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Family Woman • Entrepreneur • Sprinkling wealth since 1997 @kabinet.prive @azimutyachts.malaysia @keluargarasarosz @rasarosz @ratutumis @roszignite

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41.8% of ds.rosz's followers are female and 58.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.80%. The average number of likes per post is 1999 and the average number of comments is 3.

Ds.rosz loves posting about Fashion, Moms.

Check ds.rosz's audience demography. This analytics report shows ds.rosz's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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41.8 %
58.2 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 86.31 %
  • Art & Design 68.90 %
  • Entertainment 48.53 %
  • Luxury Goods 47.15 %
  • Travel & Tourism 39.13 %
  • Books and Literature 38.72 %
  • Business & Careers 38.52 %
  • Movies and TV 36.43 %
  • Home & Garden 33.17 %
  • Sports 31.88 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 31.68 %


2,747 7

I'm a rock. Go ahead and sear me. I won't budge an inch because I'm a rock. Go ahead and beat me up. I'm a solid rock. Go ahead and leave me in the darkness. I'm a rock that will shine all alone. I don't break, ash, nor decay as I go against nature's way. I survive. I'm the diamond."

2,488 1

Food is love 💕 . Healthy home cook food . Recipe can be seen in my Facebook live DSROSZ. Enjoy your weekend 💕 . #rasarosz #ratutumis #ratutumissup #ratutumissambal #steamwhitepomfret #ikanbawalcermin #bawalsimple #resepistimewa #resepi #resepibonda #resepimudah #resepisedap #resepibu #resepidiet

3,032 1

Appreciate the support... Spreading love through cooking with Ratu Tumis Rasa Rosz. I believe this products will make daily chores easy to prepare daily meal during Ramadhan and MRO. Spread the love and support us. You can contact me to order from Magnalux. The gift pack can be design and deliver according to budget required. ❤️ . #Repost @_magnalux_ with @make_repost ・・・ RASAROSZ X MAGNALUX . Pleased to announce that our hampers and gifts will now feature premium authentic cooking igredients from @rasarosz. What better way to share your thoughts and warm wishes this Ramadhan through delectable and easy to cook household favorites dishea like Asam Pedas, Gulai, Sup and Sambal Tumis with Rasarosz premium igredients. . Contact and WA us now to get our latest packaging and promotions for this coming Ramadhan season. . 012-3159853 / 018-7880199

3,321 1

Selamat pagi!! Setiap hari pukul 12 tengahari waktu Malaysia, saya akan buat live Cooking show to share resepi sedap harian. Sediakan nota buku dan pen ya! Hari ini, hari Jumaat, ketua chef dari hotel 5 bintang Ko Samui Thailand akan masak dengan saya dan kami akan kongsikan resepi 1) Daging Basil Thai (Pad Gra Prow) 2) Ikan Bawal Putih stim Halia Siapa yang nak belajar boleh la join ya. Log in, like and share dari Facebook page DS ROSZ. Resepi menarik setiap hari during Movement Restriction Order ni. ❤️ Semoga manfaat untuk semua. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good Morning, Everyday , 12 noon Malaysia time I will share daily recipes live from Thailand. Get recast your note book and pen. Today, Executive Thai Chef from 5 star hotel will be joining us live to share this famous simple yet technical recipe of 1) Thai Beef Basil ( Pad Gra Prow) 2) Pomfret Steam Ginger. Starting from 12 noon Malaysia time, live from Facebook page : DS ROSZ Delicious daily recipes and tips during MRO. Like, comment and share the love. Hope it will be beneficial to all. ❤️ . #rasarosz #cookingshow

1,641 7

My biggest influence in life. My Momma. She was so beautiful. Truth be told that when she came out of her car or bus, men fall over hard after staring at her. She was very stylish and elegant in her own way. I believe that because it happened many times until I grew up. One thing that I learnt from her and tried to stay away from it, Momma was desperately wanted acceptance from people closest to her. Heart so big that it could fill up the entire world and there were so much more to give. Even what she has given never enough. Her love was always mistaken. So I only focus on people that matter. I have that, wanting acceptance, but I know when to stop giving, thanks to her. . She made enemy became friends, taken care of her silaturrahim with others and is loved and remembered by everyone she met. Every person closest to her would cry if they meet us, her daughters till now. . Like a great soap opera real life drama series, some women so envious of her. I never understood till now. She had it all. Love, honesty, truth, loyalty, success. Her success is her children. Even when we had nothing, we were something. She had that big laughters, like Julia Roberts type of laughed, contagious and hilarious. Soft hearted and warmth. But she is also very fierce with us. I have never remembered lied to her. Not even once. . Through her, we learn, to be the real women. To serve, servitude attitude but interdependent . Such a confuse mix. She reminded me over and over, not to let all any of us not earning our own income no matter how successful our husband is. She said, “If you are sitting on a man’s lap, that is great. But find your comfortable chair, so when he is standing, you can sit on your own comfy chair and does not realise he is gone” . And remember ... “sex and food is everything. Master them both” . 🤣 #momma

1,964 3

Let us learn together , today live . Oyster Mushroom Chicken recipe. . #cookingshow #livecooking #livecookingclass

3,066 3

The difference between someone that receive the same opportunity. One earn RM 168 monthly and one earn RM 25,000 monthly of the same products, same cost, same benefits. . 1) mindset - you need to have the growth mindset 2) Network - you have to reach to clients. Having instagram without your effort to reach clients personally is like open a shop in a jungle where you are the only one there and hoping someone pass by and buy your products. 3) Consistency - show up to opportunity everyday. Without fail. 4) Distribution - reach far in uncomfortable places and network as much as possible to look for the opportunity to distribute Rasa Rosz 5) Effort - Food sampling, follow up, calling, asking, follow through. All the process that require to generate luck. 6) Keeping record, running it as proper business. - generate and keeping invoices, take care of accounts, cost and delivery, looking out for best deals to distribute to their clients. . @rasarosz , no doubt is the best food paste in the market, the only meal-base products in our country, the best ingredients produce the best taste. . @rasarosz will be number 1 household FMCG products soon. For those that have registered with us @keluargarasarosz , take this opportunity. Those that haven’t, do now before we close the registration. . May God be with us and help us grow . #tuesdaymotivation #bemillionaire #millionairemindset #millionairemindsets #growwithme #growwiththeflow #rasarosz #ratutumis


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