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瑞典設計💙趣緻文具💙精美禮品💙啟發最適合你的整理方案。 👇🏻📲特意為你開設WhatsApp查詢及在家購物服務。讓你隨時隨地盡情享受於kikki.K購物的樂趣。請即按以下連結與我們聯絡。👇🏻
Hong Kong

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Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores

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71.4% of kikki.k_hk's followers are female and 28.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.20%. The average number of likes per post is 27 and the average number of comments is 1.

Kikki.k_hk loves posting about Fashion, Design, Interior Design.

Check kikki.k_hk's audience demography. This analytics report shows kikki.k_hk's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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71.4 %
28.6 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 86.06 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 57.01 %
  • Art & Design 50.65 %
  • Entertainment 48.56 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 48.56 %
  • Technology & Science 46.53 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 46.53 %
  • Children & Family 46.53 %
  • Travel & Tourism 43.61 %
  • How-to & Style 38.75 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 37.00 %
  • Luxury Goods 37.00 %
  • Music 35.02 %
  • Photography 31.28 %


30 2

Posted @withregram • @kikki.k Life can get pretty full sometimes, especially with all the weird and wonderful things this year has thrown at us! However, it is during these exact times that it’s more important than ever for us to ensure we’re connecting meaningfully with our loved ones, our families and and ourselves. From embracing creativity to making time for meaningful conversations, there are so many ways you can do this – explore some of the ways our kikki.K team are connecting more over on our blog via our blog link in bio – then, why not give some of them a try yourself? #kikkiklove #selfcare #kikkikhk #stationery #planner #saturdayvibes

9 0

Home Shopping is now available! Enjoy kikki.K from home with delivery to your door. Order through whatsapp to save a further 5%* Offer ends Nov 30. For a limited time only, every HK$300 you spend, receive a HK$50 voucher toward your next order and free delivery on orders over HK$700* Hurry! Vouchers are limited. Contact us for more details via our linktree. *Only valid at kikki.K stores in HK. Not valid online. T&Cs Apply. 各位kikki.K文具嘅愛好者,我地嘅在家購物服務已經正式啟動喇!只需透過WhatsApp下單,即尊享多項購物優惠*,足不出戶就可以享受kikki.K文具為你帶來嘅樂趣,快啲點擊以下連結,WhatsApp我地嘅分店知多啲,親嘗輕鬆購物嘅體驗啦! *購物滿$300立刻獲贈$50現金購物禮券  *購物滿$700即可享免費送貨  *優惠期至2020年11月30日止 #kikkikhk #kikkiklove #swedishdesign #stationery #stationerylover #homedelivery #homeshopping

39 0

📌 How do you prefer your desk set up? Do you favour a minimalist desk space with just the essentials? Maybe you're a plant-lover with greenery filling every spare inch? Whatever your style, we've got all your stationery essentials to set your space up however you wish. Shop now and save on selected styles. Purchase 2 items, enjoy 10% off* Purchase 4 items or more, enjoy 20% off* It’s the perfect excuse to refresh your workspace. Hurry! *Only valid at kikki.K stores in HK. Not valid online. T&Cs Apply. #kikkiklove #kikkikhk #kikkiklove #stationerylove #wfh #kikkikhk 唔知你鍾意點樣嘅工作間呢?乾乾淨淨嘅簡約空間?抑或意綠意盎然增添朝氣?無論係邊一種風格,都可以喺kikk.Kk搵到心水文具布置你嘅工作間。依家就嚟選購心頭好,特選貨品仲有額外優惠㖭! 凡購買兩件特選貨品,即可享有九折優惠。* 凡購買四件特選貨品,即可享有八折優惠。* 快啲嚟為你嘅工作間換個新形象啦! *優惠僅適用於香港kikki.K商店。優惠不適用於網上購物。優惠受條款約束。

36 0

@kristinakikkik • Posted @withregram One of the best feelings is when what you love doing in your free time is also your work 💛 Super excited to be creating ‘ Your Dream Life Starts Here Digital Course’ - kind of grateful we are in iso as it’s Saturday night here & I can work on my dream 🙏 If you are not loving what you are doing, please join my FREE live online dreaming workshop, link in my bio 💛 There are 4 different dates & times to choose from 💛 #yourdreamlifestartshere #101milliondreamers #grateful #excited #luckyme

30 0

Rather than back to normal, let’s go forward towards better. Experience our Habits Workshop to explore how you can build positive habits of your own and to build on your experiences to improve your way of life. Come join us on Thursday 15 October, 1900-2030 at our Prince’s Building Store. Workshop fee is HK$300 per person. Seats are limited and booking is essential. Only valid at kikki.K Prince’s Building Store in HK. T&Cs Apply. Contact us for more details via the linktree in our bio. 怎樣擺脫千篇一律、一成不變嘅生活模式,繼而提升自己嘅生活質素呢? 係時候為自己培養更多良好嘅習慣喇!我地誠邀你參加我地嘅Habits Workshop,嘗試踏出你嘅第一步,定下目標,找出新方向。 日期及時間: 10月15日晚上7時至8時半 地點: 中環太子大廈分店 費用: 每位$300 名額有限,有興趣嘅你快啲把握機會WhatsApp我地報名喇! #kikkikhk #kikkiklove #habits #workshop #setyourgoals #newdirection #positivevibes #betterme

29 0

Consider this your weekend reminder that it's okay to take a moment (or three) just for you! And what better time than now? 終於又嚟到周末!記住畀自己多啲(或者再多啲)時間享受獨處,不如依家就輕鬆一下? #kikkiklove #kikkikselfcare #kikkikhk #weekendvibes #relax #metime #goodmood

24 0

Writing (or drawing, painting, scribbling, etc.) in a journal each day is such a wonderful way to help you check in on your thoughts and feelings. It can be time for reflection, creativity, exploration, experimentation – anything you wish! For a little inspiration, we’re sharing 20 different ways you can use our gorgeous 365 Journal over on our blog. 每日喺手帳上面寫下片言隻字, 手繪可愛插圖,讓顏色同字跡幫你記錄思緒心情,留待日後回想懷緬,畀時間自己反思生活,發揮創意,尋覓路向,勇敢嘗試,隨你所想!我哋個blog仲分享咗365 Journal嘅20個用途,物盡其用! #kikkiklove #kikkikhk #dailyaffirmations #ownyourstory #scrapbookingideas #journaling

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Kindness. So easy to give and so wonderful to receive. Just a little reminder to start with yourself first 🌸    做善意嘅事其實係輕而易舉,更能為他人帶來幸福。何樂而不為呢? #kikkiklove #kikkikhk #quoteoftheday #bekindtoyourself #kindnessmatters #selflove

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Thank You 💛 Two simple words, yet such a beautiful gesture that means so much. Who are you grateful for today? Tag them in the comments below and make their day. 多謝💛簡簡單單兩個字,卻盛載濃情厚意。今日你想多謝邊個呢?即刻就tag佢入嚟,話畀佢知你嘅心意啦。 #dailygratitude #positivevibes #kikkiklove #kikkikhk

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There is something so beautiful about embracing your creative side with gorgeous paper craft projects. Which is why our Paper Lover's Book will always be one of our favourites. With hours of endless paper crafting fun, you can lose yourself in the creative, making delicious paper decorations, fun paper creations, greetings cards, gorgeous gift boxes and more. So, have a little fun and enjoy the beauty of creating with our Paper Lover's Book. 透過製作精美的紙裝飾品,將你嘅創造力發揮到最大。呢個就係Paper Lover's Book最令你著迷嘅地方。快啲擁有一本,展開你嘅創意旅程啦! #kikkikpaperloversbook #kikkikdiy #kikkikhk #scrapbook #plannerstickers #diyprojects #hkstationeryshop

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💛 A simple yet proven recipe for feeling good – surround yourself with the things and people you love. Keep this in mind as you enter the long weekend and remember to make time for whatever it is that fills you with joy 💛 💛 想心情好其實一啲都唔難:同摯愛一齊享受生活中心愛嘅一事一物。嚟緊長假期記得留多啲時間去氹自己開心喇。💛 #kikkiklove #kikkikhk #quotelife #metime #loveyourselfquotes #midautumnfestival2020

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Share your work-from-home space with us! From the dining table to a reconfigured cupboard and everything in between. Setting up spaces and managing through all the challenges as well as positives that come with it. We love how each kikki.K team member is making their space work for them, and thought we'd share a sneak peek into a few of their homes and the way they work – to help inspire you and your world. 一個有完整配套、設置良好、清新舒適嘅工作空間,一定可以令你輕鬆面對任何挑戰,得心應手!歡迎參考我地kikki. k團隊嘅家居工作空間,定能啟發你創建你嘅個人化工作空間! #kikkiklove #wfh #kikkikhk


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