Top 1000 Events Instagram Influencers in Hong Kong in 2020


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in Hong Kong. We've profiled Hong Kong's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in Hong Kong Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from Hong Kong. We’re currently tracking a total of 43 influencers in Hong Kong with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
1 。Alicehaha。アリス。
Events Art Portraits 145K 2.80%
2 Kong Chi Lo
Events 97.9K 10.90%
3 C A N D Y T O N G 🦖
Events Fashion Lifestyle Humor Food & Drink 94.1K 1.20%
4 Fashion • Travel • Lifestyle
Fashion Events 93.2K 0.30%
5 Raymond Chin ● 瑋弦
Photography Portraits Events Architecture Nature & Outdoors Art Film, Music & Books 74.7K 0.80%
6 (⃔ Kiki )⃕↝✧戒凍飲零食同糖
Events Fashion Modeling Health & Fitness Hair & Beauty 60.1K 2.20%
7 My Next Holiday
Events Travel Photography Adventure Nature & Outdoors Architecture 55.2K 3.90%
8 H I D Y Y E U N G
Events Fashion Modeling Art Nature & Outdoors Film, Music & Books Travel Food & Drink 54.1K 6.00%
9 Karen Ng
Events Travel Lifestyle Fashion Architecture Art Design Food & Drink Photography 49.7K 1.10%
10 Fish 廖子妤
Events Art Fashion 49.6K 3.40%
11 Share More Art
Events Art Drawing Painting 47.4K 0%
12 Travis Li
Events Fashion Lifestyle Modeling 46.3K 2.80%
13 Funny Workshop
Events Design Interior Design 44.2K 0%
14 Marcus Yuen
Events Art Piercing 42.6K 0.70%
15 Ms B's CAKERY
Events Design Food 40.5K 2.90%
Events Fashion Art 35.2K 0.10%
17 Daniel Poon
Events Fashion Styling Lifestyle 34.8K 1.10%
18 Vive Cake Boutique
Events Design Fashion Food & Drink Travel 33.3K 0.40%
19 Marcel Heijnen
Events Pets Dogs 32.7K 3.30%
20 Jil Ting
Events Modeling Film, Music & Books Art Architecture Nature & Outdoors 32.4K 1.40%
21 🍊 A N G E L A C H A N 🍊
Events Fashion Travel Photography 30.5K 3.10%
22 Mary Ann
Actors Photography Portraits Events 28.9K 1.50%
23 Bride and Breakfast HK
Events Portraits 28.8K 0.10%
24 Rong
Events Art Beauty Fashion 26.6K 0.70%
25 Wedfolks
Events Portraits 25.7K 0.40%
26 Canny
Design Fashion Events 25.4K 0.70%
27 9⃣0⃣後小夫妻努力的夢工場💖
Events Parties Food 25.2K 0%
28 🇭🇰🌏Food, Travel & Lifestyle
Events Food Restaurants 24.5K 1.80%
29 The Wedding Gown
Events Portraits 23.8K 0.50%
30 RNC
Events Modeling Celebrities Design Fashion 21K 0.20%
31 🔆 Beauty 🔅 Travel 🔅 Art 🔆
Events Fashion Lifestyle 19.8K 1.10%
32 Another Sky Studio
Events Modeling Fashion Photography 18.1K 0.20%
33 Cake Co
Events Food Cooking 15.8K 0.20%
34 Loka . Christian
Events Music Modeling Fashion 13.7K 2.60%
35 Central Weddings
Events Fashion 9.8K 0.40%
36 Taste of Hong Kong
Events Food Restaurants 6.5K 0.90%
37 sekyere_studios
Events Portraits Photography 6.3K 1.30%
38 💈Ink & Art - C/S
Events Art Piercing Publishing 5.8K 1.10%
39 Cosmoprof Asia
Events Fashion Lifestyle Beauty 5.3K 0.40%
40 𝐇 𝐈 𝐋 𝐃 𝐀 𝐅 𝐔 𝐍 𝐆
Events Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 4.9K 2.30%
41 Good People Link Up
Events Modeling Music 3.8K 0.40%
42 👸🏻 claudia cheung
Events Fashion Food Lifestyle 3.6K 3.00%
43 Wire wrapped artisan jewelry
Events Dogs Moms Pets 3.5K 2.50%