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Mom to 3 girls | Wife to @russperry Scottsdale, AZ 🌵 Traveling around📍 Making organizing bite-sized and easier 🏷 Good To Be Home podcast🎙
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.10%. The average number of likes per post is 518 and the average number of comments is 37.

47.87% of the followers that engaged with mikaperry regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 8.51% and Rwanda at 4.26%. In summary, the top 5 countries of mikaperry's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, Rwanda, Germany, France.

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  • United States 47.87 %
  • Canada 8.51 %
  • Rwanda 4.26 %
  • Germany 4.26 %
  • France 3.19 %


397 35

On the blog : GAME ORGANIZATION! 🧩🎲 See how you can easily turn a jumble of games into a streamlined “filing system” 📂 Link in bio! • This method for games is definitely making its rounds right now for quarantine-time organizational projects – and rightfully so. It’s simple, inexpensive to put together, and makes it so much easier for everyone to access your family’s game collection. Which is super helpful right now as we look for ways to entertain ourselves indoors! • If you’ve followed me for a while now, you know that I am a huge fan of zip pouches for a variety of uses. I started this project back in December, but put it on the back-burner with the holidays and new year. Shout out to Brittney @homegrowntraditions and Rìa @riorganize who recently posted their beautiful game organization which was the push and motivation I needed to get mine done. Thanks ladies! (Be sure to follow both for major inspo) • I joked about finding the OG “game-bagger” but you guys! Through my DM’s I found that @simplify_in_style did it a long time ago and she may be the OG! I felt like I was “contact tracing” to find the first person! 😂 But I also got DMs from people who have been doing this since they were kids using Ziplock bags, and we also can’t forget about people who may have been doing this but aren’t posting it publicly to social media. Their work counts, too, right? • All this to say, I say bravo and thank you to ALL of you taking part in organization in ANY way! I salute you with label maker in hand! 👏🏼 The point is that we are all in this together to make our homes a little less chaotic and a little more happy, and any info we can share is a boost to all. Please take anything I share here on social and run with them, tweak them, and make them work for you. That’s what I’m here for. Hooray, organizing! 🎉 (yes I just said that 😆)

653 33

This week we celebrate 100 episodes of Good To Be Home! 🎉 Under quarantine wasn’t how we imagined welcoming this milestone, but the whole point of our podcast is centered around the idea of HOME, so in some ways it feels totally appropriate 😉 Putting out an episode for 100 weeks in a row is something I am proud of. My kids don’t love the Instagram part of what I do because it puts me on my phone a lot (which they see more of now that they are home during the day.) But when it comes to podcasting, they love it. They grasp that mom and dad make “episodes” and that people listen to our voices tell stories and we do it to help others. We bring them into the studio and they see the mics and we let them play with it and it’s tangible. We always have said that if nothing else comes from the podcast, at least our kids will have a legacy of audio recordings of mom and dad in their late 30s talking about what was happening in their lives and what mattered to them. Wouldn’t you have loved to have that of your parents? I think that’s one really cool way of thinking if you are a content creator of any kind, too. It’s memories for your kids 🧡 We thought about doing some sort of celebratory episode this week, but we stuck to what we know best which is talking about things that have been challenging for us in our lives and what has helped. For this week’s episode, we’re talking about a more mindful approach to what we consume on social, news, and everything else coming at us with something called “Intermittent Media Fasting.” It might resonate with you during this social distancing moment of our lives. Link in bio to listen! But we wanted to at least something special so we are doing a GIVEAWAY! We are giving two $100 Amazon gift cards (one from me, one from Russ.) Details on how to enter are in the episode. To our GTBH family of listeners, THANK YOU. Thanks for encouraging us for the past almost two years now and allowing us to be a part of your life in a small way. We love you so much! 🙏🏼❤️ #goodtobehomepodcast

591 27

Happy Easter from our family to yours! 🐰🥕💐 A few snapshots from a simple and beautiful day (including someone who finally decided to learn how to ride a bike!) Everything I need is right here beside me, and I am so grateful 🙏🏼 Hope you had a wonderful day with your families! 💛 #heisrisen #easter

497 10

Good morning! The kids are jumping on our new trampoline (😆) and I have a few things to share with you : PODCAST | This week’s episode is on taking a look at your “additive” and “subtractive” habits. We recorded the episode right before the pandemic - and realized this might be even more applicable now that we’re all at home stuck inside with ourselves! Russ and I both share some additive and subtractive habits we’ve had and still do have in our lives, plus the secret to creating habits 💫 ON THE BLOG | “How to Homeschool During the Pandemic” which is a collection of what has helped me over the last four weeks. A lot of the tips are from the podcast episode I did on the same topic, but I’ve also now included what has helped me with the Zoom calls and online learning that’s now part of most of us moms’ lives 💻 ALSO ON THE BLOG | Related to the above, there’s a blog post called “What I Did About Yelling at My Kids.” This is a candid post I wrote a while ago, but in case you missed it and with quarantine testing our parenting patience, I wanted to bring it up again. I linked it inside of the homeschool blog post 🤗 SMOOTHIE | This green smoothie I make for the girls is almond milk, tons of spinach, frozen pineapple, frozen mango, banana, chia, flax, collagen, a touch of MCT oil, and their probiotic powder. Pretty much the one way for me to get greens into Reese and Paige 🌿 Take what you need from above, give yourself a ton of grace above all, and here’s to a good weekend! Links to blog and podcast are in the link in bio 💛 xo #weekendmood #wellness #goodtobehomepodcast

440 84

Should I let Paige do an Instagram takeover of my feed one day YES or NO ✅❎ (I feel like she would kind of be amazing at it 😂) . . . . . #gallerywall #livingroom #homeschool #igkids #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughinstagram #stayathome #dailyparenting #momlife #momswithcameras

653 32

One thing I love about our home is all the light we get through our windows – especially in our great room. We get soft and bright morning light like this, and in the evenings we get an amazing view of the AZ sunsets ☀️ This room is definitely where everyone ends up when we have people over and I kept thinking about getting more seating for this area, so that family and friends could face each other and make gatherings more comfortable. In my mind, I clearly pictured two square ottomans in a ticking stripe pattern that I could move around – and lo and behold, @studiomcgee came up with one and placed it none other that my second home, @target. Dreams do come true 😂🙌🏼 Can’t wait to have everyone here in this room again soon! 🙏🏼 http://liketk.it/2MCFh @liketoknow.it #liketkit #greatroom #interiorstyling #athome

485 124

We were supposed to go to Hawaii in May 🌴 and Japan in June and July 🇯🇵 and @russperry was also supposed to go to Indonesia, Colombia, and Peru for work. I know when this is all over, travel is going to mean that much more to all of us 💚 • Have you guys had to cancel or postpone any trips because of the pandemic?? 🛬 #hawaii #seetheworld #mytinyatlas #stayathome

559 11

Some of us are feeling completely busy with kids at home and WFH schedules and general quarantine craziness. And rightfully SO 💯 • But some of us might be feeling like they have extra time on their hands right now, and feeling motivated to do some projects around the house or develop some new skills. Well, this definitely is the time! ⏰ • For those of you somewhere in between the two (I fall in that category) or if you’re very much in the second camp, I have some ideas and resources I created just for you to help your HOME, TIME, and ENERGY feel more calm and organized 🙌🏼 • 📦 FREE 30 Day Decluttering Challenge | A free printable of 30 doable and simple decluttering tasks that you can start at any time. There’s also an option to receive daily videos of me decluttering each of these spaces in my own home, right in your inbox to follow along and keep you going! • 🌿 FREE 30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge | a free printable of 30 often-forgotten corners of your home that you can easily clean during quarantine. Do it yourself or get your family involved. It feels so good to cross each item off! • 📝 FREE Good To Be Home Productivity Toolkit | learn what @russperry and I like to use to manage our time and tasks - plus a list of helpful episodes of the podcast that address these topics. • ☀️ Morning and Night Routine Guide | now more than ever, routines and habits are so important to keep consistent solid so that your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health don’t start to slide down a slippery slope. Learn my 6-step framework for creating routines that support more energizing mornings and restorative nights so you can feel more focused. • 🏷 The Organizing Masterclass | learn basically everything you need to know about organizing your home, from kitchens to closets, playrooms and paperwork, and photos and bathrooms - plus how to maintain the spaces once you get an organizational system set up. • Just wanted to remind you (or let you know for the first time!) what I have available for you - whether it’s little decluttering tasks or a big organizational overhaul. Links to ALL can be found in the link in bio 💛 #weekendvibes #organized #kitchendesign

307 11

If there ever was a time to keep the words “balancing” and “grace” and “the kids will be fine” in mind, – it is now ❤️ • Here we have water bottles that I snuck probiotic powder into, and I also thought of the idea today to give them one water bottle for the day, so that they stop asking constantly for cups of water (and I can track their water consumption.) These made me feel like hey, good job Mom-Mika! 💦 • Then let me point out that this is straight up Panda Express via Uber Eats because they wanted it and I said why not. This is the left overs so we’re talking two days in a row 😂 I think Paige last ate a vegetable a few days ago. I am not sure 🍜 • Anyway, just doing what I can over here right now. The kids are having a blast and I am too (although it’s exhausting) and we’ll be just fine 🙌🏼 • I keep forgetting to tell you about this week’s podcast, which I think is worth listening to especially if you’re running a business, too. Russ and I share what’s been helpful for us these last few weeks to adjust to home and work. “Adjust” meaning currently working on it - we are figuring this out day-by-day! 🗓 • I know we don’t have the commutes and workouts and alone time to listen to podcasts like we used to, but I’ve been listening to them while I’ve been cleaning and doing things around the house whenever I can. It really makes it go by faster! Link in bio to listen to the episode 🎧 • Also omg we bought a trampoline! Who are we even right now? 😆 #fridayfeeling #motherhood #quarantinelife

513 43

Today I’m calling a timeout and we are ditching school ✌🏼 • On a recent IG live I did with @thefound.ress talking about routines/productivity during these times, I said that discipline and action were key in moving forward – but so is FLEXIBILITY. Today I listened to my mom instincts and we are saving the school work for tomorrow and spending the morning on the couch together watching movies (until Reese has her zoom dance classes and zoom play practice, and Maddix will have to sneak in some online work eventually) 🎬 • I’ve heard it from my neighbors and friends, I’ve heard it from you guys (you really felt Paige’s mood when I posted this pic in my stories yesterday) and I’m feeling it myself –this is tiring. No matter what your situation is (homeschool or not) we are all doing things we’ve never done before under circumstances we’ve never been in, so of COURSE we are going to be tired! Even just disinfecting things and washing all the hands is a job in itself! 😆 • It’s like when you first start a new job or a new workout plan, you’re exhausted and sore. It eventually gets easier, but at first it takes some adjustment and “active recovery” days 🙏🏼 • Even the kids have been totally wiped out by the end of the day, so I think this has been a lot for them to take in and they need a break, too 💕 • So we are not going to be educational, productive, stimulating, or busy today. We are just going to BE 🙆🏻‍♀️ • And enjoy the cinematic drama of “Zombies 2”and “Descendants 3” – because that’s what’s on deck 😂 #motherhood #dailyparenting #ourcandidlife

683 82

They officially closed Arizona schools for the rest of the school year 🌵📚👋🏼 I haven’t felt any anxiety this entire time - until now. A little bit crept in this morning. Praying, breathing deeply, and just did some “PE” outside with the girls and that helped! Moms, where are your thoughts and feelings at right now? 💕#motherhood #weareinthistogether


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