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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.30%. The average number of likes per post is 152 and the average number of comments is 16.

Check bodinevictoria's audience demography. This analytics report shows bodinevictoria's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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139 23

Happy April, everyone! Here's my mantra for the month of April! My energy is too precious for anything that won't feed my flame, and so is yours. Spring clean any situations that don't serve your objectives and don't feed your collective community interest. What we ain't doing is burning out! #Ariesseason #arieswoman

124 3

One a penny Two a penny Hot Crossed Buns Recipe UP on

332 36

Young Gifted Black

259 16

Update: I had a GOODT day! Yes. Goodt!

48 5

Homemade Dilly Barbecue Baby Back Ribs on tortilla.... I show you how to make your own Dilly BBQ Sauce on today's episode of #BodinePot presented by @showmanebistro ... Yes, I have THIS MANY ingredients left and they ga get remix! Have you subscribed to the channel yet? #homemade #dillybbqsauce #homemadedillybbqsauce #BodinePot #BodinePotShow

66 8

Let me be honest. Last week was rough. I was lethargic, frustrated, and needed to figure out what was going on. I visited Dr. Elsa Wilson at Chelsea Wellness Center for a checkup and what I thought was going to be a regular doctor's visit turned into a bit more. My pressure was really good. Check. Then my weight. 🤕 I had been exercising and eating responsibly, at a caloric deficit and watching my carbs and after about a month of strict motivation and accountability I was surprised by the scale. (Also... don't let the scale do the talking.... listen to the measuring tape). Dr. Wilson talked me through my personal and family medical history, checked my breathing and my lymph nodes for any swelling or discomfort... asked about any history of diabetes and other harbingers of a possibly developing health condition which I passed with no issues. You know, the usual. But then she did something a bit different, most Medical Professionals have a good bedside manner about them but she talked me through my dietary choices and reminded me of a few key things I needed to be mindful of in my diet, whether on a caloric deficit or not. She also suggested a new carb counting app that shows me the one I had been using was Lyingggggg and she gave me a few more tidbits of advice. I left feeling so much better and that's what wellness is about. Wellness is not just about feeling good and fixing things when they go wrong. It's about maintaining and sometimes improving the good and preventing or correcting the bad. Chelsea Wellness Center is a family wellness center on Village Road (opposite 4 Walls Squash Club) in Building A. They offer family care from birth to senior citizen stages, blood, glucose and pressure checks and believe it or not life coaching and nutrition advice PLUS it's one of the businesses you can take advantage of with the @firstcare.medicalplan. . With FirstCare Medical, you can enjoy access to free Primary Medical care plus discounts for other services in New Providence, Grand Bahama and Florida. . It's been about a month and I'm hooked. I've already saved the $30 monthly fee for the month using it and I have more saving to go.

37 14

Tuesday on @bodinepotshow Is it about the ribs or the sauce?

270 29

Today's announcement: It's ARIES SEASON! #arieswoman #ariesnation

157 29

@zumbawkyeiwah and I gave the FULL PERFORMANCE at @evolve242 's MOVE monthly community fitness event. After a literal YEAR of sheltering in place, it felt so good to SAFELY join women from all walks of life in the parking lot to celebrate life. I got to do my first official performance of the year to a song I wrote specifically for a time such as this. Y'all Kyiewah (and her cousin) is a Zamundan Wakandan Vibranium woman! And the entire team came together with @pupstarent at the audio, @yogini.alaura @willie242 @dvze_inthe_evst @tangerine_currydinnick @jade3lizabeth to make it happen. PLUS we had so many amazing women and kids with great energy. Thank you all for coming out and sharing time with us. I appreciate you all so much! Song: Full Performance by @bodinevictoriamusic Produced by: @Freddiegotstykz

76 0

Low-carb, full flavor Beef Stew. I made a low carb Guinness Beef Stew, opting to sub out potatoes for pumpkin and adding pumpkin pieces, and 1/2 cup green peas with lots of chunky carrots. The beef in the Showman meal kit is so fresh, flavorful and lean that it took less than an hour to cook this deliciousness. I'm very committed to this healthy eating and weight loss mission that I'm on.

326 23

217 lbs of self-love, self-care and pure authenticity and I'm so happy! . You ga get this journey into maturity one moment at a time.


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