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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.90%. The average number of likes per post is 138 and the average number of comments is 6.

28.85% of the followers that engaged with austimon regularly are from Guam, followed by United States at 21.15% and Canada at 7.69%. In summary, the top 5 countries of austimon's posts engager are coming from Guam, United States, Canada, France, Italy.

Austimon loves posting about Art, Design, Architecture, DIY & Crafts.

Check austimon's audience demography. This analytics report shows austimon's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Guam 28.85 %
  • United States 21.15 %
  • Canada 7.69 %
  • France 5.77 %
  • Italy 5.77 %


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A client shared a photo of their new home where they hung up a commission piece I did for them months ago. Truly grateful to see my art have a home and to have people enjoy what I love doing, which is creating. Compared to larger commissions (murals), these types are very personal for me to create. When someone actually commits to hiring me to paint, I give it my time, energy and my creativity. I am always amazed whenever someone wants my art and is willing to understand the process it takes for me to produce it. They are not just paying me for the end product, they have invested in me and my unique way of interpreting life. This picture helped served as a reminder on days when I don’t even want to paint for myself or even continue being an artist. It reminds me that what I do and capable of doing with my mind and energy is valued in someway. When I am in the right mind set, I know that being an artist will always be worth it for me. Then on days when that belief is doubted, it’ll be the people who have supported me to remind me why I continue to be on this path as an artist. #dowhatyoulove

154 14

Hark 🐘 I often get distracted by the noise. At this moment I hope I go deaf by it. I think the silence will help me hear my thoughts more clearly. All I need is a moment to listen. • • #procreate #ipadart #digitalart #elephant #mandala #floral #guam #art_spotlight #artbasel #dowhatyoulove

93 6

Elephant 2.0 coming along well. Outline done. Even with the symmetry draw assist feature on @procreate, this still took about 8 hours total so far. Next up, figuring out the color palette 🎨! #elephants #mandala_art #procreateart #ipadart #digitalillustration #symmetryart #geometricart #guam

122 3

What’s GU’d? Nothing much, just chilling. • • • Snippet of a commissioned lettering design I did recently. Used the ginger flower pattern as the main element. With all these little patterns within the lettering, I always hope it turns out fine when printed. For all the inquiring artists, I design this on my trusty 13” inch Cintiq by @wacom . I mainly like to use my iPad Pro for quick concepts and sketches. Then I finalize the design for print on Adobe Illustrator using this. #cintiq #wacom #digitallettering #patternmaking #guam #fontstyle #typespot #lettering_daily #fontdesign #floral #ipadprocreate #typetopia

271 28

“The secret to art is love”. ❤️ • • This post is dedicated to my Fiancée, Debbie. It is our 5 year anniversary and in a couple of months, we will officially tie the knot. As an artist, I went through so many ups and downs in my career, but the main reason I continued to strive is because of her love. She always believed in me when I often didn’t believe in myself and she supported me in any way she could, like providing me food when I’m out painting murals. This may sound sappy, but our love is the best thing ever created in my life. When it came to the proposal, I wanted to get a very special ring. I had designed a ring tailored for Debbie. Instead of the traditional diamond ring, I decided to go with a deep blue Sapphire stone surrounded with tiny diamonds on an infinity band. The blue-gold combo is her favorite color scheme because it reminds her of Beauty and the Beast (favorite Disney movie). For the band, I wanted to replicate tree branches to give this natural look and to imitate a willow tree from Harry Potter (favorite series of books). This ring wouldn’t have been possible without @taylorandhart . They were able to take the ring I designed and digitally render it, then made the ring from scratch and engraved it with Debbie and I’s anniversary date. Throughout the whole process, they were accommodating and easy to work with. Seeing an idea of mine come to life is usually a cool experience but seeing a design with a greater purpose behind it, left me with the biggest smile on my face. Hope y’all enjoyed this little story. To Debbie, I love you so much and I hope you know that I would not be the artist I am without your love. ❤️ #love

223 8

T Galleria Sirena Display Wall for Guam and Saipan 🌺🌺 Swipe to see the progression from final to rough draft. To all the curious artists, I basically drafted this on @procreate. Once designs were approved, I rendered it on Adobe Photoshop using my Wacom Cintiq. The reason is that I wasn’t sure if Procreate can produce a file size over 6ft without having the print be pixelated. Afterwards, T Galleria printed and built the display. #guam #sirena #art #procreate #digitalart #digitalillustration #tgalleria #dowhatyoulove

147 0

Cobalt Rabbit 🐰🔵 • • • Another sentimental mural done for Speedway Machine. A big appreciation goes out to Jon, the owner, for giving me another chance to “austimon” his concept. The first mural (the dragon mural) was dedicated to his mom, so the metallic blue rabbit is dedicated to his father. It’s always fun trying to tie in elements of personal details into a mural. From the outsiders perspective, you’ll just see a bunny, but to Jon and his family, they’ll see much more. I’ll be sharing more of the little details that went into the design in a future post. @shape_shifting_panda #mural #guam #artist #painting #art #rabbit #mandala #medallion #bunny #austimon #dowhatyoulove


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