,269 319

like many of us over the past couple of days, i’ve been struggling to come up the words to express how i’m feeling. i feel anger. i feel sadness. i feel hopelessness. i feel rage. i feel disappointed that i’m from a country where this still happens. as a white cis man living in toronto, my privilege puts me in a position where i never have to fear for my life. i never have to be afraid that i’ll be murdered while jogging or have my windpipe crushed by a police officer. i never have to be worried about being called a thug by the president of the united states because of the color of my skin. pride month is starting in a couple of days. this shouldn’t be separated from the backdrop of the uprising happening in minneapolis and around the country. and the world - canada, we have our fair share of work to do, too. in fact, our lgbtq2s+ community needs to be the strongest ally to the black community right now. the stonewall uprising was a, yes, violent overthrow of social norms & police brutality largely headed by black trans women & people of color. POC have been fighting for the rights of the lgbtq2s+ community for YEARS and it’s time for us to return the favor. as a cis white gay man, i want to use my position of privilege to the advantage of our black brothers & sisters, ESPECIALLY during pride this year. to my black followers - know that i SEE you. i HEAR you. and i’m WITH you. ✊🏻 to my white followers (especially in the lgbtq2s+ community) we have an OBLIGATION to do our part right now. use your privilege to help make the world a better place. donate to the @mnfreedomfund, @blklivesmatter, or @blackvisionscollective (please post other places we can donate to below). protest where you can. speak out online. sign petitions. read books & articles by black authors. follow black creators. have those hard conversations with your conservative family members. VOTE. we all have to do our damn part to create the just & equal society we want to live in. all the love 🖤🤎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


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