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26, Norway. KFPS Friesian & Dole Horse. Bridleless dressage, liberty, tricks, friendship & FUN! 💗 BUSINESS: ✉️ @klesarven skirts👇🏻

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81.6% of matildebrandt's followers are female and 18.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.10%. The average number of likes per post is 7263 and the average number of comments is 60.

22.73% of the followers that engaged with matildebrandt regularly are from Germany, followed by United States at 12.12% and Netherlands at 9.09%. In summary, the top 5 countries of matildebrandt's posts engager are coming from Germany, United States, Netherlands, Norway, Austria.

Matildebrandt loves posting about Photography, Animals & Pets, Nature & Outdoors.

Check matildebrandt's audience demography. This analytics report shows matildebrandt's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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81.6 %
18.4 %


  • Photography 51.11 %
  • Travel & Tourism 47.56 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 46.61 %
  • Art & Design 44.93 %
  • Business & Careers 40.40 %
  • Pets 39.05 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 37.12 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 36.55 %
  • Music 36.46 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 35.11 %
  • Children & Family 34.52 %
  • Home & Garden 34.31 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 34.29 %


  • Germany 22.73 %
  • United States 12.12 %
  • Netherlands 9.09 %
  • Norway 9.09 %
  • Austria 6.06 %


8,272 46

My boys 🖤 Both posing so nicely because they saw a horse in the horizon 🤪 I still receive many questions regarding HEIGHT. 👀📏 So here we go again – I’m 184 cm tall (almost 6,1 ft). Batman is 170 cm (16.3 hands). Iver is 160 cm (15.3 hands). So to sum it up – my horses appear tiny because I’m rather tall! 🤣 Amazing photo by @mariajoh98 ☀️ #javielskerdølahesten #dølahestsåklart #dølahest #instahorse #horsesofinstagram #pferdeschönheiten #bitless #bridleless #nobridle #halsring #naturalhorsemanship #nobridle #horsetraining #hest360

11,149 114

IVER 🌸 Coolest horse I’ve ever known. 🦔 There is nothing he can’t do. He brings so much joy and makes me feel safe no matter what. What an amazing boy. He is pure happiness and the best little brother Bat could ask for. And he is pretty as well 🥰 Iver is a six year old Norwegian Dole horse after the stunning stallion Nybakk Frøyar. He arrived in December 2017 ☀️ #dølahest #javielskerdølahesten #dølahestsåklart #dølahest #hesterbest #longmane #horsephoto #equinephotography #horsesofinstagram #instahorse

6,342 43

#blackouttuesday 🖤 No words needed.

6,814 45

My golden buddy ☀️✨ Iver has been growing like a weed lately. It’s nuts 🤪 He is so massive these days, currently standing tall at 160 cm 🙏🏻🌸 Dreamy photo shot by the legendary @amvequine 🌷 A thousand times thank you for your efforts! The photos is everything I could possibly dream of! #dølahestsåklart #dølahest #hesterbest #equinephotography #equinephotographer #horsesofinstagram #pferdefotografie #pferdeschönheiten #paarden #buckskinhorse #drafthorsesofinstagram #hest360

7,561 86

A lot is going on these days and I am spending too much energy on trying to be rational rather than emotional. Not easy for a person like me. 🤪 I have way too much feelings. A lot of uncertanty is going on, my life is a cliffhanger. I can’t stand it. For instance, I really don’t want to move my horses from the beautiful farm we have stayed at the past four years. But I need to. It’s a never ending fight between 🧠 and 🖤. Exhausting. I need to be determined, focused and stop thinking so much. I just need to follow the plan. Remain calm. I move them because of Bat’s special needs (food, peace and quiet). I move them to make my life easier with a way shorter distance between stable and my home. I move them to have more terrain to discover with Iver and better training facilities. But my heart is just focusing on how beautiful the farm is, how much I love the people there, how many amazing memories we have .. The beautiful forest. I cry when I think of it. 😭 I can’t stand change, but the fact is that all the change I have chosen so far has been frickin awesome. THEN WHY IS IT SO HARD? Gosh. I do it for Batman, he needs peace and he needs special hay. So let’s pray this works out as planned. 🙏🏻 Photo from 2016. Gorgeous capture by @unesusrud 🧡 #hesterbest #hest360 #instahorse #petsofinstagram #frison #friesianhorse #frieser #friesiansofinstagram #blackhorse #equine #equinephotography

6,940 26

HUZZAH! ✨🥂 Currently obsessed with @thegreathulu 😍 Best show ever. So when @amvequine came over to shoot, I of course had to put together an outfit inspired by the show and run with Iver 🤣 Gosh, the stays and gowns. 🤤🎀 Not as epic as @ellefanning, but it’ll do 😇 Thank you so much for the awesome pics dear Ada! I can’t wait to share more. 🥰 Make sure to follow her at @amvequine 🙌🏻🌸 Always a pleasure to work with her, she is the most amazing and patient person ever. 🤣 #horsesofinstagram #pferdestars #horsephotographer #equine #paarden #hest360 #instahorse #dølahestsåklart #dølahest #dolehorse #gallop #huzzah

8,644 65

Eye of the Storm 🖤🌪✨ This was shot on top of a super windy hill right before the storm hit. Crazy weather, and freezing cold! But what an epic picture we got @mariajoh98 🥰 Batman was absolutely incredible that day. #mysondeflor #sondeflor #linendress #horsesofinstagram #friesian #frison #kjæledyr #hest360 #horsephotographer #equine #kfps #bridleless #bitless #blackhorse #hesterbest

10,542 162

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IVER ✨🥳🧡 Golden boy turns six today! Almost all grown up, stronger and cooler than ever. Gosh, the horse of my dreams 😍🙏🏻 At the age of six Iver knows all the tricks almost, including all the difficult ones, he does bridleless riding, mounted archery, dressage, tackless jumping, driving and he is brave, confident and amazing to hang out with. What more can you dream of?! My little ball of joy, always up for some fun! He is a pleasure to work with and the most intelligent and brave horse I have ever met. Thank you for being around Iver, Batman and I love you 🧡🧡🧡 #dølahest #dølahestsåklart #dolehorse #døl #drafthorse #horsesofinstagram #longmane #instahorse #hesterbest #hest360

5,578 70

annonse // «The rain has moved on and left a new day 🌞 Nothing seems to move, everything is still – it’s just a perfect day» 🎶🌸🌿🌾 My favorite dress of all times, this classic green linen dress, is from @sondeflor 🌳 You gotta check out their beautiful clothes. They are beyond stunning. Forever grateful for having this piece in my wardrobe. Photo by @mariajoh98 🙏🏻 #mysondeflor #sondeflor #equestrianstyle #bitless #friesian #friesianhorse #horsesofinstagram #elegance #lovelinen #darlingmoments #quietinthewild #horserider #pferdestars #pferdeschönheiten #twohearts

6,176 40

Show off ... 😇 Iver is doing his best at fancy Spanish horse moves with his heavy built draft body 😂 When I looked for my second horse I considered a few Iberian mixes because I wanted another «big fancy horse» with epic movements and shiny coat but came to the conclusion that I wasn’t brave enough for having one. 🙊 Iver is no dressage or baroque horse, but he is 100% cold headed and NOTHING makes him stressed out. He makes me feel so safe, he is so calm untill you ask for action and I believe that’s excactly what I need. 🙏🏻🧡 Never underestimate a draft 🌸 «Kaldt hode, varmt hjerte» Photo by @henriettenergaard ✨ Riding skirt by @klesarven 🌳 #dølahest #dølahestsåklart #drafthorse #jambette #spanishwalk #trickhorse #bridleless #bitless #reitrock #ridingskirt #ridkjol #rideskjørt

4,430 18

annonse / Never stop dreaming 🌸✨ The amazing full circle riding dress is from @klesarven, you can order yours right away 👑 It is wonderful and believe me you’ll feel like a princess! Captured by @imaginetakawi 🌹 #gallop #friesian #hesterbest #bridleless #bitless #ridingdress #klesarven #horseriding #horsesofinstagram #norskdesign


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