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🦋 Travel - Selflove - Vegan 🦋 🌙 Book Author and Creator 🌙 My German Account: @selbst__verliebt
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70.0% of lulusdreamtown's followers are female and 30.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.70%. The average number of likes per post is 1950 and the average number of comments is 45.

24.53% of the followers that engaged with lulusdreamtown regularly are from United States, followed by Germany at 16.98% and Netherlands at 5.66%. In summary, the top 5 countries of lulusdreamtown's posts engager are coming from United States, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Australia.

Lulusdreamtown loves posting about Lifestyle, Fashion, Cooking, Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Photography.

Check lulusdreamtown's audience demography. This analytics report shows lulusdreamtown's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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70.0 %
30.0 %


  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 80.66 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 69.13 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 66.31 %
  • Travel & Tourism 44.94 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 37.96 %
  • Art & Design 35.64 %
  • Business & Careers 31.83 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 31.81 %
  • Sports 31.79 %
  • Entertainment 31.75 %
  • Technology & Science 30.85 %


  • United States 24.53 %
  • Germany 16.98 %
  • Netherlands 5.66 %
  • Canada 3.77 %
  • Australia 3.77 %


1,907 53

What are your food essentials?🍅 🥔 🥦 (werbung) I always try to buy all of the food I need in a week on Mondays and I try to focus on many fresh veggies and fruits. Preferably organic 🌱 I bought all of those at @pennydeutschand If you want to see the entire haul - Check out my story. The have a variety of organic and fresh veggies and fruits. Some essentials are definitely potatoes, berries and greens. Can’t go without them. What are your essentials that you always have to have at home? . Was muss bei euch in der Küche immer vorhanden sein? 🍅 🥔 🥦 Ich versuche immer montags schon für die Woche alles einzukaufen was ich brauche und hierbei achte ich immer auf genug Obst und Gemüse. Am Liebsten bio 🌱 Ich habe alles, was ihr im Kühlschrank seht heute bei @pennydeutschland eingekauft. Falls ihr den kompletten Haul sehen möchtet - Schaut gerne in meiner Story vorbei. Es gibt eine große Auswahl an frischem Gemüse und Obst. Was bei mir nicht fehlen darf sind Beeren, Grünzeug und Kartoffeln! Das muss immer mit. Was muss bei eurem Einkauf immer mit? . #vegan #yummy #tasty #pennydeutschland #naturgut #erstmalzupenny #lecker #vegan

2,096 66

🌙 WHAT IS YOUR ZODIAC SIGN? 💫 . Mine is cancer. And I guess I am pretty much feeling like a cancer. Everytime I think there is something wrong or weird about me I find out that it is completely normal for cancers to feel this way. That actually makes me feel less weird and more normal 😂 . ♋️ Cancers are: Tenacious, loyal, emotional and highly imaginative but they can also be very moody which I totally feel like I am. Some of the weaknesses I had went away after working on myself like: Being pessimistic or insecure ❤️ . I guess in some moments it really helps me to find out more about cancers but there is definitely a lot I can‘t relate too. But in all honesty - We don‘t have to define ourselves by all of that we can use what we need to grow 🙌🏽 . . . . . #zodiacsigns #zodiac #sternzeichen #selflove #selbstliebe #growth

2,055 34

Make Up free, enjoying the sun and having fun with my sis ❤️ I am always planning my posts and try to make them super creative - This is just a pic of my life behind the scenes. I realized that the most important thing in life is quality time with our loved ones. Looking back in my life I wish I would have enjoyed many moments more. So now I really focus on being in the moment. Listening to people. Laughing with my friends and I really had to learn to stop worrying and comparing all the time because it really takes away the worth of the exact moment. . . . #family #qualitytime #happiness #grateful #thankful #lawofattraction #selflove #selbstliebe #dankbarkeit

2,020 36

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH 🏳️‍🌈 Love is love 💕 I found this quote which touched my heart: ,,love is too beautiful to be hidden in the closet.“ The more love on the planet the better! 🏳️‍🌈❤️ So keep spreading love and always try to be kind . . . #lgbt #pride #pride2020 #pridemonth #selflove

2,420 55

My family is my rock. I am so grateful to have a supportive family that let‘s me do what I love and create the life I always want while keeping me on the ground. My mum always says: Give your kid wings to fly but also roots to come back to. And that is really how it feels like being with my family. I am super happy to be back for two weeks and finally spend time with them again. You never know when it is too late so spend quality time with your family. Really be in the moment and remember to be kind, understanding and caring ❤️ Love you guys - Sending you all the love that I have . . . #selflove #happiness #grateful #thankful #gratitude #selbstliebe #persönlichkeitsentwicklung

1,299 40

I sometimes feel like I have to have everything to be happy and then I find myself feeling a rush of happiness by just feeling the wind in my hair and listening to good music. Society wants to tell us how happiness looks like when in reality we don‘t need much to feel happy. We just have to open our eyes and look at the small things in life ❤️ . . . #happiness #happy #grateful #selflove # selfcare #ilovemyself #selbstliebe #selbstbewusstsein

1,595 45

Did you ever hug a tree? 🌲 🌳 I feel pretty close to nature. It is such an honor for me to live here and because of that I am trying my best to make the right decision for this planet. I think that is what we all should do. It is not about making everything perfect and stressing out about it. It is more about thinking about it before doing it and becoming more conscious about it ❤️ . . . #nature #earth #savetheplanet #selflove #consciousness #grateful #happiness

2,064 28

It is okay to say: No! 🙋🏽‍♀️ This is something I really had to learn during the last years. I have always been this person everyone described as ,,too kind". Being kind is wonderful, but I had to learn to be more egoistic here and there - which does not mean that I am not kind anymore. Actually I am still kind but I am not just kind to others - I am also kind to myself. ⠀⠀ I gotta admit I still have some problems here and there with saying what I really want and what I don't want but I am on a journey. And I am stronger than I was a few years ago even though I am not there where I want to be. ⠀⠀ Do you have a problem with saying No? And being 100% honest to every single person? I would love to know your thoughts on this and how you feel like doing it. ⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ #mentalhealth #sayingno #honest #truth #empowerment #power #strong #yourself #selfcare #selflove #kindness #growth

1,714 38

What were your plans for this summer? 🥰 I would have spent my birthday at Disneyland Paris and I would have went to sooo many places during the time of August. But I am happy with spending some time in my dad‘s pool ✌🏼 . . I wanted to remind you that it is okay if you don‘t feel so good right now - you don‘t have to always be good all the time. I had some pretty hard days but I am feeling better now. . . #selflove #selfcare #happiness #grateful #thankful #lawofattraction

1,793 34

When you see the light instead of the dark and focus on the bright things in life you won‘t get caught up in negativity. There will always be both sides. There will always be negative and positivity. You can decide what you see. You can decide on which side you want to live ❤️ . . . #selflove #selfcare #iloveme #happiness #grateful #personaldevelopment

2,195 95

How did your eating habits change during quarantine? Like I eat a ton of unhealthy stuff haha 😂 Somehow I got so sick of cooking that I rather have a few weird snacks instead of a real meal. Cooking 2-3 times a day sometimes feels like a waste of time 😂 Like I don‘t really enjoy it anymore... What about you? Do you still enjoy cooking and how are your eating habits going? Don‘t stress too much about your diet and everything right now. We are all in the same boat ⛵️ . . . #food #vegan #yummy #breakfast #delicious #tasty #veganrecipe

2,059 48

What is your fav memory from last year? ❤️ Most of us are probably pretty disappointed in 2020 so far haha 😂 So let‘s do a little recap and think about the best things from last year. I really enjoyed my aunt‘s wedding and the roadtrip we took. ❤️ What about you? . . . #memories #2020 #happy #grateful #throwback #2019


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