Pet Portraits & Human Portraits

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Pet Portraits & Human Portraits

Deadline:31 Mar, 2021
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Animals & Pets 16 Feb, 2021
(+) Free product! and shipping
(+) 18% commission on all sales purchased by your followers (purchases tracked by 3rd party Affiliation APP (clear & transparent)
(+) $25-50 (depending on engagement rate and # of followers)

- Video (+) IG Post (+)
- Any ideas you have are welcomed

- About us:
KnK sells human & pet portraits/desktop portraits/notebooks, all of which are customizable by uploading a picture of you / your loved one/ pet, etc. from your phone.

We are looking for influencers who will have fun with our product:
- influencers would receive a free product that could use for marketing ideas/content
- influencers would need a large group of their followers to have interest and love in pets / portraits
- influencers would need to possess energy, fun, and have strong skills in video/writing/photography