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We looked at the age of democracy on Monday and today we show again the Democracy Index developed by The Economist Intelligence Unit. 🧐 The index rates 167 countries by 60 indicators across 5 broad categories: electoral process and pluralism, the functioning of government, political participation, democratic culture and civil liberties. The index originally has a scoring from 0 to 10 but we simplified to the 4 categories in this chart. The study shows only 4.5% of the world’s people enjoy a “full democracy” 🙁 Do you think democracy is declining in 2019? 🤔 • • • ==================== Instagram: @chartipedia Facebook: chartipedia Web: ==================== #chartipedia #democracy #democracynow #humanrights #humanrightswatch #freedom #fightfordemocracy #fightforfreedom #politics #politicalmemes #internationalrelations #internationalstudents #unitednations #map #maps #dataviz #datavisualization

1,390 32

How old is democracy? While people in some countries have achieved democracy for over 100 years, many in different parts of the world are still fighting for it. Lately, people in both Indonesia and Hong Kong have been protesting for days and months. There is always a high price for democracy. 🤕 The Comparative Political Studies by Boix-Miller-Rosato look at the age of democracy for 219 countries since the year of 1800. 🤓 In today’s chart, we visualize those with over 100 years of democracy. It’s difficult to define democracy and this is why the study is a comparative one. Countries are classified as democracies if they meet the following conditions: 1. Executive: The executive is directly or indirectly elected on popular elections and is responsible either directly to voters or to a legislature; 2. Legislature: The legislature (or the executive if elected directly) is chosen in free and fair elections; 3. Voting: A majority of adult men has the right to vote. How old is democracy in your country? What price are you willing to pay for it? 🤔 • • • ==================== Instagram: @chartipedia Facebook: chartipedia Web: ==================== #chartipedia #democracy #democracynow #humanrights #humanrightswatch #fightforfreedom #fightfordemocracy #standwithhongkong #politics #politicalmemes #protest #dataviz #datavisualization #historymemes #history #

1,877 39

What’s the top messaging app in your country? 👋🏻 WhatsApp has 1.6 billion users worldwide, followed by Facebook Messenger 1.3 billion. The Chinese giant WeChat has just hit the 1 billion mark but it’s not an easy task for the app to expand to other markets. 🤓 • • • ==================== Instagram: @chartipedia Facebook: chartipedia Web: ==================== #chartipedia #whatsapp #whatsapp📲 #facebook #facebookmemes #facebookmessenger #messenger #wechat #viber #linefriends #telegram #kakao #kakaofriends #message #map #maps #datavis #dataviz #datavisualization

690 2

Few days ago we visualized the overseas holdings of the Hong Kong superman Li Ka-shing’s empire, but many should know he has invested in a lot of startups via his Horizon Ventures 😎 Today, we chart the superman’s startup portfolio 💁🏻‍♂️ On a country level, it is not surprising to see that the U.S. is the target location but Israel comes second with 15 investments 🤓 By industry, the superman favors A.I.🤖, fintech 🏦 and entertainment 🎧 the most 😍 Among his 89 investments, 17 had exited - either IPO’ed or acquired. Facebook, Spotify, Siri, DeepMind are all backed by Li 🙊 • • • ==================== Instagram: @chartipedia Facebook: chartipedia Web: ==================== #chartipedia #startups #startup #venturecapital #angelinvestors #angelinvesting #likashing #hksuperman #ckhutchison #horizonventures #datavisualization #dataviz #startupbusiness #startupfounder #startuplife #startuplifestyle

1,415 147

Thanks to the suggestion by our friend @jakub2741 , we are presenting the top military spenders🤑 in another perspective - by the % share of the country’s GDP. Why are we bringing this issue up? Have a look at our previous chart and join the discussions! 🤓🤩 • • • ==================== Instagram: @chartipedia Facebook: chartipedia Web: ==================== #chartipedia #saudiarabia #military #army #national #protection #money #weapons #drone #oil #saudi

1,816 101

Here’s part 2 of Saudi Arabia’s 🇸🇦 oil incident. . The incident - the drone (people say it’s drone but it confirmed?🤔) attack on the Abqaiq oil processing plant and the Khurais oil field in Saudi Arabia that has suspended the country’s oil production by more than half, has exposed flaws in Saudi Arabia’s expensive military program. People are questioning Saudi’s military about how it could not protect the country’s prized asset, even with the country’s big-budget on the military😡😤😱🧐🤔. . . We have done some research on that🤓, and we found that the military budget has accounted for Saudi’s X% GDP!!?? THAT IS HUGEEEEE...Found out that number by checking our charts above! . Do you think that’s huge?😅 • • • ==================== Instagram: @chartipedia Facebook: chartipedia Web: ==================== #chartipedia #saudiarabia #oil #drone #security #saudi #military #army #budget #national #protection #money #weapons

679 8

The Hong Kong superman has long been shifting focus from property to overseas investments while the other Hong Kong property tycoons are looking into the China markets 😎 Li Ka-shing’s strategy to invest in stable cash-generating assets is no secret at all. 🤑 In fact, he is already a big infrastructure player gaining control of a lot of power⚡️, water💧and energy businesses in different western countries, namely the U.K., Australia and Canada. In particular, it seems the superman is a true fan of the U.K. with his diverse portfolio of telecom, power, gas, water and railway assets. 🇬🇧 • • • ==================== Instagram: @chartipedia Facebook: chartipedia Web: ==================== #chartipedia #likashing #cheungkong #ckhutchison #investment #finance #business #telecommunications #power #water #gas #energy #huskyenergy #map #datavisualization #dataviz

649 12

[The Vaping Problem - Part 2] So in our previous chart, we have shown how alarming is the current e-cigarettes problem in the United States😷 In this series, we will show you who are the major players in the U.S. e-cigarettes market, and who are their investors / parent companies. . We are seeing more governments getting worried about the situation, for instance, India🇮🇳 has just announced a ban on e-cigarettes. Do note that India is the world’s second-largest consumer of traditional tobacco products, according to the World Health Organisation. Thus, the ban carries a pretty significant weight. . ‼️A quick question to our Indian friends, do you support the ban?🤔🤔 • • • ==================== Instagram: @chartipedia Facebook: chartipedia Web: ==================== #chartipedia #vaping #vaper #ecig #ecigarette #vape #vapes #vaper #vapers #business #money #market #takecareofyourself #healthmatters

1,179 17

Have you noticed the crazy surge in oil price lately?😱🤯😱🤯. . One of the key oil facilities in Saudi Arabia🇸🇦 has been attacked by drones(?), which have disrupted about half of the kingdom’s oil capacity. The incident has sent the oil market in chaos, in which oil traders are unsure how the supply shortfall could be resolved.😵😵 . We all know that Saudi Arabia is very rich in oil, but how important she is in the international oil market? Let’s take a look at the charts above... . P.s. I also don’t want to see a surge in oil price, as it possibly means higher petrol, diesel prices. Have you felt the impact yet❓❓😢 • • • ==================== Instagram: @chartipedia Facebook: chartipedia Web: ==================== #chartipedia #oil #saudiarabia #energy #diesel #car #driving #racing #expensive #omg #drone #ouch #educational #education #world

991 29

‼️Quiz time: Is smoking electronic cigarettes safer than regular smoking?🤔. . This is the thought that people once held, including e-cigarette companies, like Juul Labs. However, the latest series of a mysterious outbreak of pulmonary illness and an intervention by Donald Trump have made people think otherwise. . Alex Azar, secretary of U.S. Health and Human Services, said the Trump administration is preparing to ban flavored e-cigarettes, “We will not stand idly by as these products become an on-ramp to combustible cigarettes or nicotine addiction for a generation of youth.” . How serious is this youth vaping problem in the U.S.🇺🇸? Have a look at our chart above. . *Note: using an e-cigarette is usually known as “vaping” • • • ==================== Instagram: @chartipedia Facebook: chartipedia Web: ==================== #chartipedia #vape #vaping #smoke #ecigarette #vaper #nicotine #smoking #body #highschool #middleschool #student #addiction #kids #yolo #youonlyliveonce #healthiswealth #noregrets

1,355 14

Global reserves are assets of central banks held in different currencies. But in what currency? 💁🏼‍♀️ • • • ==================== Instagram: @chartipedia Facebook: chartipedia Web: ==================== #chartipedia #centralbank #reserve #currency #fed #economics #finance #dedollarization #datavisualization #dataviz #infographic #dollar #euro #yen #foreignexchange

788 13

In a blog post by IMF recently, it stated "A curious thing has happened," referring to the fact that the $100 bill has taken over the $1 note in circulation for the first time (since 2017). This development is surprising to some😱😱, as globally we are heading towards cashless societies, the overall growth of the banknote should not be too fast, especially with "bigger" notes, i.e., the $100 banknote, should take a harder hit in terms of circulation. The trend could be attributed to 1) geopolitical instability, e.g., Venezuela; 2) rise in global corruption and criminal activities😥. • • • ==================== Instagram: @chartipedia Facebook: chartipedia Web: ==================== #chartipedia #dollar #money #banknotes #usd #us #unitedstates #federalreserve


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