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•Singer/Songwriter/Composer •Activist •Judge on AfgStar 🎤& TheVoice🇦🇫 •Humanitarian•Philanthropist •AtlCouncil FreedomAwardee🦋 •Goodwill Ambassador

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50.9% of aryanasayeedofficial's followers are female and 49.1% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.30%. The average number of likes per post is 12598 and the average number of comments is 662.

Aryanasayeedofficial loves posting about Music, Singer, Entertainment.

Check aryanasayeedofficial's audience demography. This analytics report shows aryanasayeedofficial's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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50.9 %
49.1 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 73.63 %
  • Art & Design 72.81 %
  • Business & Careers 68.05 %
  • Entertainment 46.63 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 32.96 %
  • Children & Family 32.15 %
  • Movies and TV 32.14 %
  • Luxury Goods 31.69 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 31.46 %
  • Travel & Tourism 31.24 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 30.92 %
  • Music 29.84 %


3,529 136

Be good and do good! While no human on this planet is perfect, at the end of the day you will be remembered for what you did the most of in your life. So let people remember you for being good and doing good. xoxo -Aryana حتی اگر دگران راه منفی را در پیش می گیرند و از خوبی دوری می کنند، شما نگذارید آن دلیل دوری شما از مثبت بودن و قدم های نیک شود‌‌. خوب باشید و بکوشید یک الگوی مثبت و سرشار از محبت به‌ دگر انسان ها باشید. مثبت بودن عشق است، منفی بودن زهر!

9,247 539

“Afghan Refugees were forced into Harirud River at gunpoint by Iranian Border Police resulting into many of them drowning to death.” 👈🏼 This was in the news not so long ago and somehow like many other previous horrible incidents of mistreatment of Afghan Refugees in Iran, the result of the probe/investigation was never made public or maybe those investigating didn’t care enough since their own sons and daughters were not in the list of the victims. The current news making headlines is that of three poor souls (Afghan Refugees) burning to their deaths after the vehicle carrying them was shot by Iranian Police (officially confirmed by Iranian Government Authorities). Now, it makes you wonder if the previous killings as a result of drownings or many other horrible incidents before that were handled seriously and true value was given to Afghan/Refugee/Human lives, the Iranian Police might have thought twice before opening fire on some poor and miserable Afghan Refugees trying not to get caught and end up being deported. Or at the very least, once their vehicle was shot and it caught fire, maybe for the same Police Officers who shot the vehicle, to actually make an attempt to save those poor souls. Now, our expectation and if I may dare to say “demand” from the Afghan Government is to pursue this particular incident with all their resources and hearts so we can at least prevent further innocent and poor Afghans getting killed mercilessly by the Police/Uniformed Forces of our neighbouring nation of Iran! To all the Iranian folks who follow me here, I do hope you apprehend and empathize with our Afghans who understandably and deservingly are upset and heartbroken. My heartfelt gratitude to all those who commented underneath the previous post. Your concerns and virtual screams were obviously heard. To the Foreign Minister of Iran @jzarif_ir , maybe rather than hashtagging #BlackLivesMatter as a political move, try #HumanLivesMatter as a Human/Muslim move !! #AfghanLivesMatter #RefugeesAreHumanToo and yes... #BlackLivesMatter as well !!

16,999 3,448

چندی قبل، هموطنان معصوم ما به طور بی رحمانه توسط نظامیان ایران به دریا پرتاب شدند که‌ در نتیجه چندین مهاجر بیچاره و بدبخت افغان جان‌های شیرین خود را از دست دادند. و دیروز، زمانی که موتر‌ عامل مهاجرین افغان آتش گرفت، گفته می شود که پولیس ایران هیچ قدمی برای‌ نجات دادن جان این اشخاص نگذاشت. آیا هیچ ارزشی برای زندگی افغان ها وجود ندارد؟؟ گفتنی شما به مقامات ایران چی است؟؟ و همچنان، انتظار شما‌ از حکومت افغانستان چی است؟؟ منتظر آواز‌ هر یک افغان‌ ما هستم که‌ برای دفاع از‌حقوق سیاه پوستان، فلسطینیان، مسلمانان در‌ چین و هندوستان و غیره و دگر بیگانگان پر از جیغ و فریاد هستند و لیکن زمانی که هموطنان خود ما‌ کشته می شوند، خاموشی اختیار می کنند. نظر شما؟؟ -آریانا Not so long ago, many helpless Afghan Refugees were mercilessly thrown into the river by the Iranian Uniformed Forces. As a result, many of our innocent Afghans lost their lives. And yesterday, it is being said that apparently after a vehicle carrying Afghan Refugees in Iran caught fire, the Iranian Police did not take any action at all to try saving the lives of those who burnt alive. Is there no value for the lives of Afghans?? What do you have to say to the Iranian Authorities?? Also, what is your expectation from the Government of Afghanistan?? I do hope those Afghans who loudly and proudly raise their voice in support of BLM, Palestinians, Muslims in China, India, etc and many other non-Afghans, to see them raise their voice in support of their own Afghans and against the brutality of the Iranian Regime against Afghan Refugeed. -Aryana

26,379 1,589

هـيچ وقتى به خاطر اينكه هـمرنگ جماعت شوى نقاب به صورتت نزن. شجاع باش... خاص باش... خودتً باش...

6,189 270

Focus on your blessings and let them be the reasons for you to smile and be grateful. ☝🏼🙏🏼 مراقب تاثیرات انترنیت باشید. اجازه ندهید که شما را به یک فرد منفی اندیش و بدبین تبدیل کند. انترنیت می تواند خوش بینی شما را در مقابل زندگی و عزت نفس شما‌ را کاهش دهد. به هیچ صورت اجازه ندهید انترنیت ارزش شما را تعریف کند. برخیزید و در برابر وسوسه و مقایسه نمودن زندگی خود با دگران مقاومت کنید. -مُفتی مینک #GoodMorningMyLOVES 🌞

9,461 726

Keep smiling and spread love! 💕 آنها شما را آزار و اذیت خواهند کرد. آنها در مورد شما قضاوت خواهند نمود. آنها در‌ مورد شما بدترین فکر خواهند کرد. آنها از شما متنفر خواهند بود. آنها شایعاتی راجع به شما پخش خواهند کرد. آنها در برابر شما توهین و بدزبانی خواهند نمود. آنها آرزو خواهند نمود که شما وجود نداشته باشید. و لیکن با این همه، خداوند شما را به قیام و درخشش بالاتر از همه آنها می رساند. بنابراین لبخند بزنید. -مُفتی مینک

26,481 1,833

Stand tall and smile bright ! 😘🌺🌹❤️#summervibes

12,483 395

نه آنم كه شوم در بند زنجيرت...

16,099 725

Let your actions speak for you, words anyone can speak ! -Aryana- بگذار‌ عمل و‌نتایجت برایت حرف بزنند؛ توانمندی صحبت نمودن را که‌ همه ‌دارند. -آریانا

10,650 229

@partameenibra #aryanasketches ❤️

10,515 176

@sali_ev #aryanasketches ❤️

7,954 124

@rb.arttt #aryanasketches ❤️


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