Top 1000 Entertainment Instagram Influencers in Haiti in 2020


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in Haiti. We've profiled Haiti's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in Haiti Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from Haiti. We’re currently tracking a total of 60 influencers in Haiti with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
1 Roody Roodboy
Events Music Entertainment Singer 892K 1.10%
2 Atys Panch
Entertainment Music Singer 859.6K 0.20%
3 Izolan
Entertainment Music Modeling 823.2K 2.00%
4 shishie
Entertainment Music Modeling 721.5K 4.20%
5 Wendyyy
Music Singer Entertainment 612.8K 6.20%
6 JunioR Rigolo
Entertainment Music 585.4K 0.60%
7 Kenny Haiti
Entertainment Singer Music 544.8K 1.30%
8 Carel Pedre
Entertainment Music 520.4K 0.20%
9 Tripotay
Entertainment Music Singer 416.2K 0.10%
10 Steves J Bryan
Music Entertainment Singer 389.4K 0.70%
11 Rayy Raymond Million
Music Entertainment Singer 385.8K 0.20%
12 🌴Haitian👑Stars👑Empire🌴HSE
Basketball Soccer Entertainment 345.4K 0.10%
13 Kasoumee
Music Entertainment Modeling 335.2K 1.80%
14 Master Brain
Video Games Entertainment Music Modeling 326K 0.20%
15 Fedlyn Valcourt
Modeling Entertainment Actors 305K 0.80%
16 Valmix
Entertainment Music Technology Celebrities Film, Music & Books 278.3K 0%
17 MÈT VIL LA🇭🇹🎧🎙🎼🇭🇹
Music Entertainment Modeling 277K 0.20%
18 DynastyHaiti
Music Entertainment Modeling 273.3K 0%
19 Cator Gshytt💛🖤
Music Singer Entertainment 241.5K 0.30%
20 tv news
TV Channel Music Entertainment Singer 240K 0.30%
21 Dj Nal The Sheriff. Booking
Music Singer Entertainment 219.8K 0.40%
22 lèzaventur Xtraordinair de PIC
Music Entertainment Producers 216.2K 1.40%
23 Queen.Bee
Music Entertainment Singer 204.2K 1.10%
24 B.mixx Bernado
Music Entertainment Modeling Humor Film, Music & Books Art 197.5K 0.80%
25 P-JAY BEST LA!!!!
Music Entertainment Singer Health & Fitness Celebrities 197.4K 0%
Entertainment Singer Music 172.6K 0.10%
27 Jcpromo 🌐🇭🇹
Entertainment Music 167K 0.10%
28 titoinee
Entertainment Music Modeling 161.4K 2.10%
29 ⠀T R A C Y♡M A G I C♡G I R L S
Entertainment Music 138.3K 1.40%
30 E N P O S I B M U S I C
Singer Music Entertainment 133K 0.30%
Music Singer Entertainment 106.9K 0.20%
32 Marina107
Music Entertainment Singer 105.6K 0.10%
33 Gayel Pierre
Music Entertainment Producers Film, Music & Books Celebrities 104.4K 2.90%
34 Dug G 🇭🇹
Music Entertainment Modeling Celebrities Humor 91K 0.30%
35 Magic Touch
Entertainment Singer Music Celebrities Technology Health & Fitness Film, Music & Books 85.3K 1.30%
Entertainment Singer Modeling 83.3K 0.30%
37 Shabba Djakout
Entertainment Music 80.7K 1.40%
38 T-bouton
Music Entertainment 78.9K 1.80%
39 Promotion❤️🔥🤦‍♂️
Entertainment Music Singer 76K 1.40%
Singer Entertainment Music 63.1K 0.10%
41 Timber-G
Entertainment Modeling Music Technology Celebrities Art Design Humor 62.3K 1.30%
Music Entertainment Modeling Celebrities Film, Music & Books Humor Technology 61.2K 0%
43 Costy Jay!
Music Singer Entertainment 57.8K 0.70%
44 Frere Gabe
Music Entertainment Singer 55.9K 0.05%
45 Haitian⭐️💫stars🇭🇹🇭🇹
Soccer Singer Music Entertainment 54.9K 0.10%
46 hiphop kap fet
Entertainment Music Modeling 50.9K 0.70%
Singer Music Entertainment 46.8K 0.50%
48 Natcom SA
Entertainment Modeling Music 46.5K 0%
49 Fbngb Da Family 💉🤘🏽🦍
Entertainment Modeling Art 43.9K 0%
50 Pizza Garden🇭🇹
Events Music Singer Entertainment 39.7K 0.20%
51 Caribbean Gyal 👑
Entertainment Singer Actors 38.1K 1.80%
52 🙏🏿WEED 4EVA💔🇭🇹
Music Entertainment Singer 36.1K 0%
Music DJ Entertainment Film, Music & Books Celebrities 27.3K 1.40%
54 Gerdy🕴🏽
Video Games Entertainment Actors Music Film, Music & Books Celebrities Humor Technology 26.5K 1.90%
55 C-Jay Official
Singer Entertainment Music 21.6K 0.40%
Music Entertainment Singer Celebrities 16.3K 0%
57 Jean Luc Verna HT
Music Entertainment DJ 11.4K 3.20%
58 Desrouleaux Luidji
Music Entertainment Modeling 8.3K 0.40%
59 HavanaGuitarNight
Entertainment Modeling 7.4K 0.70%
60 PatSwazy
Entertainment Singer Music Film, Music & Books Humor Celebrities 2.5K 3.80%