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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.80%. The average number of likes per post is 11235 and the average number of comments is 73.

17.19% of the followers that engaged with david_art regularly are from Germany, followed by United States at 14.06% and Russian Federation at 4.69%. In summary, the top 5 countries of david_art's posts engager are coming from Germany, United States, Russian Federation, France, India.

David_art loves posting about Art, Design, Education, DIY & Crafts, Architecture.

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  • Germany 17.19 %
  • United States 14.06 %
  • Russian Federation 4.69 %
  • France 4.69 %
  • India 4.69 %


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- the miniature auctions are back! I've decided to reference Armenia's natural landscapes in the next few miniatures with 100% of the proceeds being donated to humanitarian aid funds in Armenia. The first auction is already live on @david_auctions, post your bids in the comment section of the auction post if you want to bring this original home. On September 27, Azerbaijan’s military launched an unprecedented, unprovoked attack on Artsakh and Armenia. The attacks are backed by Turkey, who is to this day still denying the Armenian genocide and is now supplying Azerbaijan with Syrian and Libyan terrorist mercenaries to fight in this war against the Armenian people. For the past 19 days Azerbaijani forces have been attacking homes, villages and civilian infrastructures, injuring and killing peaceful civilians. Young Armenian soldiers are dying on the frontlines to defend the indigenous land of their ancestors. It's a shame that there is barely any media coverage, a landlocked country of 3 million people, defending itself from Azerbaijan and Turkey with a combined population of 100 million, led by wealthy and over-armed dictators Erdogan and Aliyev. The Armenians in Artsakh are fighting to survive, fighting for self-determination, fighting for the right to exist, so the least I can and will do is raise awareness and donate to provide humanitarian relief for the wounded civilians and soldiers by doing what I do best: make art.

10,717 28

- close up of "Inversion" ⛰ #BrushstrokesinTime

7,981 70

- The limited edition print release of "Breach" and "Breathe" is now officially live on shop.brushstrokesintime.com. Thanks to everyone who already grabbed one! 🙏🏼

10,468 52

- I‘m so excited to announce the next limited edition print release! "Breach" and "Breathe" will both be released on Tuesday, 8pm UTC. • - Limited Edition of 100 each - giclée print on 308gsm Hahnemühne Photo Rag - dimensions: 35x35cm - signed, titled and numbered - 100 Euros each plus shipping • Release date: Tuesday, September 22nd, 8pm UTC ✨🕰🖌 shop.brushstrokesintime.com

11,593 80

- The upside of pulling all-nighters in preparation for the solo show was seeing the sunrise in the early morning shine through the windows and reveal all the small and big textural elements of the paintings. Working on these new pieces throughout the pandemic was a weird experience, to say the least. I mean sure, I‘d spend every day in front of the easel anyways, so the lockdown wasn’t a big problem for me, but the feeling of dread and uncertainty, not knowing what surprises this crazy year would bring next, all that was hard to just shake off and I‘m sure it manifested in the work in some shape or form. Weirdly, so far, career-wise this year couldn’t have gone any better. I‘ve started exhibiting the "Brushstrokes in Time" series internationally and it paved the way for more and bigger exhibitions in the upcoming years. I‘ve recently moved into a new home and am currently in the process of setting up my new studio space. I haven't had a paintbrush in my hand in over a month which is a weird feeling considering I‘ve been doing pretty much nothing else but paint in the first half of the year. But it’s nice to be able to recharge a bit, ease my mind and hopefully even see the outside world for a change, as far as possible of course. I‘m really grateful for the support you have given me along the way and I‘m so excited to see what’s next in the #BrushstrokesinTime series.

25,011 289

- closer look: "Watershed" 30x30cm oil on wood. Probably my favorite one of the new works for the solo show. I decided to put the fennec fox into the composition pretty late in the process. I felt it added to the whimsical and dream like mood of the painting, a small creature with big and fantastical dreams about a past it never got to see. To make things fun, if you’re the first to guess correctly what part i enjoyed painting the most, you‘ll get an open edition print from the shop send to you. Feel free to dive deep into the deets.. 👀

11,762 55

- the bigger the time gap, the more continuous lines that connect both sides slowly fade away, until there is nothing left but a black void. Still, as much contrast as there is, i’m always trying to find similarities, bridges that connect light and darkness, life and death, warmth and coldness. "Starling" 30x30cm oil on wood - currently on view at @antlerpdx

20,349 186

- closer look: "Sharks in Montmartre" 50x50cm oil on wood. Inspired by my short trip to Paris at the beginning of the year, right before the pandemic hit Europe. There is something so bizarre about sharks exploring the sunken streets of Montmartre, yet it felt so natural to paint. My favourite part to work on was the building in the back with the oval window and the railing rooftop that reminded me of a ship and sparked the idea for this painting.


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