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LA Based📍Co-owner of @facehalo ♻️ @sebamecha ❤️ Management: 📧 ⤵️ watch my new YouTube video

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.60%. The average number of likes per post is 19510 and the average number of comments is 163.

16.46% of the followers that engaged with chloemorello regularly are from United States, followed by Australia at 16.46% and Spain at 7.59%. In summary, the top 5 countries of chloemorello's posts engager are coming from United States, Australia, Spain, Canada, France.

Chloemorello loves posting about Hair & Beauty, Fashion, Celebrities.

Check chloemorello's audience demography. This analytics report shows chloemorello's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 16.46 %
  • Australia 16.46 %
  • Spain 7.59 %
  • Canada 5.06 %
  • France 2.53 %


14,722 91

All dolled up and nowhere to go! 🤡 what’s news with you today guys? I’m assembling a little cabinet I bought for my accessories, wanna are? Follow on my stories!

24,573 213

Thinking about this makeup 💙

49,255 2,569

I’ll donate $1 for every comment and every 100 likes (up to $1000aud) on this pic to @waltjapalya - one of my favourite Aussie organisations. They support remote communities in Australia! I’ve followed them on twitter for years, and now here - they do awesome work. I’ve sent makeup, beauty and self care products in past but I want to do something more substantial soooo, get commenting. Say anything. Tell me something nice that happened to you this week, how you feel right now, what you learnt in the last few weeks about #BLM; tell me a prejudice you used to hold that you’ve grown from? Even mean comments will earn a donation. 😋 (if you read this far I’m gonna donate $1k anyway but thought I’d generate some good conversation) UPDATE: I love you all so much and the response was so inspiring I am gonna donate another $500 aud because I love you and I love Waltja so much, in total we donated $1500 today!)

25,319 119

Happy 27th birthday beautiful Breonna ❤️ #sayhername 🙏 the petition for Justice for Breonna Taylor is in my stories, it’s getting close to hitting the 6million signature goal so head there right now and sign the petition! Breonna was murdered in her own home by a police officer. Breonna was an Award winning EMT and saved so many lives, but her life was taken from her 3 months ago and none of the murders have been charged. Charges must be filed against all the police involved and her family must be paid damages for negligence and wrongful death. We will not give up fighting for justice for you Breonna!! #blacklivesmatter #justiceforbreonnataylor

18,327 67

Happy birthday my sweet sobrina ❤️ she is 7 now, not a baby any more ❤️ I love this picture of Tio with Siena, he is so loving to his family and this is one of the reasons I fell in love with him. His nieces are true little angels and so smart, caring and sweet I just adore them. Not seeing them for a long time is very hard. I can’t wait for this all to be over so I can visit my family and sebas family again. We are stuck in limbo right now unable to come or go.

5,491 22

@pullupforchange!!!! These big companies should answer to this! 🙏 #pulluporshutup #blacklivesmatter

4,643 102

If any of my followers are from these areas please vote today and vote to make a difference! #blacklivesmatter

17,817 223

So many non-indigenous Australians are ‘shocked’ by what is happening here in the US but the reality back in Australia is also painful and shameful, we need to stand together as allies to the true custodians of the land, to spread the voices of Indigenous Australians who are still in pain and still face injustices today. As it is National Reconciliation Week in Australia I’m also sharing some great pages to follow on my stories, to support and educate yourself about Indigenous culture in Australia. #blacklivesmatter ❤️🖤💛 I also want to share this second image (swipe) that shares some of the names of the more than 400 First Nation Australians who have died while in police custody - none have had justice!! (first image by photographer @Sashamortimorephotography and I found the second image from twitter user @ turnbullvanesa)

14,871 235

#blacklivesmatter!!! I stand with you!!! The BLM movement started in 2013 yet its fallen on deaf ears; black people are still facing violence and systemic racism every day in 2020!!! Donate to!

20,393 152

Me before lockdown: a McChicken meal via uber eats is my ultimate culinary desire. Me after lockdown: tonight I’m cooking duck a l’orange with dauphinois potatoes and carrot soufflé. 🤣 Sebastian and I have become so domestic! I adore making home cooked meals for us, and I’m glad because it’s a skill I wanted to build on before we start a family 🥰 but im not really cooking anything complex, we use home delivered recipe boxes a few times a week and otherwise eat meat and three veg or other basic European or Latin American dishes! What is a skill you’ve improved on or taught yourself during quarantine/lockdown?

28,416 240

It’s Claudia bitch 👠👠👠 hello fans and peasants! My new episodes are FINALLY almsot ready! This season is so inportant to me because I really show you the vulnrable parts me, the ups and downs, my weaknesses... and while I am ALWAYS looking pretty and put together, my life isn’t always so.... 😙😙 I really wear my heart up my sleeve in these episodes and I cannot wait for you to see them 🙏 Ps: I hacked into chloes account to post this but you can follow me on @claudiamorelloofficial for more updates and BTW shots. PPS: no context to this pic illl let your imagination run wild but let’s just say I had to change my number after the shoot because the male models WOULDNT leave alone! Xoxo Claudia

25,169 187

OOHH how I wish I appreciated my balcony before this pandemic 👀 if I wasn’t such a spoilt brat that hardly stepped foot on her own patio maybe I would’ve already had a cute set up with a couch? dining chairs? Jute rug? a trellis??? Instead I’m crouched out here like an animal, burning myself on the bare concrete just to get vitamin D and fresh air! How dare my furniture take this long to arrive. I am going to call pottery barn and complain that their workers risking their lives to send me my sofa are not working fast enough. #WoeisMe! first world problems are STILL problems. I should NOT have to live like such a pleb 😤 Also, the neighbouring apartment complex should NOT be allowed to frolick in their pool because it’s unfair that I don’t have one!!!! Just because I pay less rent means I don’t deserve an h20 leisure receptacle? Xx Claudia /s


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