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Young project space for contemporary art of @galerie_eigenart in Berlin. Owned by @judylybke. #eigenart_lab

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11.1% of eigenart_lab's followers are female and 88.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.40%. The average number of likes per post is 203 and the average number of comments is 4.

Eigenart_lab loves posting about Art, Painting, Visualizations.

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  • Art & Design 88.86 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 48.63 %
  • Technology & Science 44.69 %
  • Books and Literature 41.72 %
  • Photography 39.34 %
  • Business & Careers 35.98 %
  • Travel & Tourism 34.00 %
  • Sports 33.42 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 33.42 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 33.42 %
  • Music 33.42 %


5 0

Lotte Meret @lottemeret fragil Until October 24 EIGEN + ART Lab “We want something that we cannot have, and what we have is something we really don't want. There is no final state, it’s always gonna be like turning around something that can’t be reduced to zero.* Even if we can easily view this lack of orientation pessimistically as a modernization idea that has taken on a life of its own, an important potential for knowledge may lie in the emerging of this “programmed unconscious”. Namely, the knowledge of the necessity to recognize the final end of a world oriented toward Western standards (and the interests of capital), with all its supposedly universal reason, rationality, objectivity, efficiency, and science.” * quoted from the video work To fear, hope and desire again, 2020 Image: Lotte Meret & Marco Buetikofer @norm_gloss, Mileena - Relic of Datafiction, 2020, metal sculpture, video Text: Hendrike Nagel @hendrike.nagel Translation: Mitch Cohen

209 5

Lotte Meret “fragil” Until October 24, 2020 “As a legacy of the Enlightenment, it follows the rational mind as a universal judgment authority, the supposedly objective gaze of science, and analyzes, classifies, and optimizes under the guise of a global universalism. Thus, a technology has emerged that is no longer merely smart, but smarter. That has moved away from reason to become something like a “programmed unconscious” – as an inaccessible part of being whose ways of functioning depend on and are guided by humans, but whose illogic they are unable to grasp. Initiated by people, but updated, algorithmized, and automated by the machine. Technological linearity equals progress for humanity?“ Excerpt from the press release by @hendrike.nagel Photo by Otto Felber, Berlin @otttoner #lottemeret #fragil #eigenart_lab

135 3

Save The Date Opening: September 30, 2020, 11 am - 8 pm Lotte Meret fragil EIGEN + ART Lab Exhibition: September 30 - October 24, 2020 Lotte Meret, To Hope, Fear and Desire again, 2020, video still, courtesy the artist and EIGEN + ART Lab

166 3

Last chance to see Adam Harvey‘s solo exhibition “Face First: Researchers Gone Wild.” We are open until 6 pm. “By uploading and circulating pictures, publishing data and using search engines we become unwitting, unwilling and passive participants in our own surveillance and data analysis.” Excerpt from the press release Photo: @eikewalkenhorst Work: Adam Harvey, Research Cameos, 2020, 8 parts each 42,5 x 52,5 cm #adamharvey #facefirst #researchersgonewild #eigenart_lab

403 3

Adam Harvey “Face First: Researchers Gone Wild” Until September 19, 2020 For @galleryweekendberlin we are open until 7 pm today and tomorrow. “Selfies, profile pictures, pictures of celebrities, YouTube tutorials, video snapshots as well as authentic, “in the wild” recordings are used in building and expanding the picture libraries and datasets.” Excerpt from the press release Photo: @eikewalkenhorst #adamharvey #facefirst #researchersgonewild #eigenart_lab #galleryweekendberlin

209 3

Adam Harvey “Face First: Researchers Gone Wild” August 27 - September 19, 2020 . . . “What is the future of our pictures? Who do our pictures and their underlying data belong to? Who is allowed to use and archive our likeness? Harvey’s works show the use of our pictures in datasets, use by researchers through downloads, archiving and citation in research papers.“ Excerpt from the press release. Photo: @eikewalkenhorst #adamharvey #facefirst #reseachersgonewild #eigenart_lab

175 5

Please join us for our upcoming opening for Adam Harvey’s solo exhibition “Face First: Researchers Gone Wild” on August 27, from 11 am until 8 pm. . . . The exhibition "Face First: Researchers Gone Wild" looks at the use of unconstrained and non-consensual data sources in Artificial Intelligence systems. Beginning in 2007 with the “Labeled Faces in the Wild” dataset, the practice of collecting images “in the wild” has become normalized, but is still largely unregulated and often problematic. Today, dozens of image training datasets with millions of images and identities feed into industrial facial recognition systems with little oversight. The works presented in “Face First: Researchers Gone Wild” showcase the artist’s discoveries made during his multi-year research project that investigates image training datasets created “in the wild”. . To make an appointment please contact us via e-mail or phone ( lab@eigen-art.com / +49.30.308.779.40) Please keep in mind the minimum distance of 1,5 meters and don’t forget your face mask! Adam Harvey, Datageist: Duke MTMC Camera 6, 2019, visualisation based on the Duke MTMC Person tracking Image dataset. Credit: Adam Harvey, 2019 #adamharvey #facefirst #researchersgonewild #eigenart_lab

150 1

omissions a solo exhibition by Louisa Clement (@clement_louisa) will close with a finissage this Saturday, August 15, from 11 am to 6 pm! . . . “Clement’s avatars manifest themselves in the exhibition space in human form, but as empty husks and bodies with no identity. The absence of corporeality confronts us with another central question in Clement’s work: in the digital era, what remains to define a human being and human identity? Where does the human end, and where does the artificial begin?” Excerpt from the press release. Work: body 1, 2019, injekt print, 185 x 74 cm, courtesy the artist and EIGEN + ART Lab #omissions #louisaclement #eigenart_lab

327 5

“omissions” by Louisa Clement (@clement_louisa) is still open until Saturday August 15, 2020, 6 pm. : : ⬅️ swipe to the left “The series “inside”, recorded with a SmartPhone, suggests a camera panning through the interior of a human-seeming body. Anthropomorphic yellow curves, the exterior walls of an organ, or a patina, frayed and shot through with veins, give the viewer a presentment if something uncanny and yet beautiful.” Excerpt from the press release. Exhibition view: @otttoner Work: inside 4, 2020, Inkjet print, 70 x 90 cm, courtesy the artist and EIGEN + ART Lab. #omissions #louisaclement #eigenart_lab

190 4

As part of the exhibition series Die Wand., initiated by the EIGEN + ART Lab and Rheingau Founders, Hanna Stiegeler (@__lil_crush) shows new works. Congratulations on this wonderful show. We are happy to meet you at @rheingaufounders in Kreuzberg/Berlin and give you a tour through the exhibition. Please send an e-mail to lab@eigen-art.com for an appointment. #hannastiegeler #rheingaufounders #exhibition #kreuzberg

233 2

Louisa Clement’s (@clement_louisa ) exhibition “omissions” is on view until August 15, 2020 at the Lab. . . . “But perhaps it is also the encounter with the uncanny Other that frightens us. It triggers uncertainty: What does it mean to desire a machine and to love a virtual companion? Can the closeness of artificial intelligence be as intense as that of another person? Can dummies and/or androids help us feel and live out our emotions? What is clear is that this debate seems futuristic, but has long since arrived in the present.” Excerpt from the press release. Photo: @otttoner #omissions #louisaclement #eigenart_lab

233 2

“Clement’s avatars manifest themselves in the exhibition space in human form, but as empty husks and bodies with no identity. The absence of corporeality confronts us with another central question in Clement’s work: In the digital era, what remains to define a human being and human identity”. Excerpt from the press release to our current solo exhibition “omissions” by @clement_louisa . Photo: @otttoner Also check out the interview Tobias Langley-Hunt @langleyhunt did with Louisa Clement for @interview_de Link in bio. #omissions #louisaclement #eigenart_lab


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