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Creative Spirit {Fashion}{Art} {Life} ✈ Birthed this beauty... @sungodsofficial
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.90%. The average number of likes per post is 69 and the average number of comments is 14.

55.93% of the followers that engaged with lashawn_daily regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 6.78% and United Kingdom at 6.78%. In summary, the top 5 countries of lashawn_daily's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Ghana.

Lashawn_daily loves posting about Fashion, Celebrities, Hair & Beauty, Design.

Check lashawn_daily's audience demography. This analytics report shows lashawn_daily's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 55.93 %
  • Canada 6.78 %
  • United Kingdom 6.78 %
  • Brazil 3.39 %
  • Ghana 3.39 %


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{BlackoutTuesday} | Use today to Vote!! Today is the Primary Elections. More important (in my eyes) than electing a President (well we don’t really elect the President because they’re already pre-selected but I digress). Please use your power and voice as a collective and VOTE in your state for this is where you will see immediate change in your neighborhoods and day to day lives. This is the day we need to be the LOUDEST in using our Political Power for Change. See you at the Polls {DC, MD, Indiana, Iowa, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Delaware}. #solidarity #unity #localofficials #mayor #senator #politicalpower #economicpower #blackoutday2020 #blackoutday #blackouttuesday #vote #primaryelection

68 6

{Story Time}🍃 . . Whenever I create something, you know there’s a great story behind it. When making Sun Gods face masks, I repurposed much of the left over fabric from my previous collections to create sustainable fashionable masks for you all. When rocking these masks I hope you know you are connecting with various countries within the African diaspora where a lot of these fabrics were purchased. Lagos, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana being the top two areas where I bought my prints from when starting SG’s Duster collections in 2018/2019. . . Masks such as “The Vera” were used with left over fabric from “The Makeba” duster which was part of the Back To Lagos collection. New masks are coming out this week such as “The Viv” {pictured above}, “The Indie” and “Yazra” (which were all created using Nigerian fabric). I always want you to understand what you’re wearing for when I say #tribe... it’s truly what I mean. Culture... Connection... The Diaspora... Vibez... Style. Get into this frequency. SG Masks are All The Way ON! {Visit my stories to see all your beautiful faces rocking @sungodsofficial masks}. I’m loving seeing the tags! #tribe #strong 💪🏽 💋🍃#masks4all #SGmasks #masks #serveface #smize #acreativedc #madeindc #fashiondesigner #fashion #style #ootd #outfit

298 139

June 1st... Can we do it? . . This pandemic has its benefits for its shown me two things: 1) We can be forced to live the same lifestyle as a nation immediately (which was the lockdown and staying home) and 2) We can collectively make a change within the way we shop and support our communities and places of interest. Have you seen Netflix stock lately? Do to everyone doing the same thing, their stock has skyrocketed. This is all within less than two months. Now what if we used that same “Pandemic Urgency” within our own community? As mentioned in this video, I tried to shop black a few years ago and simply couldn’t sustain life do to there not being enough black owned businesses. We now have a lot more resources and reputable businesses to find what’s needed this go round!. . . A group of individuals (including myself) are trying a Shop Black Only lifestyle in order to help build up our community. Are you down to participate to see how long you last and if you actually stick with the lifestyle longer than a month? Share with your friends to make it a group effort! If you need insight on apps to find black owned businesses in your area or need a support group to share challenges or success stories, join my email list by sending your email address to me (my email is in my bio). I’m excited to see the change that can/will happen and how soon we can shift the narrative in our community. For if this Pandemic can make Success stories out of Amazon and Netflix do to our current shopping habits, I would love to see what it can do within our community. June 1st baby!! Are you down... because I’m ready!🧡 #buyblackonly #june1st

56 12

Missing all my friends today and the memories we created together. When we all gather again you know something epic is bound to happened. Until then, these zoom/“house parties” will have to suffice lol #TBT to living it up all around the city with some of my favorites! Shout out to the restaurants/lounges that provided the best setting, food, drinks and vibezzz. Please be here when America opens back up. {SWIPE} put DJ OZ on the 1s and 2s 🙏🏽 @rosewoodwashingtondc @castasrumbar @whoteldc @eaton.dc #tribe #goddesses #queens #melaninpoppin #creatives #friends #babyloves #goals #memories #vibez🧡 🤗 😘

28 2

{Window Seat} . . Wondering when we’ll ever meet again. I love you but I am terrified to come anywhere near you right now. We have so many memories... Paris, Belize, Morocco, Switzerland, Panama, Mexico... the list goes on and on. Please return back to me safely for I know that things will never quite be the same. (That middle seat will forever be empty tho!) #silverlining ✨ #travel #wanderlust #cranberrycocktailjuice #dontsitthatcryingbabynexttome #6hourflight #LA #miami #dc #acreativedc #work #windowseat #erykahbadu #vacation #goodoldays #missyou ✈️

87 25

{Work Flow} . . Currently on the hunt to find more of this executive suite polyester/rayon fabric in this perfect sea foam green color. 10 were made originally and to this day I receive requests for this shade. I wish I could see how each person rocked the look for @mariosimonee killed this shoot last spring! Adding one of our “Back to Lagos” exclusive dusters to the fit leveled up the swag. Already plotting for this Fall/Winters dusters. What do you guys think? Make this jumpsuit and our printed dusters an SG staple piece? I’m thinking so... #fashion #sungodsbae #dope #style #afrohemian #chic #bohemianfrochic #stayhome #outfit #ootd #whatiwore #acreativedc . . 📷: @eleven0six


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