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53.7% of drifterplanet's followers are female and 46.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.90%. The average number of likes per post is 455 and the average number of comments is 25.

Drifterplanet loves posting about Travel, Photography, Adventure, Food & Drink, Nature & Outdoors.

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  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 53.84 %
  • Technology & Science 41.63 %
  • Art & Design 35.29 %
  • Luxury Goods 34.89 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 34.87 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 33.37 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 33.09 %
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Why oh why would my toddler stay still while I try to get a photo with her during a short and magical sunset with a once-a-year snowy winter background? If she did, things would be too simple and boring. ☺️ This isn’t a perfect picture - my eyes are closed because I was laughing so much. Karma is in a weird pose - but this is exactly how we are. It was minus 15 degrees at this time after the sunset and I have never experienced such a cold winter ever in my life. . . . . . #snow #snowday #snowday❄️ #snowdance #snowfall #snowfun #snowfun❄️ #snow2021 #snowlove #snowsnowsnow #snowcovered #snowwalk #snowwalks #snowseason #snowscene #snowsunset #motheranddaughter #mamaandbaby #mamaanddaughter #motherandbaby #magicofmotherhood #slowparenting

233 14

10 Random facts about me: (they are really very random) 1️⃣ I did my Bachelors degree in Economics, but I never worked in that field. 2️⃣ I’m not vegan but I don’t eat meat because I genuinely don’t like the taste anymore. I did eat a lot when I was younger but hardly any since the last 2 years. 3️⃣ I met the love of my life in a psytrance music festival in Thailand. Yep, he’s my husband now. 4️⃣ I had a very crazy lifestyle but now I have a fixed schedule and I love it. That’s what motherhood did to me. 5️⃣ I am not scared of most of the things. I love heights and I love adrenaline pumping adventure sport. BUT I fear closed spaces. 6️⃣ Because of the above fear, I let it get to me in the past and as a result I often got stuck in public toilets. The lock would jam and I couldn’t open from the inside. This actually started when I got stuck in a Euroline train toilet because the lock was actually broken. 7️⃣ I’m a sucker for viewpoints. Take me to a lovely place and in my head I’d be looking for things to climb on to get a bird’s eye view. 8️⃣ Between coffee and tea, I’d always pick coffee. I love it and I’m addicted to it. However, I never drink it after midday because it messes up my sleep. 9️⃣ I love LOVE extremely spicy 🌶 food. My favorite flavor is chili. Yum! 🔟 My favorite book series is the Harry Potter one. Yes I’m a total potterhead. No, these books aren’t for children. Yes, they are better than the lord of the rings book series. There you go - 10 really random things about me. I could add so many more but I’d leave them for another post. ☺️ Do you relate to any of them? . . . . . #snow #snowday #snowday❄️ #snowdance #snowfall #snowfun #snowfun❄️ #snow2021 #snowlove #snowsnowsnow #snowporn #snowcovered #snowwalk #snowwalks #redpants #snowseason #snowscene

226 8

Can you FIND the hidden smileys? 😊 There are TWO of them in this picture. Let’s see who’s the first to spot them both. BTW - Sometimes I’m so extra that I shock myself. 🤪 Pulled a “typical Sonal” kick in the snow and managed to capture it for the gram. All in just a few minutes while Karma was waiting for me in the living room. Mommy life, mommy time restrictions. . . . . . #snow #snowday #snowday❄️ #snowkick #snowdance #snowfall #snowfun #snowfun❄️ #snow2021 #snowlove #snowsnowsnow #snowporn #snowcovered #snowwalk #snowwalks #redpants #snowseason #snowscene #snowangel #snowangels #snowfall❄️ #snowfall #snowfalling #bluepants #tieanddye

441 29

There's something magical about this time of the year. Not just the Christmas buzz but also a hope for a new beginning as the calendar year comes to an end. This post isn't like any of my other posts. There’s no landscape, no travel info, no hashtags, just me + my thoughts -LIFE LESSONS. 1) Set goals and keep them within your sight. It is an amazing feeling when you can achieve them, no matter how old you are. 2) Find a physical activity that you enjoy - be it running, walking, doing Yoga - just something that keeps you physically fit. The older you will thank you. 3) Take care of your mind too. Have a quiet 15 minutes (at least in a day) without feeling the need to talk. Introspect. 4) Do things for others. Don't just do nice things for people in a hope that you will get something in return. Do it because you want to. Not because you want to keep reminding them over and over about what you did. 5) Take full responsibility for yourself. Your needs, your actions and your mistakes. Everything. Don't expect others to take care of your needs if you can't do that for yourself. Own up to your mistakes and learn from them. Don't blame others for things that went wrong in your life. 6) Find balance for as many aspects of your life that you can. Yes, it isn't good to be excessively emotional all the time, but it isn't good to bottle up your emotions and explode. Learn to find a balance. Balance between work and play, strength and softness, hot and cold. We all have a different point of balance. 7) Accept the fact that you will need to work hard. Work hard to make a living, work hard to be good at what you want to do, work hard to raise a family. What kind of life is it when one doesn't ever need to work hard? 8) We all have baggage. Nothing makes you extra special. Nothing justifies your bad behaviour just because you have had a bad past, bad year, or a bad day. Nothing gives you the right to be mean and rude to people. No one can read your mind but people can hear your tone and your words. If you speak shit all day and claim to have a nice heart, no one actually believes you. Be nice. (Continued in the comments)...

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Namaste 🙏🏽 Memories from Bali - perhaps my favorite travel photo ever. ☺️ thanks to @gnta - Arigatto. This was my first ever press trip as a travel blogger and I was so happy to visit Indonesia with @indtravel ❤️ on #tripofwonders - it was really a trip of a lifetime. A trip of new friendships, learning from other awesome content creators and building so many memories. This was a “rare occasion” when I traveled away from home on Diwali, and it was completely worth it. Indonesia felt like home - Yogyakarta’s amazing culture, Raja Ampat’s mind blowing beauty and Bali’s familiar vibes. I remember how @overrated_outcast and I enjoyed every single meal since we both love seafood and spices. Yum! Got to learn so much from her and also from @sadak_chap @holdingwind - the energies of content creators working together. Looking back, I’m happy to have experienced it all. ☺️ Indonesia 🇮🇩- you rock my world. . . . . . #baliindonesia #balilife #wonderfulindonesia #balidaily #balitravel #balistyle #balivibes #islandofgods #baliphotography #balilove #baligirl #indonesiangirl #bali🌴 #baligasm #tripotocommunity #tripofalifetime #tripoto

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I have said it before and I’ll say it again - there’s something very lovely about the color yellow. Yellow is bright, sunny ☀️, and happy. Yellow is the color of good mood, good food (curry, mangos, lemon cake etc) and good weather. Daisies, sunflowers 🌻, Azaleas - All my favorite flowers are yellow. In a simple black, white or grey wardrobe, a splash of yellow looks insane. All my favorite travel photos somehow have a splash of yellow. Thinking about my old travel memories, about my time in Lisbon (Portugal) and falling in love with this yellow VW camper. Tell me 👉🏽 how does the color yellow make you feel? . . . . . #vwcamper #vwlove #vwclassic #vwvan #vwcampervan #volkswagen #yellowvan #yellowvibes #lisboa #lisbonportugal #lisbonlovers #lisbonworld #lisboaportugal #lisboalovers #vwlife #hippievibes #hippiespirits #hippielife #hippiegirl #lisboa❤️ #vw❤️

604 36

Mountains or beaches? Whats your pick? I go through phases of each; sometimes for a few months I’m a total mountain gal but then the beaches always call me back. If I had endless money, I’d love to have a little cottage in the mountains next to a river (or a lake) for summer months, and another one on a beach in Spain or Goa. ☺️ This picture was clicked in Spiti Valley during my Hampta Pass trek with @gio_adventures. ☺️ I didn’t know that it was going to be my last big trek. . . . . . #lonelyplanetindia #everydayindia #spitivalley #incredibleindia #beautifulhimachal #himachalpictures #himachalpradesh #himgeo #tripoto #tripotocommunity #goproin #goproindia #theshootingstar #sidthewanderer #mainbhisadakchap #hippieinhills #cntravelerindia #outdoortones #explorehimalayas #igramming_india #instahimachal #thehimalayas #womenwhohike #visitindia #_soi #himalayasarecalling #indianshutterbugs #himachalgram #travelrealindia #insta_himachal

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I’m no longer there but my heart is still in Goa. . . . . . . . . . #arambol #arambolbeach #goalife #goaindia #tripoto #psyfeature #goproindia #goproin #goprode #tripotocommunity #hippiespirits #earthspirit #hippievibes #hippielife #hippiestyle #goasunset #beachsunset #beachsunsets #theshootingstar #sidthewanderer #mainbhisadakchap

340 15

How I miss trekking, how I miss the mountains. I miss the feeling of excitement at the start of the trek. I miss how at the first few hours of the trek, the body suddenly feels tired and the mind goes like “oh shit, this is just the beginning”. I miss reminding myself at that particular moment to breath with my mouth closed. I miss how in the next hours the body comes in a flow and it feels like everything is possible. I miss taking little breaks at scenic chai shops in the Himalayas and sometimes eating veggie Maggie noodles. I also miss wondering how they taste so much better in the Himalayas than everywhere else. I miss seeing random animals like goats, sheep, ponies, dogs and sometimes also donkeys as we trek. Most of all, I miss the feeling of reaching a “hard to reach” scenic spot to camp for the night. I miss seeing the crazy beauty of a golden sunset in the mountains. I miss eating a humble meal next to the campfire and looking at the starry sky. I miss cleaning the camp spot the next day and making sure we leave no trace. I also miss the joy of trekking back, how it always feels easier than trekking up. Yes, I really really miss the mountains and trekking, more than I miss the festivals.

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I don’t normally pick travel souvenirs but when I see something wacky, I can’t help myself. We picked her up from Heidelberg for a friend he loved this little gift. I’m lucky that I’m living in Europe during the corona time because we are still able to travel internally. Yes, traveling in 2020 is a little different because everyone is wearing masks 😷 and people are mostly doing road trips. We often need to prebook a spot so no more spontaneity but also no more twists excessive crowds too. If you are living in a country where there’s still a travel restriction, I’m sorry that you have to see my travel photos and stories. This time will pass. Anyway, would you have picked this postcard as a travel souvenir? . . . . . #heidelberg #heidelberger #heidelbergaltstadt #heidelbergcity #heidelbergproject #travelsouvenirs #funnyart #wacky #quirkyart #coronatravel

397 19

Thinking of the days of carefree traveling, hopping off one plane to another, exploring new lands, meeting new people and indulging in amazingly deep conversations with them. It was too good to be true and it suddenly came to a halt. It is funny how coronavirus has changed everything. If someone told me last year that something like this would happen, I wouldn’t have believed them. Some parts of the world may be open again but I bet traveling isn’t the same just yet. Even if a country is open, can you confidently use all the public transport, walk in a crowded market, go to a bar to meet people? Nope. We can’t really blend in easily with the locals anymore. And the thing is, I really enjoyed these things. For me it isn’t the same if I can’t do all that. Not that I’m found of crowds but I like local bazaars. Will things ever get back to normal? Should I just accept the “new normal 😷” and move on? . . . . . #coronathoughts #quarantinethoughts #whitedress #whitedresses #hippiegirl #cappadocia #cappadociaturkey #goreme #ürgüp #hippie #cappadocia_photo #hippiechic #göreme #cappadociaultratrail #kappadokia #kappadokien #tripotocommunity #tripoto #cappadokia #gltlove #glt #sheisnotlost #shetravels #sunrisephotography #sunrisesunset #radgirlslife #tourlina #theshootingstar #sidthewanderer #mainbhisadakchap

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What's that ONE thing that you really miss during the 😷 coronavirus times? Can you guess the answer for me? No, I wouldn't say traveling because it is possible for me to travel within Europe (and I live in Europe). For me, it is attending music festivals. This picture is from the time when traveling to distant countries to attend music festivals was possible. This is the time when we went to Sri Lanka from Goa and our friends flew all the way for Germany. Don't get me wrong, our life wasn't just about music festivals but we combined it with our love of traveling. We ended up visiting so many new countries because of the festivals. And of course, we traveled in those countries before and after the festival. We spent close to a month in Sri Lanka and out of that the festival barely lasted a week. I loved how Sri Lanka was so much like India but a lot cleaner. The food, people, architecture and nature was just like India. So, India & Sri Lanka = Same Same but Different. So, what do YOU miss the most during the coronavirus time?

533 42

Once upon a time in Tosh. <3 India, I miss you. Summer in Parvati Valley and winter in Goa - my typical Indian life. Visiting the Himalayas from the start of spring till the very start of winter was really something I looked forward to every year. It was a much needed relief from the crazy heat that we experienced in Delhi. Back then, Tosh used to be our little secret and we hardly ever spent any time in the nearby Kasol. There weren't any roads to Tosh, we just had to walk uphill for hours from Manikaran. I remember when we visited Kheerganga in 2010, there was nothing there except 3-4 huts, one cafe and a place where we all stayed for 60 bucks in total for 10 of us. I visited Tosh a few times after with San, it is so much more developed but the vibe is still the same. Kheerganga I hear is another story. Visiting Himachal from very early on with friends, we always made sure to respect the locals and nature. No trash, no rubbish, no empty bottles, no loudness - total peace. This isn't the same. I was sad to see trash around this area during my last visit. I was also sad to see groups of travelers who just visited to get very drunk and to be extremely loud here, they totally destroyed the peace of the place for some of us. If you follow my blog, then I urge you not to be an asshole when you travel. Understand the awesomeness of peace, and try your best to maintain it. Pick up the rubbish from the valley if you see it there, even if you didn't throw it there. Smile, ❤️🙏🏽 and spread good vibes my friends.

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I feel like no less than a queen 👸 when I’m with my partner. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t pamper me but he gives me a lot of respect and love. His love gives me the strength and freedom to become the best version of me, and that makes me feel powerful. You get what you give, you give what you get - that’s the beauty of Karma, life and the universe. Life is a full circle. That’s not just life as a whole but each aspect of life individually too - our love, relationships, marriage, professional life, student life - everything. Accept the challenges, the defeats, the negatives, they are all there for a reason. They need to be there. Turn things around and live the life you deserve. I don’t know about you, but I love the beauty of yin and yang ☯️, the concept of Karma, how lotus symbolizes Karma, the forces of nature and the spiritual principle of cause and effect. They’re all the same. Well mostly. . . . . . #burgeltz #eltz 
#moodygrams #eltzcastle #weroamgermany #castles_oftheworld #castles_world #europe_ig #germanytourism #deutschland #visualvibesgermany #sharegermany #ig_deutschland #germanroamers #topgermanyphoto #ig_germany #visitgermany #wonderlustgermany #igersgermany #sombrescapes #enjoygermanynature #deutschland_greatshots #burgeltzcastle #germany_insta#instagermany #loves_germany #topgermanyphoto #instacastle #fairytaleplace #coupleswhotravel

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Swipe right for cuteness ☺️❤️ This, my friends, is the MOST BEAUTIFUL lake that I have ever seen in Europe and I bet you can't guess the location unless you have seen this photo in my newsfeed or website earlier. No, it isn't in Bavaria or Switzerland. This amazing lake has clear blue water and is surrounded by mountains. It has many beaches. You can swim here, kayak here or also do SUP. The best part is that there's a huge campground RIGHT ALONG the lake so you get to enjoy the view from your tent or your van (if you're lucky enough to get a good spot). So, can you guess the location? Comment your best guess and check the link in bio to know where. . . . . . #alpinelake #alpinelakes #mountainlake#alpinelakeswilderness#hikevibes#hikemoreworryless#idhikethat #clearlake #lakesofinstagram#beautifulmountains#mountainlake#mountainshotz#lakelove#hikingirl #travelingwithbaby #discoverlandscape#landscapetreasures #familytraveller#exploringfamilies#familieswhotravel#travelmum#parentswhowander#familyroadtrip#adventurefamily#familyadventure#familyadventures#travelingfamily #mamaandbaby

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I miss festivals. I miss the vibe of the dance floor where people smile a lot at each other and spread good energy. I miss dressing up as a fairy 🧚‍♀️ or an elf 🧝‍♀️ and meeting unicorns 🦄 or dragons 🐉 everywhere in the festival space. I miss getting creative with other minds and playing with color on each other’s faces. I miss dancing with props like hula hoop while being surrounded by many others like me with props like poi, fire rings, juggling balls, Wands, lightsabers and what not. I miss getting high and not leaving the dance floor for 12 hours, sometimes even 36. I miss setting up our “base” near the dance floor with lights, water, good vibe things that I (and friends) can come back to for a little break from time to time before running back to dance. I miss forest, dark and hi tech music, I don’t want to keep listening to it on YouTube or SoundCloud anymore, I want to be in a FESTIVAL. Sigh - I really do miss festivals. . . . . . . . #musicfestival #musicfestivals #culturetrip #psytrance #modem #modemfestival #psytrancefamily #psytranceworld #trancefamily #festivalgirl #festivalgirls #trancelovers #psychedelictrance #psytrancelove #hippiefamily #plur #plurlife #psychedelic #psyfamily #psyfestival #psyfeature #tranceart #psyglobe #psytranceculture #pikachu_psy #psygram #psygram_official

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I just saw my friend Ana’s @globalgallivanting Goa picture and it made me realize how much I miss being there. Back in 2018 when San and I were leaving Goa we thought we come back in a few months to live there again but we didn’t expect that we wouldn’t be back for so long. I can’t wait to be back in paradise and listen to the sound of tropical birds. No it isn’t about living close to a beach but it is about being so close to the forest area and having the ability to get to a beach when the heart desires. Also, Goa is so much more than just beaches or parties - my Goa is somewhere quieter with amazing fruits, trees 🌳 and sounds of nature. One day I promise I will go back living in Goa with San and Karma. After all, Karma needs to experience the beauty and energy of my little paradise too. Yep, major FOMO when I see goa pictures and feeling nostalgic. . . . . . #arambol #arambolbeach #goalife #goaindia #tripoto #tripotocommunity #hippiespirits #earthspirit #hippievibes #hippielife #hippiestyle #goasunset #beachsunset #beachsunsets #womenwhowander #gltlove #sheisnotlost #shewanders #radgirlslife #bluedress #theshootingstar #sidthewanderer #mainbhisadakchap

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Someone take me back to Cappadocia in Turkey ❤️ - the land of magic carpets, fairy chimneys, and a Mars like landscape. The place where I actually felt like I entered a Science Fiction movie or maybe even a fairy tale. It was like Mother Nature was on LSD when she created this unique landscape, and those who lived here made caves for themselves. Those caves still exist and many have been turned into hotels. I stayed in my own cave too! Every morning in Cappadocia the sky gets jeweled with 100s of hot air balloons that float up above. This is why every single sunrise here is spectacular and I woke up at 4 am to see all of them. Tell me: what’s the most unique place that you have been to? . . . . . #whitedress #whitedresses #gladiatorsandals #cappadocia #cappadociaturkey #goreme #ürgüp #cappadocia_photo #göreme #cappadociaultratrail #kappadokia #kappadokien #tripotocommunity #tripoto #cappadokia #gltlove #glt #sheisnotlost #shetravels #sunrisephotography #sunrisesunset #radgirlslife #tourlina #theshootingstar #sidthewanderer #mainbhisadakchap

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The Indian in me sometimes starts dancing and singing while hiking. And are you going to say “wrong hiking shoes, Sonal”? Well, these are @crocs sandals (trust me this ain’t an ad) - they look pretty and they are so comfy in summer when it is too hot to wear shoes - I pretty much live in them. And no, this ain’t an old travel photo. This was just 2 days back in Kellerwald Erdersee National Park in Germany where I celebrated my birthday. This little hike was just 5 KMs but we did it with our 18 month old without a pram ☺️, normally it would have taken us 1-2 hours with stops but with Karma it took maybe 4 hours. Yes it was a lot of fun. It was a bit crazy because Karma did some very funny things on the way (like the lion sound that you may have seen on my stories), sometimes tiring but an adventure nonetheless. It was San’s idea to make Karma hike. It is our first step in teaching Karma how to hike with us, so that she can trek with us in the Himalayas. . . . . . #comeasyouare #tripoto #tripotocommunity #crocswomen #gltlove #girlswhohike #radgirlslife #radgirlscollective #womenwhowander #girlslovetravel #indiantravelgram #indiangirls #indiangirl #bluedress #birthdaytrip

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Did you ever keep a set of life goals? I always did. I remember I had a computer wallpaper in my early 20s that many people thought was a collage of random images but that was a mix of my life goals (including travel goals). As I’m going through my old pictures during this non travel phase, I came across this wallpaper and I saw I have somehow managed to reach every single goal. No, this post isn’t about bragging but is about a life lesson - it is SUPER important to visualize your goals and think about them often. Tell people about them or be as secretive as you want to be, but do not give up on the things you really want to do in your life. Things like a regular office job, getting married and having a baby should not stop you from reaching your life goals and shouldn’t be your excuse. Don’t get me wrong - there’s nothing wrong with a regular job and parenthood, this is life - embrace it. Life happens but goals shouldn’t be forgotten and given up on. Goals are attainable and things are totally doable, but everything takes its own time. As I’m turning a year older very soon, I’m now going to create another way of keeping a vision of my life goals I’m front of me, the way the 20 year old me did. (I want to pat my younger self on the back for this, haha) This picture was clicked in Pasir Timbul, Raja Ampat in West Papua with Indonesia Tourism @indtravel on #tripofwonders. So, tell me about your life goals - do you have any? And if you do, how do you remind yourself periodically what they are? . . . . . #rajaampat #rajaampatisland #westpapua #gltlove #indonesiaparadise #wonderfulindonesia #exploreindonesia #quarantinethoughts #lifegoals #lifegoals💯 #lifegoals❤️ #birthdaythoughts #goproindia #goproin #goproindonesia #goprode

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So we all have read about this in the news already - a pregnant elephant died in Kerala because she ate a pineapple that was stuffed with crackers (fireworks). Ever since I posted about this in my stories, I’m getting messages by people saying that she wasn’t fed the pineapple, so I feel it is my duty to state what happened as per the news — the cracker stuffed pineapple supposed to be for wild boars so that the farmers could protect their crop but unfortunately the elephant ate it. Still, for me this incident doesn’t turn any less brutal or sad. It took the elephant 48 hours to die from the internal injuries, and apparently she went into the river and did not move from that spot for 48 hours. Even if the farmers are doing this to keep the wild boars away (and not elephants), it is still brutal. I was speaking to my husband last night about it and he said - what to do, the farmer needs to protect his crop. Can’t their be a better way? On the other hand, as per sources there are many elephants that get killed and beaten up by owners. This is after the elephants get an insurance on them and claim it like this. This is heartbreaking and I hope it isn’t true. Anyway, I urge you to avoid all animal tourism, don’t ride an elephant, don’t visit zoos to see elephants but visit sanctuaries or national parks. This picture was clicked in Kaudulla National Park in Sri Lanka. . . . . . #elephant #elephants #elephant🐘 #elephantsofinstagram #elephantlove #elephantsantuary #elephantlovers #elephantfamily #elephantconservation #srilanka #kaudulla #minneriya #sigiriya #kerala #srilankatravel #keralaelephants #keralaelephant #tripotocommunity #tripotocommunity #goproindia #goproin

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Boom land @boomfestivalofficial - feels like it was a different life! How I miss music festivals. If I could time travel to Coronavirus free time and go back to any one of the festivals that I ever attended, I’d pick Boom festival. I still remember how we planned our entire year around Boom. It wasn’t the “easiest” festival because it was an effort to reach there, but the positive energy of so many other festival nomads who gather in Portugal every two years for boom takes away the stress of traveling to the desert of Idanha-a-Nova in the summer heat. Boom wasn’t just restricted to PsyTrance but it was a pleasure to see many ethnic performances where artists had traveled from many different countries to show their love. There were so many amazing art installations in Boom and many were interactive. Boom’s community kitchens were awesome and so ware the sunset sessions next to the lake. The funniest part about this particular Boom edition was that there was a ladder like installation on both sides of the main stage. Of course people climbed and the security asked them to step back. There was someone new on top of the ladder every 30 seconds and the security never gave up. The people that would climb on top had the funniest look on their faces like “what, we did it!!??!! How awesome” and just then the security person would arrive. It was hilarious. Of course San and I also climbed up. CONTINUED IN THE COMMENTS . . . . . . #musicfestival #musicfestivals #culturetrip #psytrance #psytrancefamily #psytranceworld #trancefamily #trancelovers #psychedelictrance #psytrancelove #hippiefamily #plur #plurlife #psychedelic #psyfamily #psyfestival #psyfeature #tranceart #psyglobe #psytranceculture

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Friends, sunrise, view from above and a new country - what a way to start a day on top of Pidurangala Rock (Sigiriya), Sri Lanka. At the start of the entire social distancing and self quarantining because of Coronavirus, I was pretty relaxed because not much changed in my life. It made me realize how much I disliked “excessive” socializing, so I made the most of that time enjoying the quiet time at home. I love doing things at my pace in my own space. I don’t mind meeting my favorite people regularly but I don’t like being pushed in situations when I get forced into socializing more often that I want. However, now is the time when I am again missing the company of my friends and I’d love to meet them often. Thankfully the restrictions have relaxed a bit here in Germany. Did you miss socializing during the Coronavirus social distancing time? . . . . . #friends #friendship #sunriseoftheday #sunriselover #pidurangala #pidurangalarock #sigiriya #sigiriyarock #srilankatravel #quarantinethoughts #goproindia #goproin #goprotravel

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Look, I’m inside a mandala! I haven’t posted one of these in a while and I used to post them pretty often earlier. I loved capturing content with my 360 degree camera, and creating “tiny planet”s. I captured this image inside an ancient Jain temple in Bikaner’s old town. It was full of geometric patterns and painted mirrors. Pretty psychedelic! It is called Bhandasar Jain Temple in Bikaner (India). Not just mirror, this white marble temple is covered with highly detailed miniature art. What’s the most beautiful temple that you’ve ever visited? _______________________________ #Rajasthantourism #rajasthandiaries #bikaner #rajasthanblog #lifein360 #tinyplanet #littleplanet #smallplanet #photosphere #360degrees #camera360 #tinyplanetbuff #360selfie #goproin #goproindia #tinyplanetspro #globe #mandala #mandalaartwork #tripotocommunity #indiaig #incredibleindia #indiantemples

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I want to pitch a tent next to a flower field 🌻☺️ - I want to smell and look at them as much as possible. I want to drink tea made with flowers and relax in the sun ☺️ because flowers make me very happy. I grew up in Punjab, in a small railway township and our house had a lovely garden. One side of the garden was dedicated to flowers and my dad loved creating a row of pink ice plant flowers, yellow daisies, then another row of pink phlox, multicolored pansies, red and pink poppies and another row of multi colored dog flowers - this was spring and summer of our childhood. We also had a massive lemon tree and my sister @eat.with.chi and I used to pluck the massive ball sized lemons and play catch with them. We also had a guava tree that was easy to climb for me, a papaya tree, a pomegranate tree and a mango tree that gave us on an average only one mango per year. We also grew our own onions, radishes, okra, eggplants, tomatoes and cauliflowers. Those were really fun and carefree days. So every time I see yellow flowers, I get reminded of our tiny daisies in our lovely garden at the start of warm days with a promise of upcoming fun filled summer days. ☺️. Are you enjoying warm summer days? . . . . . . . #rapeseedfield #rapeseed #yellowflowers🌼 #yellowflowers #flowerfields #flowerfield #yellow #itwasallyellow #yellowismyfavoritecolor #flowerpower #gltlove #sheisnotlost #flowermagic #flowerchild #reddress #reddresses #summer2020

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What’s your favorite book? 📖 Do you ever read the same book again? My favorite books are by Stephen King (Talisman, the Shining) and also the Harry Potter series - I have read the Harry Potter series over and over again but I can’t ever re-read Stephen King’s scary books. When I was in school, I often read and reread the Mallory Towers and St Clare’s Twins series - both by Enid Blyton. That’s the thing about these “feel good” books - I can read them over and over but not the serious kind of books like the Fountainhead or the Girl on the Train - even though I enjoyed them a lot. This by the way is one of the most beautiful bookstore in the world - Carturesti Carusel. I’m holding Douglas Adam’s Hitchhikers Guide in my hand in this photo. . . . . . #experiencebucharest #discoverbucharest #igersbucharest #enjoybucharest #wearebucharest #experienceromania #ig_romania #igersromania #bucuresti #buchareststreets #bucharest #visitbucharest #discoverromania #topromaniaphoto #carturesti #carturesticarusel #bookstores #bookstore #bookstorelove #bookshop #bookshelf #bookworm

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I died and went to heaven - this is how I felt when I visited Raja Ampat in Indonesia. I felt like I was starring in my own movie that was set on a white-sand-clear-water tropical island. Our bungalows were in a resort called @rajaampatdivelodge and we could just walk out and look at nemos swimming in the water. It was surreal. The sand was sugary white and the sunsets were epic-er than epic. Maybe you have seen this picture already on my feed a few years back. I’m actually going through some travel photos and posting my favorite ones. Are you missing traveling? . . . . #quarantinethoughts #wonderfulindonesia #rajaampat #rajaampatisland #westpapua #indonesiaparadise #indonesia_photography #sunsetphotography

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Imagine an otherworldly landscape and 100s of hot air balloons in the sky during the sunrise. This my friends is Goreme, Cappadocia (Turkey). If it wasn’t for my friend Eva (who is an amazing photographer), I was not going to make an effort to wake up at 4 am and walk to @sultan_cave_suites in a white dress for a few sunrise photos. I had to gather a lot of courage for these pictures because I’m a bit shy when it comes to posing. The time when I visited Turkey, this particular rooftop was on its way to becoming THE INSTAGRAM HOTSPOT and it suddenly got very popular this particular year and even more after that. Due to the extreme popularity, they now only allow guests to this spot for photos. Here is an epic sunrise shot with balloons all around. This is Cappadocia my friends, the most beautiful place on earth. Go read about this on my website under “Turkey” country section. . . . . . #tripotocommunity #gltlove #goproindia #goprode #turkey🇹🇷 #cappadociaturkey #göreme

498 34

Red isn’t the color of love for me, yellow is. Yellow is happy, bright and full of life. Yellow is spring! Yellow is the color of my favorite flowers - Azaleas (they smell so sweet), sunflowers 🌻 (total hippie flower power), daisies and of course the Rapeseed flowers (pictured here). Yes, mustard plant is also from rapeseed family. Yellow is also the color of my favorite food - turmeric filled Indian food, Kari chawal, daal, mangos, lemons, and so many Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Chinese dishes. Going through my old wardrobe, I realized yellow was such a prominent color in everything. Yellow maxi dresses, many yellow skirts, scarves, etc. I remember during my corporate years, my favorite attire was a grey office skirt, white blouse and yellow stockings - haha. Yes, yellow is love, life, happiness, hope, fashion and style. How do you feel about 💛yellow? . . . . #yellowflowers #yellowflowers🌼 #flowerfields #flowerfield #couplesofinstagram #couplesofig #mixedracecouple

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Here’s wishing my lovely mama a happy Mother’s Day. ☺️❤️ There’s no one like her and I’m so happy she gave me my “wings” of strength, confidence and love. . My mom has taught me a lot of good things and I hope to teach some of them to my little Karma too. Among other things, my mama helped me fall in love with books, she taught me how to take strong decisions and to stand by them, she taught me to be responsible for my own happiness, she gave me courage to take the path less taken - all these things I want to teach Karma too. ❤️ Most important - my mama makes me happy in every situation. ☺️🤗 . A happy Mother’s Day. ❤️ Hey, so tell me about your mama too. . . . . . #mothersday #mothersday2020 #happymothersday #motheranddaughter #mamaanddaughter

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My favorite family picture of us three. ☺️ We finally managed to click a photo of the three of us with a nice background where we all appear to be smiling (Yayy). . I love spring, and even though we aren’t meeting other people, I’m having a good time enjoying the flowers 🌸 and cooking fresh spring food. . Typical spring food in Germany is asparagus ( Spargel ) and Bärlauch, you will see them a lot in my Instagram stories. We picked wild Bärlauch (wild garlic or jungle onion or Ramsons) from somewhere near our house and have made loads of pesto with it. Asparagus is something I didn’t like the first time but the more I eat it, the more I like it. It is so light and “spring”y. . How’s your spring going? . . . . #rapeseedfield #rapeseed #yellowflowers🌼 #yellowflowers #flowerfields #flowerfield #yellow #itwasallyellow #hippiefamily #yellowismyfavoritecolor #flowerpower

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Once upon a time in Montenegro - an epic road trip 🚙 in the Balkans where we visited many national parks. We clicked so many pictures and I did not end up sharing most of them. I was pregnant at this time and I kind of lost interest in instagram (due to which I ended up losing a lot of followers). . We love the Balkans and try to visit this part of Europe often, in fact we have another Balkans road trip lined up in the next months but I’m not sure what the situation will be. 🤷‍♀️ For now, I’m happy sitting at home and enjoying the spring time with my family. 🌸❤️ . This, by the way is a super small village in the Kotor bay, not the main “Kotor town” but much before that. It is called Denovici. . Are you also looking at your old travel pictures? . . . . #quarantinethoughts #quarantine2020 #tbt #tripotocommunity #kotorbay #bayofkotor #kotormontenegro #montenegro

539 15

A few years back I would have waited for the perfect light and worn my maxi dress for a nice photo in this field. ☺️ But things changed after I became a mother. . Not complaining but I have learnt to be quick and efficient without obsessing over perfection. A quick 5 minute stop in this flower field for a few memorable moments and pictures. Yes, sunset or sunrise pictures would have turned out heavenly but I don’t have the time or patience to do it anymore. . Anyway, are you able to enjoy the beauty of spring this year by getting out?? Or is there a total lockdown where you are? . . . . . #rapeseed #rapeseedfield #flowerfield #flowerfields #yellowflowers #yellowismycolor #springingermany #Frühling #frühling #frühlingsblumen #springflowers🌸 #flowerchild🌸 #flowerchildren #flowerchild #itwasallyellow #mellowyellow #springhassprung #happyplace #flowerpower #flowervibes #findmeintheflowers #magicofmotherhood #slowparenting

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Our 2020 had so many travel plans and one of the plans was to celebrate birthday in Italy. Although there’s still time but I’m not sure what the travel situation will be in another two months. . Now that i look at my travel pics, it feels like it was another lifetime (hehe yes my mind exaggerates things sometimes). Maybe now is a good time to start sharing some of my older travel photos that i never ended up uploading. . Here’s a picture that popped up in my FB memories the other day. It was clicked by my friend @deeptiasthana of a moonlit Walk in the red city of Rajasthan - Bikaner. ☺️ . So, what were your travel plans for 2020 and have you canceled your travel already? . . . . #quarentine2020 #quarantinethoughts #bikanerdiaries #igersofindia #tripoto #tripotocommunity #rajasthan #rajasthantourism #shetravels

638 12

Rapeseed flower fields are back and they are literally everywhere around our town. 😍 . On our way back from grocery shopping, couldn’t help making a quick stop for this picture and this flower power overload. . I haven’t spent more time at home ever - because of the Coronavirus lockdown so it was so nice to get out of the car for this. . Spring, I love you! . . . . #rapeseedfield #rapeseed #yellowflowers🌼 #yellowflowers #flowerfields #flowerfield #yellow #itwasallyellow #yellowismyfavoritecolor #flowerpower

356 16

I love being outside but I’m really enjoying this time at home. . Starting our day with laughter, hugging both San and baby K, drinking coffee, joking around, eating meals together, Yoga-ing, sometimes even napping, cooking healthy food together and being lazy on the couch for an hour after dinner - this time is special. . Are you feeling “stuck” at home? Friend, make the most of it because this time is special. Relax your mind, learn something new, get creative, read, plan, cook, spend time with those who you love and make the most of this situation. . Move your body, learn a bit of Yoga (see my Yoga 🧘‍♀️ IG account for inspiration- @sonalpaladini ), dance like a monkey because no one is watching, stay fit and healthy. . The whole Coronavirus pandemic is sad and it upsets me when I see the death toll. But on the other hand, it is good to see a temporary stop on travel. . There are so many destinations that don’t get to breathe because they are overrun by people and they are getting a well deserved break from humans. I did read somewhere that the canals of Venice are so clean and clear at the moment that you can see dolphins. Yes the world needs a break like this, it is time to breathe. . So friends, wherever you are - don’t just sit at home but get creative. ❤️ and make the most of this situation. . . . . . #stayathome #stayhome #staypositive #staythefuckhome #stayhealthy #staysafe #stayhomechallenge #stayhuman #stayhomestaysafe #stayhomesavelives #visitcz #visitczech #visitczechrepublic

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Stay at home friends. . Yes, this picture wasn’t clicked at home, it was at @raasta.delhi with @eat.with.chi - But before you start judging me, please keep in mind that this picture is around two weeks old. It is only for attention since I can’t create “instagram-worthy” pictures indoors. . I have been in India for more than a month and I spent most of my time at home or at my Yoga school. I’m glad I got out of the house on one of the evenings to enjoy a typical (South) Delhi kind of a roof top bar scene. It was amazing!!!! . So this is for all my friends and followers all over the world - PLEASE stay at home during this crucial period. It won’t last long if we’re all careful. . Cook your favorite elaborate meals that you didn’t have time to prepare earlier with your busy schedule, take time to learn something new on YouTube (photography, Yoga, origami, etc), read that book that you bought but never had the time to open, hug your family, enjoy each other’s company, have fun cleaning and tidying up your house, get naughty, make love ❤️, start a new series on Netflix, create a new website, USE THIS TIME BECAUSE YOU MAY NEVER GET THIS OPPORTUNITY AGAIN. . TELL ME: How are you spending your time indoors? . . . . . #delhi #sodelhi #dfordelhi #lbbdelhi #delhidiaries #delhigram

417 13

Hello Delhi - ❤️ you’re beautiful in spring! . Have lived in Delhi for many years before I moved to Germany and I spent most of my years in Malviya Nagar, yet this is my first ever Instagram post from this place. Why now? Well this park in my locality never looked more beautiful than now - thanks to my dad. Other news : I haven’t posted much on IG but I’m in India since the last 2 weeks for my Yoga teacher training. I also request you to check out my other yoga IG account— @sonalpaladini. My mind is overflowing with information because I just realized how little yoga is about asanas (poses) but how much more about the prana, bandhas (locks), gaze, and being joyful in a particular asana among a few other things. I never thought I’d say this but - how interesting is pranayama! ☺️ shavasanas are more meaningful now and I even slept off in two of them. . This is a 200 hour course but I think even YEARS of study aren’t enough for one to gather all the info about yoga. There is sooooo much to learn! . Anyway, have you ever traveled for wellness / yoga / Ayurveda? . . . . . #sodelhi #dfordelhi #headstand #sirasana #yogachick #yogalife #yogaindia #yogainthepark

527 19

Not sure if you can see the look on my face in this photo properly but at this time I was having one of my giggling fits. . I have a problem 🤪 - I sometimes have no control over my laugh and it is very hard to stop. Sometimes I laugh when I shouldn’t and at times it is very rude to laugh but I have no control. . No, I don’t laugh when people fall - that’s never funny for me but I laugh at situations that are sometimes worse than that. . Back in college or school, I remember often fighting very hard to hold my laughter at something that my teacher would say that wasn’t intended to be funny but it was said in a comical way. My best friend @rebywashere even once noticed me digging my head in my notebook and laughing during one such class. . Even today at the start of my yoga practice I had a laughing fit for 5 minutes for nothing. . I understand this isn’t normal behavior but my friends, I’m anything but normal. . Anyway, thanks for reading this long caption. This photo was clicked in Bosnia-Herzegovina during an amazing road trip. It is one of the LOVELIEST countries for a road trip, and you should totally check out the link in my bio section to for our Bosnia Road trip itinerary. . . . . #bosnia #bosniaandherzegovina #roadtrip #roadtripeurope #balkans #balkan #balkanroadtrip

704 31

Once upon a time in Pula, Croatia ❤️ with San. He’s my favorite travel buddy and my best friend. . In about two weeks, I will leave for a two month trip to India. . I’m super psyched but I HATE traveling without my soulmate. He’s my other half, and I hate to fly without him. . Of course, I do end up enjoying after I reach my destination but I dislike the process. . Yes, solo travel is awesome but it changed for me when I met him. While I say that, it doesn’t mean I don’t travel without him. I do, I traveled throughout my pregnancy and a lot of it was without him. . Tell me: do you also have a partner or travel buddy that you love to travel with? . . . . . #pula #travelcouple #travelcouples #travelcouples #coupleswhotravel #couplesofig #croatiatravel

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How often do you take out the time to hug and kiss your partner? 💋 I'm sure pretty often if it is a new relationship, but it all gets reduced as the relationship matures. Do this today - Go take out some time for your partner, maybe just a few minutes and hug them. Give them a long passionate kiss and let it last for more than 5 minutes. The longer, the better. Let your partner know he or she makes you happy. Hold hands and enjoy each other's company. Ask how their day was, maybe there's something you can do to make it better. Make them their favorite cup of coffee or tea, share a funny story and make them laugh. Laugh with them and enjoy the sound of your laughter together. Sounds so simple and small, but is super effective in bringing two people together and should be a daily ritual for every couple. Did you kiss your partner today? . . . . . #travelcouple #creativetravelcouples #travelcouplelife #travelcouplegoals #travelcouples #💋

915 30

A little late, but here’s my first post for 2020 - a new decade and a completely different life than what I had in 2010. From my mid twenties to mid thirties! . This is me 10 years back in Ocean a City in Maryland (US). Back then I had a full time job (in India) and I was working as a Human Resources professional. I loved my corporate life and never imagined I’d give up the security of regular income and eventually turn into a travel content creator. . My desk job gave me a decent $$ but messed up my posture and eating habits. All of which I’m undoing now. I am still struggling with one part of my upper back / shoulder when I practice Yoga, but it is eventually getting better. . I don’t think I’d even like to go back to my corporate life, but I do miss the thrill of working and cocreating things with awesome people. . I’m super excited to see what the next decade holds for me. I have a clear vision of where I want to be and I how to reach it. . What about you? How was your last decade and how different is your life as compared to how it was 10 years back? . Photo by @rahulranaphoto . . . . . #lookingback #2020 #oceancitymaryland #oceancity #oceancitymd #beachlife #beachbaby

768 30

Looking back at 2019, it was one hell of an eventful year. Being a new mom, I worked very hard to do things more efficiently in my limited time. As a result. I achieved more than any other year in different ways. As this year ends, I am celebrating the below 10 things: ((please read till the end. I’d love to know what you achieved this year too!)) 1. embracing my new "mama" life. Nailing baby K’s sleep training, feeding and getting better with other things gradually; 2. being self employed (travel content creator) and earning enough to be able to say no to boring assignments; 3. experiencing a new way of traveling - the van life. Visiting 10 countries and 9 of them on our van. All of them WITH THE BABY; 4. taking baby K to 2 psytrance festivals (@modemfestival and @waldfrieden_official Wonderland); 5. continuing my Yoga journey and finally able to do two poses - sirasana and chakrasana - that I was working hard for (I assumed child-birth would slow the process, but it didn't); 6. confirming and gearing up for my Yoga teachers training (finally) for early 2020 in India; 7. making an effort to scale up my business (blog) and hiring 3 team members to make things manageable; 8. making our house more “livable” by throwing useless things. We were earlier sharing our place with two other people that we love, who sadly moved away. Now that we are just three, it took ages to clear away the mess. This was a massive task because there was a LOT of stuff to discard and clean. Now we can finally see the trees from our living room windows and doors; 9. continue to eat healthy and to move closer to a plant based diet. Mostly because the baby rejected all animal based food while I was preggo. Also, Thanks to my friend @roshika for the inspiration. I feel better than before when I eat cleaner; 10. finally, as a result of all this work along with managing the baby - saying NO to people I don't want to meet and things I don't want to waste my time doing without caring much what others think. Tell me- What achievements are you celebrating? . . . . . #bye2019 #theyearthatwas #goodbye2019 #lookingbackat2019 #byebye2019 #hippiemom #motheranddaughter

517 15

Traveling with a baby isn’t always pretty, there are some hard times too. This was a hard day for us because Karma missed her nap. We had to waste a lot of time looking for a place to park near the beach. From there, we walked for 2 kilometers, which would have been a pleasant walk because of the scenic trail but was a total disaster because Karma kept crying. We did not want to just leave everything and go back to the van because we drove for a while to reach this particular beach in Spain. Somehow things became better as we sat next to the water and heard the calming sounds of the waves. Yes, it was totally worth it. This my friends is the REALITY of traveling with a baby. . . . . . #travelingwithbaby #travelingwithtoddlers #travelingwithkids #playadelsilencio #galicia #galicia_enamora #galiciamola #galiciacalidade #galiciavisual #galicia_en_fotos #magicofmotherhood #hippiemom #vamosespaña #galiciaenfotos #galiciaviva

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What's better than jogging? Plogging. . Ever heard of it before? Plogging is all about collecting plastic trash while jogging. It is a fun exercise that involves bending and squatting [apart from just jogging], all for a good cause.  Come, join me in @natgeoindia 's #debristrackerchallenge . . Go for a run (Or just a walk or a hike), carry a tote or a paper bag and collect plastic trash. . While you do so, open the - “Marine Debris Tracker” app to track it. Are you with me?? . Let's do this for the planet together. . I nominate @ankita_earthy and @milindrunning - let’s do this. You both are my inspiration for staying fit and caring for the planet. . . . . #choosetheplanet #knowmore #plogging #fortheplanet #igersindia #igersgermany


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