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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.70%. The average number of likes per post is 7028 and the average number of comments is 61.

65.79% of the followers that engaged with alex_cyk regularly are from United States, followed by United Kingdom at 7.89% and Israel at 2.63%. In summary, the top 5 countries of alex_cyk's posts engager are coming from United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Italy, Jamaica.

Alex_cyk loves posting about Humor, Celebrities, Health & Fitness.

Check alex_cyk's audience demography. This analytics report shows alex_cyk's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 65.79 %
  • United Kingdom 7.89 %
  • Israel 2.63 %
  • Italy 2.63 %
  • Jamaica 2.63 %


2,247 24

Swipe 👉 It’s Monday again! Another week starts! How you choose to see Monday is up to you, keep it simple or keep it FIRED UP with Positivity! I hope you crush today with an absolute beast energy! Let’s go!! Home Shoulder & Arms Workout👇 1. Bodyweight Pike Press 5 x 10 2. (i) Band upright rows 5 x 10 (ii) DB lateral raise 5 x 5 3. DB curls 5 x 10 4. DB extension 5 x 12 - Full outfit by @teamjoined Discount code: alexchee Check them out, link on bio! #HomeWorkout #StayHome #TeamJoined #Fitness #Lifestyle #Positive

6,068 72

Swipe 👉 Quarantine Full Day of Eating (2300 kcal) Dieting has been the hardest for me since Quarantine, not easy tbh as I’m a man who gotta eat ALOT (3000 kcal just to maintain) But I believe everything great takes practice so hopefully my cooking will become chef level after everything ends 😬 Give the post a ❤️ if you enjoyed it! Happy Sunday, ya’ll! - #StaySafe #StayHome #Cooking #FullDayOfEating #Quarantine

4,328 55

Feeling a little crazy? Then do something crazy Diamond push up 100 reps Close grip push up 100 reps Decline push up 50 reps Incline push up with band 30 reps Band push up 50 reps The goal here is not to break down into set, it’s to accomplish each reps towards the designated goal. Who’s up for it? Pants by @teamjoined Discount code: alexchee #Teamjoined #StayHome #HomeWorkout #PushUp

12,896 98

Gotta flex through another 2 more weeks of Malaysia’s Quarantine....already expected it but was low key hoping we can all go out by the 14th 😂 #StayStrong #StayPositive #StayFocus #StayHome

3,443 29

Times are not getting easier, and it’s never about it getting easier, but it needs us to get Stronger 👊💯 - Swipe 👉 These exercises burns the most calories + allow me to strengthen my physical endurance. Absolutely brutal! 1. Band Front Squat - 5 x 10-15 2. Push Up - 3 x Failure 3. Chest press with band - 4 x 10-12 One of my goals is to strengthen my push up, I realised that years of weight lifting affected my push up and I find myself more explosive, but lacking the power to go the distance Currently can go up till 42 & I’ll start needing to take a few breath before going till 55 max in one go! Can we get to 100 by the end of quarantine?! #LetsGo #StayHome #PhysicalGoals #Teamjoined

8,136 52

Never give up on yourself, no matter what! No matter how hard it is, go through it and beat it! Challenging times like this will make us stronger and better! Always remind yourself that the best is yet to come! #MaximumPositivity #Focus #BeTheBestVersion #KeepTheFireBurning

4,270 57

Who knew my nephew could help strengthen & maintain some muscles, he’s not that light btw (25kg) these are truly....Desperate times But yeah we crushed another Home Workout👇 i) Baby front raise 3 x 10 ii) 100 push ups + 50 more after iii) Half Handstand Presses 4 x 10 iv) Chest Fly 3 x 10 v) Lateral Raises 4 x 10 vi) Band face pull 4 x 15 This training was very therapeutic & fun mainly cause I get to enjoy some good music and get a good pump! Keep the positivity up! No time for negativity! - Outfit by @teamjoined Discount code: alexchee Link on bio! #Fitness #Quarantine #HomeWorkout #UsingBabiesAsWeight

11,746 76

We’re all walking on this road together, only to find out that it isn’t gonna end anytime soon It’s unfortunate, yet it’s a blessing We will learn so much about what we don’t want, but yet we also discover what we will want at the end of the road The path always has a choice: Be distracted by your fear and hope this nightmare will end or stay focus on the reality & keep moving forward no matter how tough it gets Weakness is discovered through times of adversity, so is Strength #Wisdom #RealityCheck #LetsDoThis #BeastMode #KeepTheFireBurning

4,081 30

Swipe 👉 Don’t be a little B*tch & be sure to train your legs! Workout👇 1. Pistol Squat: 4 sets x 8 2. Bulgarian Split Squat: 4 sets x 10 3. Front Squat w/ DB: 4 sets x 12 Note: i) If you can’t do Pistol Squat, replace it with Normal Squats ii) If you don’t have dumbbells, use bottles or carry a heavier backpack! iii) Only rest 1 minute max between set - Full outfit by @teamjoined Discount code: “alexchee” Link on bio! @alex_cyk #TeamJoined #Fitness #StayHome #Wokrout

11,225 129

Look at the flick of that wrist Swimming with my Buddy, and lemme tell you, he can swim super fast for a Pug, which is considered a Pig Dog 😬 #Pug #BuddyThePug

6,343 59

Swipe 👉 One of the hardest exercise for me: Handstand Press This lockdown allowed me to navigate out of my comfort zone, and I found a way to still hit the shoulder muscle hard. A substitute exercise for my Shoulder Press & man it is so freaking hard! I can’t even do a proper 3 reps & that kinda increased my drive to wanna improve my Bodyweight strength! Other than that, all other exercises are performed at 3-4 sets of 10 reps, mainly to just improve endurance / preserve muscle mass You’ll definitely see more update for these Handstand Press! - Outfit by @teamjoined Discount code: alexchee #bodyweight #MasteringBodyweight #Strength #StayHome #HomeWorkout #Teamjoined

10,634 80

I’m thinking of Japan 🇯🇵 or Maldives 🇲🇻 to visit my best friend after the cure is found Let me dream before I go back to my quarantine life 😂 Anyone thinking of going on a Holiday after all this chaos? #Teamjoined #Fitness #StayHome #BearMode


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