Top 1000 Lifestyle Instagram Influencers in Italy in 2020


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in Italy. We've profiled Italy's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in Italy Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from Italy. We’re currently tracking a total of 5,468 influencers in Italy with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
Fashion Lifestyle TV Shows 8.9M 2.30%
2 Calzedonia Official
Fashion Lifestyle Styling 3.2M 0.50%
3 Medhi Benatia
Lifestyle Sports Fashion 3.1M 2.30%
4 Lorenzo Ostuni
Lifestyle 3M 5.40%
5 Valentina Ferragni
Fashion Lifestyle Modeling Celebrities 2.9M 4.10%
6 Intimissimi
Fashion Styling Lifestyle 2.7M 0.50%
7 Ultimo
Fashion Lifestyle Travel Film, Music & Books Photography Technology 2.5M 15.70%
8 Alice Campello-Morata
Fashion Lifestyle Celebrities Design 2.1M 3.90%
9 V • Follow me not your dreams
Fashion Lifestyle Modeling 2M 5.20%
10 Valentino Bisegna-Matt & Bise
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 2M 4.90%
11 Alberta Ferretti
Fashion Fashion Design Lifestyle 1.8M 0.10%
12 Simona Ventura
Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 1.7M 0.80%
13 Ludovica Valli
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 1.7M 1.90%
14 Salvatore Cinquegrana
Fashion Lifestyle Travel Celebrities Animals & Pets Design Technology 1.7M 3.00%
Fashion Lifestyle Travel Technology Celebrities Hair & Beauty Photography 1.7M 6.90%
16 Giorgia Palmas
Fashion Travel Lifestyle Technology Celebrities Photography 1.7M 1.20%
17 Elenasantarelli
Fashion Lifestyle Technology Photography Travel 1.7M 1.30%
18 Tod's
Fashion Design Lifestyle 1.6M 0.20%
19 Simone Paciello
Fashion Lifestyle Technology Celebrities Photography 1.6M 5.80%
20 Fabio Rovazzi
Fashion Lifestyle Modeling Celebrities Technology 1.6M 4.80%
21 Rosa
Fashion Lifestyle 1.5M 4.40%
22 rudy_zerbi
Lifestyle 1.5M 1.30%
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 1.4M 17.20%
24 Fabio Colloricchio
Fashion Lifestyle Modeling Celebrities Technology 1.3M 4.10%
25 Riccardo Dose🐘
Actors Fashion Lifestyle Technology Photography Celebrities Architecture 1.3M 10.10%
26 мαятιиα νιѕмαяα 🥶
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 1.3M 14.50%
27 Nohow
Fashion Lifestyle Styling 1.3M 0.30%
28 Salvatore Esposito
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 1.2M 2.50%
29 Valentina Dallari 🛸
Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 1.2M 3.90%
30 Caterina Balivo
Fashion Travel Lifestyle 1.2M 1.50%
31 Clarissa Marchese
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 1.2M 3.40%
32 Marco Fantini
Fashion Lifestyle Travel Celebrities Technology 1.2M 1.30%
33 Federico Betti - MikeShowSha
Fashion Travel Lifestyle Technology Game Photography 1.2M 3.80%
34 Laura Torrisi
Fashion Travel Lifestyle Technology Photography 1.2M 2.60%
35 Paola Di Benedetto
Fashion Lifestyle Technology Photography 1.2M 5.20%
36 Costanza Caracciolo🍒🇮🇹
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 1.1M 1.50%
37 Ivana Mrazova Official
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 1.1M 2.90%
38 Sergio Rossi Official
Fashion Lifestyle Styling 1.1M 0.20%
39 Andrea Melchiorre
Fashion Lifestyle Celebrities Technology Photography 1.1M 1.10%
40 Chiara Ferragni Collection
Fashion Styling Lifestyle 1.1M 0.50%
41 LeDonatella
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 1.1M 4.90%
42 TALLY WEiJL Official
Fashion Lifestyle Styling 1.1M 0.70%
43 Valerio
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 1.1M 20.40%
44 Francesca Cipriani D'Altorio
Fashion Actors Lifestyle 1.1M 2.00%
45 ALICE DE BORTOLI Official Page
Fashion Travel Lifestyle 1M 13.30%
46 MSP☀️
Fashion Lifestyle Travel Technology Humor Celebrities Cars & Motorcycles 1M 8.40%
Fashion Lifestyle Travel Celebrities Technology Photography 1M 1.20%
48 Francesco Sole
Travel Fashion Lifestyle 1M 3.00%
Fashion Lifestyle Technology Celebrities 1M 0.80%
50 Sara Adrian🌹
Fashion Lifestyle 1M 1.60%
51 ᴇʟᴇᴏɴᴏʀᴀ ʀᴏᴄᴄʜɪɴɪ
Fashion Lifestyle Travel Technology Celebrities Photography 1M 2.50%
52 Liu Jo
Fashion Styling Lifestyle 1M 0.40%
53 Cristiano Malgioglio
Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 1M 0.40%
Fashion Lifestyle Modeling Technology Celebrities 1M 0.30%
55 Ignazio Moser
Dogs Fashion Lifestyle 0.9M 2.30%
Fashion Lifestyle 0.9M 1.20%
57 Veronica
Fashion Lifestyle Design Hair & Beauty Celebrities 0.9M 2.00%
58 Nek Filippo Neviani
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 899.1K 1.20%
59 Simone Alessandrini - J0k3R
Fashion Travel Lifestyle 897.6K 1.40%
Music Fashion Travel Lifestyle 882.4K 2.00%
61 Laura Cremaschi
Fashion Lifestyle Modeling 872K 3.20%
62 umorismoKIWI
Fashion Lifestyle 856.5K 14.70%
63 Oscar Branzani
Soccer Fashion Lifestyle Travel Celebrities Technology 847.5K 1.50%
64 米歇爾
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 835.1K 8.40%
65 Luca Vezil
Fashion Lifestyle Modeling Celebrities 829.3K 2.50%
66 sdr
Lifestyle 828.9K 4.80%
67 Erika Gassani💕
Fashion Lifestyle 819.3K 3.50%
68 Alessiacammy
Fashion Lifestyle 818.2K 6.20%
69 Marika Ferrarelli -Il Collegio
Fashion Travel Lifestyle 814.8K 2.00%
70 Angela Nasti
Fashion Lifestyle Technology Celebrities Photography 812K 9.60%
71 🍓Sonia Lorenzini 🍓
Fashion Lifestyle Beauty 811.4K 1.70%
72 Swami Caputo
Fashion Travel Lifestyle 807.8K 10.70%
73 Ludovica Bizzaglia
Actors Fashion Lifestyle Celebrities Technology Animals & Pets Film, Music & Books 802.8K 4.90%
74 Eleonora Brunacci Di Vaio
Fashion Lifestyle Technology Celebrities Photography 778.6K 8.10%
75 Federica Carta
Music Fashion Travel Lifestyle 778K 5.90%
76 Benedetta Porcaroli
Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 776.9K 12.50%
77 Pietro Prestigiacomo
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 772.4K 4.60%
78 Teresanna Pugliese Real
Fashion Lifestyle 772.1K 1.00%
79 sᴏʟᴇɪʟ
Fashion Travel Lifestyle Celebrities Technology Photography 768.2K 2.50%
80 Bianca Atzei
Fashion Travel Lifestyle 766.8K 1.20%
81 Federico Fashion style
Fashion Lifestyle Modeling 763.7K 0.40%
82 jessica Melena
Fashion Travel Lifestyle 763.3K 10.20%
Fashion Travel Lifestyle 759K 1.60%
84 Silvia Raffaele Official🎀
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 758.9K 0.70%
85 Gabriele Gaiba
Fashion Lifestyle Technology Celebrities 754.5K 4.30%
86 Il Pancio
Fashion Travel Lifestyle 753.2K 9.30%
87 Teresa Cilia Official
Fashion Lifestyle Technology Celebrities Photography 750.7K 3.30%
Fashion Travel Lifestyle 738.5K 0.80%
89 Elenoire Casalegno
Fashion Travel Lifestyle 735.4K 1.80%
90 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀SℰLVΛTICΛ
Fashion Travel Lifestyle Technology Photography Celebrities 729.5K 4.00%
91 Beatrice Vio
Fashion Travel Lifestyle 723.5K 4.00%
92 Jeremias Rodriguez
Bikini Fashion Lifestyle 721.9K 3.30%
93 Giorgio Calandrelli
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 713.5K 6.20%
94 Arianna
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 710.9K 7.10%
95 Tony Colombo Official
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 710.4K 0.70%
96 Carlotta Ferlito®
Fashion Lifestyle Travel 703.1K 6.90%
97 Eleonora Carisi
Fashion Lifestyle Travel Celebrities Design 699.5K 0.40%
98 S A B R I N A G.
Fashion Lifestyle 699K 3.40%
99 Gabriele Vagnato
Fashion Lifestyle 691.1K 14.20%
100 Giulia Valentina
Fashion Lifestyle 678.6K 9.60%