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🌈 horticulture & botanical illustration student youtube: eumycota PODCAST @inevitable.change.podcast (she/her) #fiorereart

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.10%. The average number of likes per post is 1394 and the average number of comments is 9.

15.38% of the followers that engaged with fiorere regularly are from United States, followed by Germany at 14.1% and United Kingdom at 7.69%. In summary, the top 5 countries of fiorere's posts engager are coming from United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Mexico.

Fiorere loves posting about Nature & Outdoors, Photography, Travel, Architecture.

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  • United States 15.38 %
  • Germany 14.1 %
  • United Kingdom 7.69 %
  • Russian Federation 6.41 %
  • Mexico 5.13 %


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Access to nature is a privilege. If you have not seen the post 'Whiteness in the Outdoors' compiled by @pattiegonia read it now! As a nature journaling artist & contributor to International Nature Journaling week @journalingwithnature I think it's especially important to discuss how to create a safe space in gardens & nature! Downloaded the antiracism starter kit by @wherechangestarted or dive into other resources that are being shared right now. #amplifymelanatedvoices Below you'll find a few of so many incredible instagrammers: some are anti-racism educators, some activists & artists, herbalists & healers, horticulturalists & naturalists, photographers & podcasters & so much more than that. @asoftwoman @thehillbillyafrican @janayathefuture @claireratinon @itsmeladyg @countrygentlemancooks @poppyokotcha @mikaelaloach @ajabarber @wherechangestarted @sophia_roe @_diannalopez @ceciliagorgon @hood_naturalist @greengirlleah @dominiquedrakeford @mycosymbiote Following these accounts isn't enough until you: - support them on a regular basis, preferably financially - read, learn & reflect on your white privilege & internalised racism - question what you engage with & how you engage with it - act in real life, have face-to-face conversations, talk about race & call out racism - recommend resources to friends directly rather than re-posting online - stop being afraid to say something wrong, make mistakes, learn from them & stop victimising yourself. I have a lot to learn & unlearn, undoubtedly many do. Most of life happens offline- keep that in mind. This is a great space to listen but to dismantle racism, so much action is needed. Get uncomfortable & get over that fear of doing or saying something wrong. Involve your direct community Also creating educational resources & putting yourself out there & speaking takes a lot so fully APPRECIATE black people sharing their experiences & educating you for free on instagram ! Please give support as much as you can. The information is out there, it has been for so long, engage with it (daily)!

622 3

If you are in any way involved in environmental activism, you must recognise that social injustice & environmental injustice are deeply interlinked. @greengirlleah made a comprehensive post on intersectional environmentalism, which advocates for justice for people & planet. Smallholder farmers produce 70% of the world's food & worldwide 43% are women farmers. Yet the food system is led by corrupt corporations & industrial agribusinesses that only feed 30% of the world! Their agricultural practices are also incredibly harmful to planet & people @landinournames are a grassroots land justice collective I came across listen to the farmerama episode '52: Oxford Real Farming Conference, social justice & land, new forms of land ownership'. Get tickets for the upcoming event 'Rethinking the Harvest' which is focussed on how racism & colonialism have shaped the current agricultural system. @agrowingculture advocates for farmers to shape the corporation led food system away from profit over people to a farmer-centred food system. Their Hunger for Justice series explores a post-COVID food system that supports people & planet 🌼Watch, Read, Listen & Donate! More resources: @landjusticeuk @landworkersalliance please add more resources in the comments ❀️

1,404 9

Hello butterbur leaves (Petasites hybridus) ~ walking past & being surrounded by these incredible plants feels mystical. The name comes from their use of wrapping around butter in the past. Now the mugwort (Artemisia vulgaria) is forming buds too and I look forward to it blooming. The flowers are my favourite to harvest ~ drunk before bed as a tea it can create vivid dreamworlds.

1,823 32

I think she's done! nettle with peacock butterfly βœ¨πŸŒΏπŸ› #fiorereart #botanicalillustration #naturalhistoryillustration

1,245 3

In the back garden! These greens are growing so quickly now that the weather is a bit better. @the_bohemian_gardener has been re-organising the container garden and now they stand together happily to catch the sun in a few hours We've started a video series with some super simple gardening tricks for your flat or shady shared back garden (check it out on youtube: eumycota) Gardening can take a long time and may not be possible if you're only renting a place for a short while, that's why containers are great! You can even take them with you when you move. β˜ΊοΈπŸ›πŸŒΈ #containergardening #horticulture

1,769 5

The days have been busy, a bit more exhausting than usually~πŸŒ’πŸ§„ 🌼🌿 Trying to do little things that bring joy, picked chamomile flowers for tea and watched bees enjoy the abundance of flowers. Soon I'll enjoy the fresh baby garlic I picked today.

1,494 15

Did a quick little mushroom painting for a fungi video video I'm working on πŸ„πŸ›πŸŒ±

1,416 5

My first successful bike ride in this city was blessed by beautiful hawthorn. Oh and I saw a giant hogweed (which can cause super painful burns that last for ages so do not touch!!) although it's so dangerous it was rather magnificent to see..

1,156 6

✨ some of you asked about the sourdough pancake, it's just the sourdough starter put straight into the pan before feeding my starting and that way nothing goes to waste! You can add any vegetables or spices that you like ~ 🌼🌿 #sourdoughpancakes

1,309 9

Willows are incredible trees. This one is called crack willow (Salix fragilis) and when it breaks it cracks rather loudly! This willow is growing right in a water ditch where it can get maximum water, especially on rainy days. These trees are known to thrive close to water and if planted too close to any pipes or draining system they will usually break them. I imagine their roots must hear and feel the water rushing and I can't blame them for wanting to touch it and take it up. Because of this tendency to thrive in wet places they can be amazing for erosion control and slope stabilisation of specific habitats 🐝 Their early flowers are important to many pollinators and if coppiced (cut in a specific way) some willows are used for weaving. Willow bark and young twigs have the same effect as taking aspirin and in many old herbals are described as a painkiller to bring down fevers or pains. Overall a protective, healing and sometimes sinister looking plant (think of the hanging willows close to rivers or ponds). #willow

2,390 18

Some easy foraging tips & resources for beginners: 🌿 Start by practicing general plant identification using a guide (there are lots of online guides but if you can, try to get a book to take with you in the field) the more often you see, touch and interact with plants, the easier it will be to understand and know them. ✨ If you already know some plants and are wondering about their uses do some research on them. 🌼 Watch lots of videos online, learn the same things multiple times & listen to different foragers! videos are a great resources because they can often show the plants better than a picture. 🌾 WildFoodUK is a great online resource to learn about edible plants & mushrooms, they also have a foraging pocket guide available too. πŸ› The woodland trust has some simple recipes and a collection of blogposts for year round foraging on their website. 🌲 Please share more resources in the comments if you want. 🐝 #foraging #wildfood #botany #plantid #foragedfood #wildplants

1,156 13

A good mint harvest! This is such a soothing plant to me. I'll make some syrup and use the rest for tea 🌿


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